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Airtours International CWL-SFB Boeing 767 G-DIMB Part 1

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  • Airtours International CWL-SFB Boeing 767 G-DIMB Part 1

    This is a fairly old trip report and it all started on the 9th of October 1999 at 7:00, We were at my house and i was cranking my car (a Kia which i don't have any more :P ) to get it started to be at Cardiff International for 11:30. But what i didn't realise that the aircraft hadn't arrived at CWL for the flight so it took me around 45mins to an hour to get to CWL where it said on the screen at Check In :AIH045 SANFORD DELAYED 12:30, and it went from there, i was up on the viewing platform at CWL and i saw a AIH a/c but then i realised that it was a A321 and it was heading to Futuraventura and i thought to myself, where the hell is our a/c and then an announcement came over the tannoy "AIH045 is delayed until 14:30" so then 6 of us passengers wanted a Explanation from Airtours International and one of us took a Camcorder and as soon as the rep saw us she told us that it would be there within the hour, and by this time it was 15:00.
    By 17:00 there was uproar in the Airport and the Airtours duty manager came out to speak to us. He said at 18:00 were were to be bussed to MAN.
    Were arrived at MAN at 2:30 AM on the 10th of October and our flight was due at 10:00 so we got to a Hotel and flew out at 10:00 and it turned out (They didn't tell us until we got on the a/c) that the aircraft had suffered a Technical Problem with the engine and they offered us a free orange juice and a pair of headphones. So that saved me 4. And when we got to SFB it turned out that the replaced engine was overheating and needed to operate on reduced power! But by that time no-one cared and they all wanted to get to Florida and to be honest the Crew was brilliant with us and i thank them.

    I have vowed never to fly AIH or MYT ever again

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    yeah i herd Airtours are really bad


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      We flew Gatwick to La Romana (Dom Rep) in a MYT A330 last year and although both outbound and inbound flights operated on time, I can confirm this airline is complete cack and I would never, ever travel with them again.

      Everything about their service is pants, and frankly I wouldn't be bothered to see the airline go out of business.
      Animals are transported in more comfort than MYT passengers, so for God's sake take my advice, never fly would be better not going
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        Must be something about that parents and brothers did MAN-SYD a couple of years ago but were delayed by 42 (forty two) hours on the way home after G-DIMB got a cracked windscreen on the way out from MAN so they had to wait for a replacement a/c to fly from the UK to Australia, Airtours handling of the whole situation was pretty awful.

        I've done the same thing 4 times with BA/QF and never had more than a one hour delay!

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          I also flew on the 767 twice. In 1999, the Aircraft (G-DIMB) began its take off roll then the captain returned us to the gate as there was a problem in the flight deck. Then returning to LGW from PMI we were 3 hours delayed due to problems with the navigation equipment.

          Last year as MYT, I flew on G-DAJC and G-SJMC. The flights on route LGW-TFS were delayed outbound and inbound due to tech problems again. Maybe their 767's need to be replaced. And the crew, what crew??!! They hid behind their curtain for 3hrs of a 4 hr flight I think!