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STL-MCO June 9th Southwest Airlines.

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  • STL-MCO June 9th Southwest Airlines.

    Left my house at 4:45 to drive the 2 hour drive to STL. I arrived approximetly around 7:05. I got my suitcases and my families out of the car, adn we went to the shuttle bus parking spot, Almost immdeiatly the bus came and picked us up. We proceded to the Northwest gates to drop of someone who was flying Northwest. As we drove by the Northwest Gates I happily saw a NWA DC-9 in NEW COLORS!! I was excited as this was my first time seeing new colors in person. We then proceeded to go back to the Southwest Terminal and they dropped us off. We then went inside and stood in line for only 5 minutes-NOT BAD!!! I was expecting a wait of 20 or so minutes but nope this was quick!! We checked our bagges, and I asked for credit for my rapid reward program, they happily wrote it down for us. I grabbed some Southwest Newsletter off the desk and then took our bags to the TSA, Let em say this that was a HUGE Machine!! We left the suitcase with the TSA people and then proceeded to security. We showed our boarding passes and then they allowed us to go through. My brother went first-No alarm was set off. I went and no alarm as well. Then they completely searched my baby sister, took of her jacket, shoes, shirt and examined the diaper bag(understandble but to strip the baby??). They both my mom and sister went through security fine. My dad proceeded through and of course as always set off the alarm. Like an army, THREE SECURITY GUARDS CAME RUSHING AT US. They told us to leave immdetialty and escorted us into the Southwest Gates. I watched them search my dad, have take of his shoes, and etc. Then he went back through and set if off again! This time it was his belt!! Took it off, and went through again ANOTHER ALARM WENT OFF, now this time it was his watch. He finally went through and this time no alarm.We procceded to Gate E-10, and sat down to wait for our plane.

    Scheduled Departure: 8:35am
    Actual Departure:8:35am
    Scheduled Aircraft: 737-300
    Actual Aircraft: 737-700.

    Now, the night before I asked peteatpit to track the flight which was coming in from Detroit to tell me what the aircraft was gonna be. He said he would and did it. and he paged me to tell me it was a737-700 instead of a 737-300. But in all the excitment of me boarding I completly forgot to check my I watched some Southwest planes land knowing one of them was my plane to MCO. 6 planes Landed, and 5 were -300 and 1 was -700. When I saw that I knew were gonna get the -300's. But Pete was ooo sure I was gonna get the -700. So I watched all the -300's go to the gates except ours. Finally I saw the -700 in the far off distance, and silently prayed for it to come to our gate. it came closer and closer, and closer, and finally it docked at our gate. Now for those that know me, I was praying for a -700 instead of a -300 and thats what I got -A BOEING 737-700!! I was soooo happy I screamed and jumped for joy!! And my mom said, I take it thats good?? LOL I said, YES! Downside was that it was the Brown version not Blue Canyon, but hey I will take it!!! Then I remembered to jot down the registeration number which was N738CB. Then we were allowed to Pre=Board because I had a disablity(I was hearing-impaired) and we were traveling with a baby. So as soon as I got on board I ran, I mean I ran to my favorite seat, Window RIGHT BEHIND THE WING!! I sat down, and waited for the rest to Board. They went over the procedure, and we backed out of the gate and taxied to the runway. All this time I was smiling because I knew one thing was for sure..I was on a Boeing 737-700, it took me 3 years to try and get a -700(YES I WAS REALLY THAT DESPERATE!!) and I finally made it on one. So anyways...we taxied for 3 minutes to the runway, I am unsure which it was, and waited for a Company -300 Blue Canyon scheme plane to land. Then it was our turn. We turn on to the active runway, and wait a couple of seconds. The engine spooled up and we shot down the runway. we took off and then turn immdeiatly to the left to head east. We continued climbing and kept taking left turns. we finally climbed and climbed and then settled in for a nice long 2 hour and 30 minute flight. They served Soda(I ordered a coke) and we got chips ahoy and peanuts. I ate both and asked for more Coke. I watched about 5 more planes fly by. 2 Southwest, One Delta, One Continental, and what looked like a United Plane. we contineued on over Nashville, Tennesee, and then onward towards Birmingham, and then turned over Jacksonville, Florida before finally starting to descend to MCO. They put up the SeatBelt sign, and then since teh weather was bad in MCO(very very cloudy abotu ready to rain ANY MINUTE!). The plane rocked back and forth and the flaps came down, and the spoilers came up brefily. back and forht. Then we took one HUGE wide turn to the right, I mean the wing dipped very low!!! we went through some clouds which I really loved, and it got soo dark we could see the lights flashing on the wing, and the wing looked as if it dissapeared. Then finally announced we were ladnign in 3 minutes. So we got closer and closer to the ground. I was snapping pictures like crazy! Finally right over the threshold I saw two UPS 767's in NEW COLORS, I think i snapped a picture of that, and saw some Air Tran and Spirit planes at the gate right before we landed. Then finally we touched down and while landing we passed by a SONG 757(MY FIRST SONG IN PERSON, I was soo happy) and a Delta 777-200, and a Delta 737-200. Finally we stopped, and slowed down. We turned off the runway just in time to see a company 737-300 land as well. While we were taxing to our gate my side of the plane was facing the active runway I so I got to see soem more planes land(DAL 767, AA 767, SWA,) Then passed by another SONG plane and snapped a close up picture of that. we then turned left to our gate, and stopped. We let everyone board off first and then we got off. As soon as we stepped into the airport, it POURED LIKE CRAZY!!! It got soo bad that the SWA ramp shut down and planes were forced to circle the airport because the ramp was closed, but we were one of the last SWA planes to land before it hit. We got off and went down to our baggage claim. We sat there and waited, and waited, and waited, still no suitcases are coming. They announced taht due to the rain they will be holding all baggage for 30 more minutes!! so, we groaned and sat there while waiting for the rain to stop. Finally after an HOUR since we arrived, and I was paging Petetatpit about thsi and keeping up with him, they announced the baggaes and ramp was now open and to expect a large amount of baggage since 4 flights were on this belt. we waited 15 more minutes till finally we spotted our bags and then we proceeded to the shuttle bus to take us to the car rental company. we got our car and drove of to our relatives house.

    Well!! How was that?? Was it good? needs more details, I think I pretty muched detailed it right up. Questions? Commenst?

    See ya! Bye

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    nice report

    btw, How come Pete at PIT is not posting here anymore? did he get banned?
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      Originally posted by B777-400
      nice report

      btw, How come Pete at PIT is not posting here anymore? did he get banned?

      Pereatpit got banned. Thanks for the comment!!!



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        He was suspened quite a while ago. He e-mailed Chris but apparently Chris hasn't responded yet. It would be nice for him to come back.


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          Nice report Alex, trust me, the ramp is the last place you want to be during a thunderstorm, i've been through that whole mess many times working at YX. SWA is a great airline, i'm glad you enjoyed yet another flight on them!! Have fun in MCO.
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            Excellent trip report! Got to LUV Southwest


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              Originally posted by UND_Flyer
              Excellent trip report! Got to LUV Southwest
              Thanks, so far its always a Joy to fly with Southwest, and I am due to fly with them 5 more trips withthem all one way/roudn trip.

              June 16th 1064 MCO-STL

              AUGUST1 1820 STL-MCI
              AUGUST1 ?? MCI-OKC

              AUGUST3 ?? OKC-MCI
              AUGUST3 ?? MCI-STL

              Be sure to look for more more upcoming trip reports for these especiall since STL-MCI-OKC will beflonw by myself and another member(Peteatpit).


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                Gr8 report dude!

                Happy Flying!
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