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  • Best experiences with a customer service agent

    Well, for me, today would be it. I was down in Seattle for surgery, and I was still in pain when we went to board the flight. My mom asked for a bulkhead seat, and apparently the bulkhead seats were all sold out. The very kind CSA kind upgraded my mom and I free of charge to first class, row 1. That improved my day. As other people have said, the employees on the ground can make or break the experience before you leave the ground.

    What are your experiences?
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    I agree completely. A good ground team is a HUGE part fo having happy passangers. That's why I hate HP and LOVE AS!
    I have flown both a lot in my life. Never once was it smooth on HP and never once was it anything but routine or better with AS. AS is simply the best.
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      Always good with CO. When ever I fly i usually get the CSA to get me bulkhead which is nice. Also we got free food vouchers b/c our flight was delayed for 2 hrs!


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        I've found Virgin Blue to have given me the best check-ins in Australia. The company is more "fun" than other carriers, which mostly just serve as a 'processing' way-point. DJ "serves" you, with a smile.

        Australia bound!
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          I fine Manx Regional to be the best. In fact, one of them is so good she even cooks my meals, does my washing and cleans the house. Oh, and many other things too!!!

          OK, I'm biased. My wife is a load controller/customer service agent for them! Always useful when flying off the rock - I get the seat I want and other "perks"



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            The best agents I have seen were the ones that Northwest Airkink (Mesaba) had in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada when I was taking the flights frequently between Thunder Bay and MSP. They were always friendly and helpful and frequently would upgrade me to first class on my connecting NWA flight out of MSP. Since I made this flight frequently, they would remember me by name and made the experience more personal.
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