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    Hello againg,

    Last summer I took one of my many flight to FRA but this time through Caracas. It was quite a trip Aeropostal from Quito to Caracas and then Lufthansa to Frankfurt. I love lufthansa as most of you might know because of my signature, but anyhow, the flight was good technically but once again I complain because of LUFTHANSAS economy class. the seats are so hard and make your ride so unconfortrable. The seat recline pitch is not very good and i didnt like it. I couldnt even get out without waking up my neighbor. I TRIED MY BEST, but i just couldnt!! Otherwise, crew, very friendly, they actully were the most friendly crew i've had. I wanted to go to the cockpit, but after 9/11, didnt know if its possible

    IS IT POSSIBLE TO VISIT THE COCKPIT? I hope so. I might be travellling with Lufthansa this summer, that woiuld be awesome!


    Lufthansa is the BEST!

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    Hello Stefano,

    I'm a fan of LH as well; I think they offer great value for money and that's quite important for me. I've flown with LH quite a few times, both within Europe as well as intercontinental. Last flight was to Manila, via Bangkok and back last February.
    Flights were always smooth and service OK, but you're right with your remark about the seats in economy: they are hard and not comfortable, although they are made by Recaro. Seat pitch is also too tight. In fact, there is more legroom on LH's European routes than on their intercontinental ones. I prefer their seating on A340's over the seating on their 744's, especially when seated in the middle of the aircraft, since seats in the A340's are always in pairs, leaving more room for your arms in the middle.
    Anyway, when coming back from Rio de Janeiro on LH in July 2001, I was lucky enough that my flight was chosen for a passenger survey regarding inflight services etc. Needless to say the inflight service on that flight was one of the best I have ever experienced (Cathay still ranks as my number 1). We had to fill out a form with questions and some of them were related to the comfort of the seats. They stated that they were to redesign their classes in the next few years, so there is hope that things chance in the near future!

    About your question regarding a visit to the cockpit: when coming back from Havana on AF last year, a friend of mine went op the the cockpit when crossing the Atlantic without any problem. He could stay there for some time and ask questions, so I think you should go for it and ask a member of the cabin crew. I can still remember a wonderful visit to the cockpit of one of Cathay Pacific's 744's in 1996 on a flight HKG-AMS. I was allowed in the cockpit and stayed there chatting with the pilots for over 1.5 hours from the jumpseat. There was a problem with an indicator of engine no 1 but from the temperature of that engine they could tell averyting was OK. The Captain even moved his seat full forward so I got a nice view on the wing and engines; that was a great experience!


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      Those are quite the number of experiences my friend!!!! Yeah well, i have also been in the cockpit a number of times on 727,737,747-200, 747-400, a340 but after 9/11, Im quite afraid that they will think I want to do something. the last time I went into the cokpit in the 2001 in Lufthansa they let me in cool enough and they just let me be there for 1 minute, no exageration. Lets hope if I get to go i will be able to bne in the [email protected]@

      Lets hope they redesighn the seats. TMaybe the a340-600 will have them.

      Lufthansa is the BEST!