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5 Stars for Comair!!!

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  • 5 Stars for Comair!!!

    Well I just completed another successful journey this time to the Palmetto State of South Carolina, Columbia to be exact. Iíll get straight to the point Comair gets 5 Stars hands down. No Iím not crazy I did say Comair the Delta Connection.

    I wasnít pleased when I saw my travel dept. had booked me on Comair being Iím not a big fan of RJís and a preconceived notion of what Comair had to offer. Well now Iíll fly the CRJ (Canadair regional jet) in a flash, and Iím looking forward to my next Comair flight. I donít think it was luck that I had two very good flights on Comair, the service was very consistent and similar. In this case it was clear the FAís and flight deck crew were following some standardized training program. Well in any case whatever their doing I hope they donít stop.

    As you know I donít like to write the typical trip reports so sorry kids I wonít give you a blow by blow of how many cups of Starbucks I had early Wednesday morning before we leftÖ Well Iíll be nice this time ďafter check in we went through security and proceeded to Starbucks where I had two cups of Yukon blend BECAUSE I WAS ďFĒing tired!!!Ē Theyíre happy? Before I go on, why do people insist on being so dam detailed in their trip reports? Grow up!

    Most trips Iíve taken in the past month pre-flight goes something like ďthe Capt. has turned on the seatbelt sign, we canít leave the gate until everyone is seated and the overhead bins are secureĒ. What they really are saying is ďsit your fat assess down and stop trying to fit that Stradivarius into the overhead it wonít fit you dumb $hitĒ.

    Well in this case after making the standard sit down announcement our FA proceeded to come around and hand out bottles of Poland Spring water along with a granola bar and asked if anyone wanted a copy of USA Today, which she had ten copies of. This totally surprised me; you generally only see this kind of service in First/Biz Class and the Shuttle flights to BOS and DCA. Then to top that she handed out Comair pilot wings to the kids on the flight!! Before you ask, yes I asked for one, she laughed, I laughed, we bonded it was magical. I wasnít aware some airlines still did this, with all the cost cuts who would have guessed.

    Like the preflight the in-flight service was outstanding. Even with a full flight the FA was cheerful accommodating and fast. She first went around with a full basket of "FREE" snacks consisting of peanuts, cheese, crackers, and more granola bars. A similar snack cost me $3.00 on AA, it was free on Comair go figure that out. Now I notice the little things more often then the obvious pretty often. One thing I really like about their beverage service was the cups, yes the cups. The cups on Comair are bigger then AA, Southwest, and United. The cups actually hold a decent amount of liquid!! Small things like that impress me, yeah I know Iím strange well so are you for reading this, j/k.

    Weíve seen debates back and forth regarding how long can you possibly fly on an RJ. Well after flying American Eagleís ERJs countless times Iíd say no more then an hour, but on Comairís CRJs I could easily go three hours. While the seats arenít the softest they are very supportive especially in the lower back. The seats are also wide and the legroom Comair gives you is better then AAís MD-80ís and 757s. Coming home I had Helga the Amazon Queen next to me and thankfully for my manhood I never made contact with her, and that was sitting comfortably with my legs stretched and the armrest down. Simply fantastic seats and legroom, just great!

    Overall Comair exceeded my expectations wildly on both flights. Iíd be interested hearing from others whoíve flown Comair. Perhaps this is some new customer service program theyíre trying out, who knows. As a business traveler with four other trips scheduled but not yet booked Iíll be looking to use Comair again in the future. Next week Iíll bring you the New York Boston Shuttle as I leave for Beantown for a few days. Do I hear New England calm chowder calling???

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    Looks like they did great for a commuter airline.


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      I fly Comair into Erie all the time and I have to agree with you Tom, that they are a class act when it comes to a regional carrier. They have come to impress me time and time again! Glad you enjoyed them!

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        Great report I like your style of trip reports, simple and to the point.
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          I flew Comair FLL-MCO....slight 1hr delay. No biggy though, shit happens. Some weather and slight mechanical caused the delay. We hopped on, got drinks before hand and a granola bar from what I recall, and then inflight another drink. It was nice, pleasant, and comfortable for an RJ. Overall quick hop but fun. I dont like spending no more than 2hrs on an RJ due to the fact my ability to continue the flight like a contortionist gets annoying lol. Being tall has its disadvantages too. Good nonetheless.

          I am flying on Indy this coming month, Im gonna do some research on some trip reports on them to see how they were, looking forward to it.
          Ryan Davis
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            Tom, you can't have flown Comair! They are a crappy commuter airline of Delta that absolutely sucks at everything they do!

            Signed, 99% of,, and every airline quality site out there

            Now on the serious side, nice report, and refreshingly different from the usual stuff. Good to see that you had a positive experience on Comair. Me, I've only flown Comair once, JAX-CVG on a CR7, very friendly crew, on-time departure and arrival, and overall good service.


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              Great review, enjoyed reading it.

              A couple of comments. Having flown Comair three times, I'll agree with you, it really is a decent airline. And I'll agree with you about the seating, it definitely is quite comfortable, wide seats (wider than the ones in DL's 772ER's, for that matter) and decent legroom. I really don't see how people can complain that much about the seats. IMHO, there are too many whiners in this country.

              Now about the in-flight service, looks like Comair has changed a few things since I last flew it. I didn't see any USA Today's or the wide snack selection, only the juices and sodas, biscoff cookies, and the Synder's pretzels. But good to see that it has expanded that. Of course, you need to remember that the commuter lines are the ones making profits, not the mainline carriers, so it's easy to see why Comair can do all this, even with such high oil prices. Hopefuly, this will last.



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                Nice job...I liked your report. I haven't flown Comair since 2000 when I was on 3 of their CRJ-200s & one Brasilia all in one trip. (I was supposed to go with them in April DAB-CVG, but I got bumped.) Sounds like some of the things about it haven't changed, though, including the snack basket you mentioned with three or four different things you could take. Were you on a CRJ-200 or -700?

                Originally posted by tommyalf
                Then to top that she handed out Comair pilot wings to the kids on the flight!! Before you ask, yes I asked for one, she laughed, I laughed, we bonded it was magical. I wasnít aware some airlines still did this, with all the cost cuts who would have guessed.
                Comair's got their own kids' wings again? Cool! I remember on the trip I mentioned above asking for some & they said they didn't have their own wings anymore, just Delta ones. What do they look like?




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                  Yeah, Comair is doing pretty well! My friend is a captain on the CRJ for Comair! He seems to enjoy it very well!


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                    I flew Comair on Aug 10 from CVG-TRI about an hour after stepping off of a Boeing 757-232. I felt like I had more leg room on the CRJ however the seats were not as wide. I like the bigger jets better.


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                      Originally posted by tommyalf
                      Before you ask, yes I asked for one, she laughed, I laughed, we bonded it was magical.
                      I gonna throw up


                      ps- good report
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                        Comair -700's are nice. However, they fly the -100's out of TUL, and for the nearly 2 hr ride to CVG, it can be a little cramped. They have a nice product without question... IMHO, better than DL mainline.
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