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May, 2002. Delta; OKC-CVG-CDG-BOM

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  • May, 2002. Delta; OKC-CVG-CDG-BOM

    Well, it's been way too long, but here goes anyway. Speaking of 'long', this report's gonna be the same. My mom and I flew Delta to India and back in summer '02. Overall, it was a pretty good experience, as we usually have with DL. But as far as space as seating goes, DL's 777s are really not that good.

    May 17th, 2002.
    Comair flt 5580. (CRJ 100)
    Dep: OKC at 2:00p.m.
    Arr: CVG at 5:04p.m.
    Actual time of dep: 2:10p.m.
    Actual time of arr: 5:04p.m.
    Seat: 4A

    We went out to the airport at around 11:45a.m. My dad dropped us off on the departure level of the terminal at Will Rogers World Airport (trust me, there's nothing 'worldly' about it, so I'm gonna leave the "World" out) We went in to the ticketing lobby of the terminal. Boy, was it busy! Loads of summer travellers at the Delta and Southwest check-in counters. (The DL and WN counters are in one part of the terminal.) Good thing we got there really early, because the line stretched all the way from the DL counter a good 70 feet or so. Several passengers were still checking in for the 12:20 dep of DL 1551 for ATL. They were given priority so they could get through the sec. checks and the like and head straight for the gate. About half-an-hour later, we got checked in as did our 4 bags. We then headed to gate C4, which was our departure gate and where the flight from CVG was going to arrive. For those of you who are not familiar w/ WRA's layout, it's very simple. The main terminal is curved and the two concourses, B and C fan out from the main terminal southward in an angular fashion. Con B is the west concourse and C lies to it's east. Each con has a rotunda at the end. Con B is for Great Plains, NW, AA and CO and has eight gates. Con C is for DL, WN and UAL. It has eight gates as well. Of course, I witnessed a lot of construction at the time, and it's still going on. All part of the expansion going on.

    Anyway, we passed through security and went on to the gate holding area. Traffic flow was from south-north that day, so I could see traffic landing on the parallel runways, 35L and R. Snapped pics of an AA M80, a UPS 722F on the cargo pad (while in the concourse). Saw a CO 735, a Champion Air 722, WN 733s, a WN 732 and saw the DL M80 depart for ATL. Also saw a United Express CRJ dep. for ORD. Then the boarding time for our flight rolled around and it was time for me to head back to the gate. The flight was full and some pax gave up their seats for travel vouchers so standby pax could get on. We boarded by walking down the stairs and onto the ramp. It was the first time I was flying a CRJ 100. (Had flown a 200 down to DFW and back a few months earlier) Anyway, it was much quieter this time around b/c I was in row 4. Seat 4A. Window. Actually,the craft was parked on the C2 ramp, but since there was a lot of congestion in the gate areas, we went down onto the ramp and then boarded the plane. Snapped a pic of the ASA Brasilia whose pilot was starting the props up for the short hop down to DFW at C4 and a DL 722 in the original colors (livery #1) at C6. I was delighted to have a pic of that!! The runway was to our back, and I saw the ASA 120 taking off. Then, our craft got pushed back. After engine startup, the pilot taxied the craft to RWY 35R, using taxiway Echo, which parallels the rwy. We taxied into position and we had to hold for about 10 minutes, because of traffic crossing the departure route. It was probably the longest time I've been in an aircraft holding for that long at WRA, since it's not a major hub or anything! But, it's still a fairly busy airport.

    The pilot spooled up the engines and about 6000 feet later, he started rotating the craft. Saw a UAL 735 and the DL 727 at the terminal. We finally got airborne at 2:30p.m. After crossing the NEstern outskirts of Oklahoma City, we flew above a thick layer of clouds. Abt an hour and thrity min later, the pilot started descent to the CVG airport area. The weather wasn't that great at CVG. Low ceilings and rain all day long. Winds were 10-20 out of the NW and the temp was only 53 degrees when we landed. Well, after landing on 35L, we taxied to Concourse C. Saw a DHL DC-8 super sixty up close and personal for the first time and a company 722. got into Con C and took the shuttle bus to Con B. On the way there, I saw our 777 parked the western end of the concourse.

    Delta flt 44. (777-200ER)
    Dep: CVG at 7:05p.m.
    Arr: CDG at 8:55a.m.
    Actual dep: 7:05p.m.
    Actual arr: 8:30a.m.
    Seat: 39J.

    Saw a gr8 variety at CVG. But too many RJs. Saw the anniversary special cs CRJ of COM, a NW avro, several DL 738s, DL 75s and 6s. GOT my first pics of an AA F100 and a CO ERJ 145. Concourse B is very nice. There are screens at every DL gate which tell you what the weather's gonna be like at your destination, how your aircraft's gonna be boarded and so on. I also snapped pics of a DL 763ER dep for FRA and caught an M11 in livery #1, bound for LGW. Soon, we were on our way down the loading gate into the 777. Caught a DL 727 in livery #2 and an M80. Took off from 35R and headed NE. Food was pretty good. I had the Asian Veg. meal as did my mom. It was rice and two veggies, with crackers, bread, butter and an excellent and creamy mousse for dessert. Before landing at CDG, breakfast: Rolls, butter, tea/coffee and fruit, which was very delicious! About 6hrs and 20 min later, we were on initial approach to CDG. Conditions: Overcast with few showers in the morning. We cleared the cloud deck and were soon on short final for RWY 26L. It wasn't raining though. Fully deployed flaps. Landing was a bit heavy and roll-out was very short. We taxied to the remote DL ramp. DL's CDG operation has grown quite a bit. Saw quite a few DL 777s, M11s and a few 763ER's, one of them being our flight to BOM. It was parked at terminal 2C. The sun broke out and the clouds dissipated, and saw plenty of variety at CDG. A vietnam 763ER, lots of AF craft, Air Tahiti Nui 343 and aircraft of LH, Swiss, Alitalia and others.

    Delta 118. (B767-300ER)
    Dep: 10:15a.m.
    Arr: 11:00p.m.
    Actual dep: 10:30a.m
    Actual arr: 11:05p.m.
    Seat: 33A

    We boarded our last flight from gate C36. The 763ER was quite new, probably just a few months old. We got delayed a bit b/c this flight came in from JFK 15 min late. Got pushed back around 10:30a.m. After a quiet engine startup, the flaps were deployed for takeoff. An AF 340 taxied in and took our dep gate. We headed out to 26R. Saw a Swiss 320 come in on 26L and a QF 744 from Sydney come in on one of the northern rwys. Took off toward the west and saw the Swiss 320 pass by, holding short for our dep. Hooked around and took a SEserly course. Flew over the Alps and Turkey, and by that time, it was starting to get dark. About 9 hrs later, we started descent to the BOM airport area. Flew in from the north and made a 90-degree turn for a 5 mile final to RWY 27. The city lights were awesome, as usual, and we started the 3-degree glide to the end of the active. Winds were light out of the WSW and the sky was clear. About 2 miles from the RWY, the flaps were fully deployed and the aircraft nudged upward. About a minute later, we landed w/ a soft thump and the pilot quickly put the engines in reverse. After landing, we crossed RWY 14-32 and saw a lone Fedex 300 on the cargo ramp. Also saw an Alitalia 763ER from Milan and a the NW 744 from AMS.

    That's about it for this one. Look for my report on the return trip from BOM to OKC!
    "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

    Congratulations, Seattle!"

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    Nice report.

    How was your stay in Bombay?
    "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

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      Thanks! My stay was very nice. I was in Bombay for three months, and headed back in August. I might even post a trip report for a trip that my mom and I took down to Bangalore from BOM and back. Flew Jet Airways down to Bangalore; flew Air Sahara back.

      Btw, it should be RWY 27, not 9. We landed on RWY 27. 9 is rarely used for operations.

      Happy Flying!
      "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

      Congratulations, Seattle!"