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CPH-FRA-CAN-MNL (Warning/Lots of Photos 56K warning)

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  • CPH-FRA-CAN-MNL (Warning/Lots of Photos 56K warning)

    I have been busy with packing in last minute .. I have been to my brothers house , have to pass by at my work to pick up some important stuff that I have to take with me to the Philippines ..

    We are three adults and 2 little kids, our baggage allowance is 150kg..

    I have called the travel agency, to verify our flights, seatings and various of other stuff, talked with same guy who gave us excess baggage allowance.

    All things were cleared, and we’re good to go…

    At around 0430pm are we gonna leave from the apartment, our flight is 1905 Est dep…

    So we’re pretty early, since we already have seven bags, plus 5 handcarry , that’s gonna be difficult somehow .. but we’ll see.

    Countdown : 6 hours ..

    It seems that weather is not good for flying , right now there’s a light rain shower, hope it wont get bad than this ..

    Im so excited because I get to fly on an airbus A340-600 and on the return leg from FRA-CPH, I for the first time will ever be on a A300-600R,so im pretty excited, to feel how it fly, although there’s shouldn’t be any difference compared to the other airbuses ..

    The departure:

    Arrival at the airport.

    My brother picked me up, having 10 pieces that we’re allowed to bring with us . 30kg per pax.
    Anyway he drives a Toyota, we managed to squeeze them inside his car, we got to the airport first, 10 mins later came the rest of the family on a cab, together with my bro’s gf, I picked up 3 luggagecart and pushed them towards the TERMINAL 3, I realized that we arrived at rush hour, there were so many people that we had to wait to get inside the terminal, so after waiting 10 mins , the inside of it looked like a chaos, I don’t have a picture to show you, coz all I thought of was to get to the check in counters , there was 6 desks open at the Star alliance side, just when I thought it was all good, I saw this long line ..around 40 pax was waiting in line to get checked in .. 35 mins passed by, it was our turn to reach the desk, I spent 15 mins more because the counter lady had to clear our tickets, we had 2 eTickets and 3 old paper ticket, after that she gave me the thumbs up, have a great flight, she said, I replied Thank you very much, ma’am , she smiled back and off we went ..

    We had around 1 hour to kill, that we spend up at the burger king, the kids were hungry, so was I,

    We finished our eating at BKG, o620 pm,

    we headed for screening, everything went well with the others, but me , I had to take off my shoes, belt, watch and empty all my pockets, although I already said I didn’t have any metal items in my pocket, he asked to get screened with the personal mobile thing (whatever you call that biip biipp thing ) after screening we went straight ahead the view in the apron,>

    there was the SK 343 (OY-KBI and ST 737 OY-SEI ) and various MD's including one of the last M90’s still operating with SAS,

    here’s a pic of my little nephew playing on the kids playground ..

    lol:z, I let him play in the plane for 10 mins, then told him at we got a plane to catch. well just when I really wanted to take a picture of our plane to FRA, my mom told me to come in the duty free section, she bought 5x 100cl Tequila, 2x70 Rum, 3x Gin…

    So she finally bought those bottles, guess who had to carry them, it sucked coz I couldn’t find any cart in a radius of a mile,,we managed to get to our gate “B3” ..
    hey, there she is .. el magnifico LH A320

    , boarding didn’t occur yet, so we sat down at the opposite of the gate, also waiting was some Filipinos who were also going home for vacation ,probably to visit their family too..

    JUNE 15 2005
    Flight: LH 3077
    Equipment: A320
    Gate: B3
    Depart 1905
    Arrive 2035
    Duration: 1h30m

    0645 did they make the announcement the boarding for LH 3077 to FRA had started, I gave our boarding passes, got trough without any interference, but stopped briefly at the finger, a line have formed while we were standing on the bridge.

    Our seats was 25 D/E and 26 D/E/F , I kinda happy that they booked us close to each other . so jumping a little bit forward trough time, the lights for the sign belt were turned on and the F/A’s were told to go the their seats.. as we taxied down the Delta twy it seems that we’re no. 1 in line so we did actually an rolling takeoff, Captain pulled the throttles all the way down so fast our takeoff …


    10 mins. into the flight, the kids fell asleep. After I went to the lavatory, the F/A’s served some nice sandwich, it was a simple sandwich of cheese and some salad leaves under it. It tasted fine,

    very simple snack with that I drank just still water with lots of ice . since my seat was on the right side, no pictures taken at this time, it was bad luck being on the wrong side because the sun was shining to my right side.. after one hour of flight, we started to descend into FRA,

    a few seconds before landing I spot 3 airships flying around at the Stadium.

    We landed smooth but when we had to turn away to the taxiway, the captain decided to yank it hard right, giving us to feel a slight of ½ g, it felt like a fun ride, we taxied so slow, meanwhile I saw this anniv livery A321 rocketed off

    Once we reached the gate, deplaning was fast, all handcarries with us and we proceeded to level 2 for departures, I walked around, since there was a half an hour to kill till the boarding would be heard for the connecting flight to CAN and MNL, I took a few shots, I want in crowded waiting lounges with my cam, some pax were following me, with their eyes, it kinda felt weird anyway after some shots, I decided to go to B gates,

    I walked back and saw our flight to MNL was now called for boarding..

    Flight LH 788
    Equipment: A346
    Depart 2205
    Arrive 1845
    Duration: 14h40m

    Once we got to our gate, A18 already many people was waiting, no seats were to be found, so we had to wait a few minutes, then they called for passengers with babies and infants to come to the gate, we formed a line, some Filipinos joked around loud asking if they could borrow one of the kids, so they can also get in line, hehe, once we got inside the plane i found our seats which was 30 E-F-G-H-K, I let my nephew sit at the window seat together with my mom, me and my sister with my niece was seating at EFG,I sat at E,

    We were taking off using RWY O7L

    The dinner

    After some 20 mins into the flight the FA’s started to push the carts around, they were to serve the hot meal, which was :

    garden greens with toasted pumpkin seeds and some great dressing.

    and the hot items is : Turkey medallions with barbeque sauce broccoli, carrots and potatoes

    or Beef goulash with bell peppers and spatzle

    and pound cake with red currants

    I opted for the beef, it tasted fine, drinks for this I order a sprite and orange juice.

    Once I got finished with my beef, I asked my mom if she was gonna eat her, she didn’t touched it yet, so she gave it to me, hmm delicious. On and off the FA’s came around and asking passengers for drinks-refilling, this time, I asked If I could get a german beer, which I cant remember what was the name of that, After half an hour the FA’s appeared again with their service carts taking out our plates, I havnt got the need to see the flights videos so I slept instantly, coz I was so tired, I plugged the headphones, I woked up a few times, I don’t know why but I think I drank too much since I so wanted to go to the toilets, after a few visits, I finally rest and continued my bad sleep, oh thank you, . jumping in time 3 hours from landing at CAN, a few passengers were already awake so they turned on the lights and started to serve breakfast,


    Omlette with mushrooms, Yogurt, roll and croissant cheese butter,

    I asked for a second croissant and another roll,, drinks for this breakfast is double juice and water with ice !

    On the final approach I looked out of the window, and it was white, all the way down to the airport which was fogged in, I didn’t bothered to take a photo, we landed easy and fine, a few slight bumps and we soon turned into the taxiway, I always thought iwe should be nearing the gate soon, but that didn’t happen, it felt like the pilot like to taxi around the airport, so long was the taxi to the gate ! 15 mins of taxying around and waiting, we reached our gate, the china-bound passengers got off,

    the CAN cleaning service did some fast wipe trough the cabin, I bid farewell to the FRA-CAN crew while walking trough the cabin with their luggage, a few activities happened outside, why is it taking too long this stopover? That I asked the F/A and she replied that they were missing 5 passengers, 2 hours of delay, after pushback we taxied around the airport for 20 mins more, he did stop at holding points, just waiting, then we received the go, and off we went ! take off !

    While climbing we hit a few turbulences, it was terrible, once we got higher, the fasten seatbelt sign turned off, I walked around, I forgot what refreshments we got on this leg .

    After 3 hours of flight, landing 10 mins ahead of schedule It was pitch black outside, neither here did I bother to take a photo, the pilots laded this bird very awesome, so smooth that you couldn’t tell since I was sitting on E seat, I was just trying to feel when, I could feel that we were descending but then suddenly some pax’es behind me clapped, was surprised by that coz I thought we were still in the air, I didn’t noticed at all that we touched down, so great was the landing, I looked outside, was so happy to be back again , once we reached our gate, all the passengers got up while we still sitting down, wanted to wait till the rest were deplaned, we were some of the last pax to deplane, the kids woked up, I pulled down our hand carries , had handful of them, so I couldn’t get a picture while walking on the bridge to the building, by this time, started to sweat, it almost felt like get knocked over by an invisible “something” I almost fainted because of the change of the air, it was too humid, so hot and wet !.. we passed by the duty-free, there was a long line formed in there, I wanted to get out asap, but my mom insisted to buy more liquor, we waited 20 mins, and then walked trough immigration, only 5 mins of waiting it was our turn get trough, I showed him our passports and that immigration notes, 2 mins we got to the baggage-area, picked up three trolleys, 5 mins of looking of where our luggage’s were, 10 pieces picked up , nothing’s missing, and we got off the terminal, when we got outside, the air was even more worse then when we got off the plane, you wont believe this, I sweat like a pig , anyway the pick up team was my uncle together with his wife, my brother was there too and would you look at that, they invited my ex-GF to come also and pick us up at the airport, I was surprised to see her, we loaded our baggage’s of off we went !

    The end
    Return flight will be written soon, and will be posted here too…

    any comments and critics are welcome, this report is not that detailed as i wanted it to be, since i have being so silly for forgotting my flight report book on the seatpocket at the return flight to CPH .

    But i hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it to you all !
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    Good piece of writing there even without your book

    Copenhagen at 2200 looks beautiful. I can't believe it's still so bright outside.

    During the stopover in Guangzhou, did any new passengers come on board?


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      Originally posted by avro_arrow_25206
      Good piece of writing there even without your book

      Copenhagen at 2200 looks beautiful. I can't believe it's still so bright outside.

      During the stopover in Guangzhou, did any new passengers come on board?
      Thanks Henry, it was hard to remember it all, like i said, it would have been much more detailed if i still got my book

      the wing view where you say it's still so bright, isnt CPH, but at FRA

      on my stopover at CAN, only 10 new pax boarded the plane, many empty seats, i talked with a pilipino from naples, he had a sony video-camera, i asked him if he would mind if i could film the takeoff, which i gave him my adress to, so he could send me a copy of that TO, he still on vacation, so i didnt included it in here...thats explains why i dont have any pics of the TO ...
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        Great Report and the pics are a wonderful addition.

        I love the style of Scandinavian airports; both airy and stylish at the same time. The variety of small amenities they offer passangers such as the toy plane showed in the picture above, shows that they really want the passanger to fully enjoy his or her trip, even at the airport.
        - The baby will be back -


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          Great report and nice pics.. Couldnt see the one where you were playing with your nephew though... I give it out of ... Hehehehe...
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            i took that pic out of various reasons, personal also, i should edit it later on .. im at work, so i cant right now ... thanks for your comment !
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              OY, you did a great job, very nice report and i like the pics too, although you say lost your notebook ..
              I hope you had fun in the philipines, how long were you downthere ???

              Im looking forward to read the return.
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                Manila trip

                Cool trip report! Now I can't wait for my trip to MNL and BKK in August. Anyway, keep up the good work! Keep us posted with more trip reports. Greg


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                  John, when you booked your flight, was there a direct flight from FRA to MNL?
                  And is CAN the only available connecting stop?
                  I just find it a bit surprising that it stops in Guangzhou. Maybe airport fees are cheaper, I don't know...


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                    Great report! Very entertaining.


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                      Originally posted by Greg J.
                      Anyway, keep up the good work! Keep us posted with more trip reports.
                      Thanks G. for the comment, Im busy with work right now, but my return trip report will be written right up ..

                      Originally posted by avro_arrow_25206
                      John, when you booked your flight, was there a direct flight from FRA to MNL?
                      And is CAN the only available connecting stop?
                      I just find it a bit surprising that it stops in Guangzhou. Maybe airport fees are cheaper, I don't know...
                      No , couldnt find a direct flight from FRA to MNL,
                      I havnt checked LH available stops elsewhere, they once flew a stopover at BKK, before proceeding to MNL, i think its STILL possible to fly via BKK.on my flight to MNL there was a 40/40% of pilipinos and chinese and 20% other nationalities...however from AMS KLM flies direct to MNL using B772's daily
                      ..or maybe you were just talking regarding about lufthansa ??
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                        Was a pleasure to share the rides. Nice report.
                        Thanks for visiting
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                          Originally posted by uy707
                          Was a pleasure to share the rides. Nice report.
                          Alain, Thanks alot for your comments.

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