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JUne 16th, Southwest Flight 1064 MC0-STL.

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  • JUne 16th, Southwest Flight 1064 MC0-STL.

    Date: June 16th, 2003.
    Airline: Southwest
    Scheduled Aircraft: 737-300
    Actual Aircraft: 737-300
    Scheduled Departure time: 12:20
    Actual Departure time: 12:30
    Scheduled Arrival time: 1:40
    Actual Arrival time: 1:30.
    Aircraft Registeration:N332SW

    After packing up our last minute stuff, we left our hotel to head to the Payless Car rental place. We dropped off our rental car and then got on the shuttle bus to take us to the airport. I then received a page message from my buddy, pete_at_pitt and he let me know I was going to fly the -300 as scheduled and not the -700 as I hoped. Bummed, I of course hoped it would at least have the Blue Canyon color schemes on the outside or have the nice seats that Southwest replaces on the inside. Either way I would be happy. We then left on the shuttle bus and went on the way to the airport. While going by the airport I saw a 777 taking off but I couldn't tell what airline, it was either Delta or British Airways, it looked more like BA but I don't know the schedule. Then I saw an Airbus A320 United Airlines and watched it take off as well. Then we turned off the road we were on and entered the AA gates at Termnial A. We dropped off two people, and then we went straight to the Southwest gates which was where we were heading of course. We got off and then proceeded to the counter, where my dad checked us in and got our boarding passes. We then went to Security and we all got in fine of course, even my dad went through without a beep-AMAZING, no seriously, before this he has yet to go through one w/o making one of the alarms go off. After that we went to the train and got on one of those, and it took us to the gates. We went right and went to gate 121. I left my bag with my parents and went off to watch some planes take off and land. Some planes/airline I saw land were AirTran 717's, and Spirit MD-80's, as well as a JetBlue A320, and finally, my favorite a Delta 777-200 in new colors. So I ran back to my gate to grab the camera, but by then it was to late, it already landed, and was already taxing to the gate. OH well, so I just sat where I was and watched more SWA planes come and go with some reg. numbers I caught were N790SW and N791SW, kinda ironic lol. Finally at 11:30(eastern time) the lady at my gate said that the plane was arriving soon. I asked her how she knew and she said she could track it on radar like the ATC could. So she asked if I wanted to see and she obliged and let me look at the computer, and ohhh boy it was awesome!!! she had a radar on the computer just like the ATC used and it showed EVERY SWA plane in the vincinity and showed flight numbers everything an ATC needed to know and she showed me which flight was gonna be my next plane and I was able to track it and then at the last minute I went to the window and watched it land, it was soooo neat. Sure wish I had taken a picture of it. Finally we headed up to pre-board once again. I saw the plane come up and saw it was a Brown color scheme, oh well, I thought, can't have everything. So then they announced boarding call for pre-boarding, and then we went and got onto the jetway. I boarded the plane, and then my mouth went wide with a smile as I found out what I was gonna be on. I found out that I ended up getting the INSIDE Blue color scheme, with the all new leather/vinal seats with Blue and orange colors, oh it was real neat and smelled of a new car. I decided I'd rather fly this then fly a Blue Canyon color scheme on the outside w/ only the Brown inside. I sat down and buckled my seat belt and waited for everyone else to finish boarding. The F/A shut the door, and we backed out. We left the gate at 12:30 and then proceeded to Runway 17 to take off. we turned on to 17 and waited for about 20 seconds or so, then the engine powered up and we zoomed off on 17. we took off a little bit later and then turned right. I snapped some pictures, and then we kept climbing, and climbing, and-well u get the point. we flew parrallel to MCO airport and I snapped a, picture of that as well. We leveled out at 35, 000 feet. We got served food, and beverages(got me a can of sprite, yes a WHOLE CAN.... ) Finally, we continued onward to JAX, hit some turbelence, flew to ATL where we flew right over a T-STORM, got major turbulence from that. Then finally, we got our way to STL. We got lower and lower, hitting SOME MORE turbelence(boy, aren't we bouncy, wouncy today Alex...hehehe )anyway......the landing gear dropped, and that startled me for some reason. Finally the flaps were completely out and we were ready to land. We went over the threshold for Runway 30L. We then landed-HARD. I mean it was so hard that I was slammed inot the seat in front of me. After recovering from that...... I managed to grab a couple of more pictures, and then we turned off the active runway. we landed at 1:30, 10 minutes early then normal. We approached the gate which was E-18. I got off the plane and headed to the baggage claim, and then got our luggage, and then proceeded to the car garage and we then went on home.
    Aircraft: 10/10
    Service 9/10(didn't like those crackers, and they took forever into getting us those drinks, I was really thristy)
    Flight 8/10(if it wasn't for the turbulence and hard landing it would have been fine, but of course they are unpredictable...but they still affect the flight.)

    Well, what did u think? You may add comments, questions, anything u need asked/answered, I can do it for you.


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    Good trip report, I'll be flying Southwest this Friday (ISP-BWI-CLE), hope to get some good pics. I'll post my trip report sometime next week.