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    Disclaimer: This is not my trip report, I was in school, my dad wrote it and I edited it. My trip report isn't coming out for 10 days. Stay tuned.

    Southwest Airlines
    Flt. 135
    Boeing 737-700

    The tail number was N759GS. I couldn't tell what the type was. It was,
    of course, a 737. (edit: it was a -700) As I was listening on the radio, the RVR was 5000?. I also heard the tower request departing flights to give them the cloud tops. It was about 2400ft.

    The captain came out and did the little talk standing next to the
    lavatory. Several not very exciting facts, but it was interesting that he did
    explicitly ask us not to form a line by the front lavatory, for security
    reasons. They repeated this several times. Then the F/A gave the
    usual talk.

    I had an A? boarding pass, which you get when you check-in. They don't
    give the little cards anymore. I heard several people ask for one, but the
    lady at the gate counter said they hadn't been doing them for about a year.

    I could have gone straight in with the security pass, then there were
    little kiosks by the gate to get the actual boarding pass. But since I went to the counter, I got one there. I didn't check any luggage. I asked and said my case was fine. I tried it in one of the little sizing boxes and the
    legs make it about 1/2 too big.

    Everything went very fast. I spend most of my time frantically getting
    out whatever i.d. was needed next, taking off my coat, taking the computer out of the bag, etc. I was at the gate by about 6:20.

    Anyhow, as we taxied I looked up and saw the spot where we stand on top of the parking garage.(edit: for photos we/I stand up on the top of the garage) I was in set 4F on the right side. A lady was on the
    aisle and our middle seat was empty. Nice. Plane not too full. A couple
    families; the rest are business folks.

    As we took off, I could see condensation form in the engine intake.
    Once we lifted off, we were in the clouds in about 10 seconds. We took off on 15R and immediately made the right turn to 330.

    The clouds disappeared by about Columbia. It was hazy and the
    visibility about 40 miles. We turned to the southwest and I could see a nice traffic jam on Route 270 leading out to Frederick. I could also see Harper's ferry, the Potamac and the Shenadoah. Saw a plane below us heading north. I guess he came out of Dulles, which was off the left side, so I coudn't see it or DC. Again, we mostly flew southwest until about 20 minutes into the flight when we turned west.

    The OJ they gave us tasted good. They gave us a snack of chips ahoy. They were really crumbled.

    The last landmark I saw was 64(?) intersecting 80. Right next to it was the Shenadoah intersecting another river. The hills are beautiful green and the rivers really reddish with mud. Very nice and quiet flight.

    We started the approach into MCI at 10. It was clear and smooth the
    whole way. However as we approached MCI it clouded up. There was some puff white clousds and a thin layer below us. The visisbilty was abo 30 mi varying between 3/8 and 7/8 clouds. It was very green below with lots of farm fields below.

    The airport is north of the city by the Missouri and Kansas rivers. The
    city was on the left side of the plain, so I couldn?t see it. According to
    the pilot it was 63 degrees at the airport. (Later I saw the ground crew in
    shorts and in overalls.) water in the reservoirs was glassy, not a hint
    of wind, As we landed it was completly clear and sunny with unlimited

    Could seee the shadow of the plane as we landed apparently to the
    south. (Later saw that we landed on runway 19). We turned off the runway at the 4K left marker. No one else moving around so we went straight to gate 28(29 was on the left).

    We pushed back at 10:50. We got a crying baby on this flight (Had
    been crying pretty much non-stop for two hours now. Mom and Dad are looking pretty grim). This one is pretty full and I don't have an empty middle seat.

    The pilot said it was 3 hr 35 min to Oakland.

    As we taxied out I saw only a few other aircraft, 4 Southwest and one
    United. As we went along I saw 2 UPS A/C (N536UP?), an Airborne Express (N971AX) and a mid west express N814??) and then two FedEx planes. All were sitting at their hangers, except the MWE, which waited for us to go first.

    We took off at the 4K marker then turned west. Could see a little
    airport just to west in the bend of the river. Also could see one taking off
    back at MCI and one on positioned and hold.

    At 11:40 we made a turn to right. I looked down and saw a UA pass below from right to left. At 11:52, another A/C off right going east. White w/ blue tail. The contrail was neat.

    We flew past Denver at 12;14. The clouds had been solid, but over
    Denver it was clear. Probably a down draft.

    At 1:08 as typing this saw a UA go past East Bound, then I looked off to our 1o'Clock (slight right) and saw another jet below us going West Bound. It was going faster so pulled out of sight.

    After Denver the Ground below is very dry and barren. Don't see any alien landing spots.

    We started our descent at 1:50 over mountains with lots of snow and I
    could even see a frozen lake.

    As we descended over the central valley saw sever small aircraft under
    us and Mount Diablo (this mountain is really great for hiking) off to the right. It was clear over the valley but could see it cloudy over to the west. Flew over a windmill farm at intersection of two interstates, one being the one from Walnut Creek. The fog ran right up against hills east of Oakland.

    As we landed, I looked off to the side and saw Hayward airport, 28R and
    The Bay was on the left of the airport as we landed to the north. The
    breeze, as shown by the waves on the Bay, was about 10 degrees to left
    our direction. As we touched down there was a brown and blue(Canyon Blue) Southwest waiting for us to land. A Jet Blue landed right after us. We turned off on the Y taxiway, then turned sharp right to head to the terminal. After the Jet Blue one of the South West's took off, then a American landed. I saw a helicopter (N111EE) to our right side, then we pulled into gate 27 at 2:25 after touching down at 2:19.

    I hope you enjoyed the trip report, I should be able to convince him to write another when he returns on 6/13.

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    You are lucky Greg...your dad being interested (even only a little) in photography and aviation and all....sigh...I would have to kill myself before my dad would write a flight review
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      Interesting stuff, Greg (or Greg's dad )

      Will, incidentally, my dad was a pilot, but I doubt even he'd sit and write a trip report.
      "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

      -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'


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        Originally posted by indian airlines
        Interesting stuff, Greg (or Greg's dad )

        Will, incidentally, my dad was a pilot, but I doubt even he'd sit and write a trip report.
        Why "was"?
        Click Here to view my aircraft photos at JetPhotos.Net!


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          Nice report! Enjoyed reading it.

          Happy Flying!
          "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

          Congratulations, Seattle!"


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            Edited to make use of Kevin's sweet hack.

            Part 2 (OAK-MCI-BWI) should come out on 6/14.