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Trip from Lansing to Bloomington IL in a Cessna

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  • Trip from Lansing to Bloomington IL in a Cessna

    It all started when Me and my Pilot Mr Hunt arrived at Lansing Airport. We both forgot that they had a Breakfast fly in at that airport and this FBO was giving helicopter flights for $20. When we got our plane, Rufus Hunt likes to use the microphone instead of the headset so for about 20 minutes one of the people in the FBO came out to check out the plane and gave him a headset(he had to pay $2 per hour for it even they couldn't find a microphone for him.) and he did his check of the plane. When he got to the instruments one of the fuel gagues wasn't working even though the tank on that side was full. We ended up still using the plane and after a few minutes(with a hard startup of the engine- took three times to start it!) we taxiied to Runway 9 for takeoff.

    After a few minutes climbing up to 3,500 feet we had some choppy air to deal with but the one hour ride was smooth. All the land looked like patches on a quilt and I sat there with the controls for a while and made sure we were stable. As we approached Bloomington, we turned to final I set the radio for him while he contacted the tower. After a few minutes we landed on Runway 11 and taxiied to the old Terminal to park for this Illinois Aircraft pilots Association.

    When it was time to go I got some pictures of a PC-12, some more general aviation aircraft, and a Atlantic Coast CRJ. After the checks and startup I asked Mr. Hunt if I could contact the tower and he said ok and told me what to say. (I did good with this and the rest of the flight for control and tower.) After a taxi to Runway 29 I contacted them for takeoff on 29 and I was cleared. When we laft the airport the tower wanted to know where our position was so I wasn't sure and I let him take over that part. The air was a little rough on our way back and we got to fly over his friend's house around twice before landing. We landed on Runway 9 with no problems and we told the FBO office about our encounter and problems at Bloomington and Lansing. After all that, it was a nice flight and I hope to go to another airport like that again.

    I also got to go to this museum of flight and they had some Ozark Airlines memorabilia and their DC-3 is there so if you want a Ozark experience go to Bloomington.