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  • BOM-Bangalore. Jet Airways

    ******Please note: From here on out, I'll include the actual gate departure time as well as the actual takeoff time, because the scheduled time that is printed on tickets only reflects the gate departure time. The arrival time reflects the scheduled landing time, I believe, so I'll leave that alone.******

    Date: 7/14/02.
    Airline and flt no: Jet Airways flt 9W 443.
    Scheduled dep: 10:20a.m.
    Actual dep: pushback at 10:15a.m. and takeoff at 10:45a.m.
    Scheduled arr: 11:55a.m.
    Actual arr: 12:05p.m.
    Aircraft: B737-700.
    Dep weather: Typically humid and warm. Temp 81 F, wind WNW at 15-20 mph. Mostly cloudy, turning partly cloudy by departure time.
    Arr weather: Pleasant. 73 F and little humidity. Wind W at 15 mph. Clear skies.
    Registration: VT-JNF

    Boy, was I excited about this trip!! It was a trip of firsts for me. The first time I have ever flown an Indian carrier on a domestic flight, the first time I was flying Jet Airways and Air Sahara, the first time I was visiting Bangalore, the first time I was flying a next-generation 737, and the first time that I was flying out of the Domestic terminal at Mumbai's Airport. After days of waiting, the morning finally dawned, and my mom and I were headed out to the airport. Took one of the several taxis waiting outside our building premises, put the luggage in and headed off. We encountered quite a bit of morning rush hour traffic (actually, these days, you'll find plenty of traffic in some areas of Mumbai, no matter what hour it is; it never sleeps.) Anyway, as we approached Terminal 1A (for Indian Airlines and Alliance Air; Alliance is soon to be phased out), I could see 3-4 Indian Airlines 320s at the gates, ready for boarding. Of course, RWY 27 was in use today, and visibility was not that bad. We took the terminal access road towards terminal 1B, which is a bit further west of 1A. 1B is used by Jet Airways and Air Sahara. There was not a lot of traffic outside the terminal, and we got in pretty easily. Unlike 1A and the international terminal modules, 1B does not have seperate dep and arr levels. We got in, checked in at one of the many Jet counters, and made our way further into the terminal. The outside lobby isn't that big for a busy terminal like this one and is pretty dimly lit. But it's not that bad, and after checking to see at which gate out flight would be boarding at, we went through security and into the gate areas. There's good view of the runway and the field, but because the terminal's dep areas are pretty close to ground, airport buildings partially block the view of the runways. There were already 10 Jet aircraft parked on the ramp and on the remote stands, along w/ a few Sahara 73s (Oh yeah, there are also no jet bridges. You have to ride the bus, even if the craft are parked close to the terminal and depending on which airline it is, Jet or Sahara, you either get to ride a quiet Mercendes Benz or a ratchety, noisy, run-down bus.) Morning rush hour traffic, either taking off or arriving: about a dozen Jet 73s, half-a-dozen Air Sahara 73s, several Jet ATR 72-5s, several Indian 320s, an Alliance Air 732, 2 Fedex 300s, 2 Fedex 310s, 3 Indian 300s, 3 Air India 310s, some bizjets, Saudi Arabian 742 and an Emirates 332. I saw the Emirates, Saudi Arabian and Air India heavies taxi to the international terminal after landing. Soon came our time to board. While our flight was boarding, a Sahara flight to New Delhi was getting boarded, as was a Jet flight to Mangalore and another one to Cochin. We rode the Merc bus to our plane, a 737-700. It was spotlessly clean, from outside in, and was quite roomy. I grabbed the window seat just over the trailing edge of the wing, and my mom was in the aisle seat. The flight was boarded pretty quickly as I saw the Sahara 737-700 get pushed out for New Delhi and the other Jet craft taxi for dep. Then we got pushed back, and there was no one in the seat between us!! WOOHOO!! Engine startup was followed by flap deployment and surface testing. And some cabin vibration on startup. The cabin crew went over the safety procedures and also said that photography is prohibited, but I put my butt on the line and snapped a few anyway! We taxied out using the parallel taxiway and saw an Indian 320 and a Jet -700 land. We approached the holding point and lined up behind a company -700. It took off, and we edged up to the hold-short line. Saw a few more aircraft go to the furthest holding point, including the Alliance Air 732. And then, I got a surprise-the Emirates 332 was holding short as well!!! Saw it through the left hand side windows (I was on the right) It was at the terminal for less than an hour! Wow, really short turn-around for a heavy. A few more Jet 73s took off, follwed by an Indian 320 that came in and then the 332 took off. Must have been loaded really lightly, because it required less runway than the 73s were using! Then, finally, after 15 minutes, we finally turned on to the active and the pilot pushed the throttles forward. Takeoff was pretty quick and smooth. Right after takeoff though, the pilot deployed the spoilers on the right wing due crosswind. Pretty neat, I thought. Cllimbed to about 7000 feet and then banked to the left and headed toward the SSE. Saw many places in Mumbai, especially Juhu, the small field there, the central area of the city, South Bombay, the Air India building and other points of interest and finally banked left once more and headed toward the SE. We were soon served lunch. I had the vegetarian meal, and it consisted of paneer cutlets (Cottage cheese cutlets), salad (raita), bread, crackers, butter, cheese, fruit, yogurt and dessert. All this for a flight just an hour and 20 minutes long. I finished my meal in no time, as I was pretty hungry and the food was excellent. Then I sat back and went through the Jetwings magazine. The FAs came by to serve coffee and tea, and after a while collected all the food trays. Then, the aircraft actually started descending. Hmm, that's strange, still about 55 minutes to go, I thought. The pilot said that we had leveled off at FL 250 from 330 due to headwinds and heavy traffic in the airspace up there. We went back up to 330 after a while. Soon came the time to start descent, and the FAs came by w/ fresh towelletes and coffee/tea. After that, the pilot put the aircraft's nose down quite a bit, and we started a quick final descent to the Banaglore Airport area. Weather was really good and visibility was gr8. I saw the sorrounding country side and the suburbs became visible. Quite a lot of green down there as well, compared to the white of the concrete in Mumbai. We banked right at FL 150 and headed S, and about 10 minutes thereafter, we banked right again to line up for initial approach to RWY 27. Flaps were then lowered to 20. Final approach was pretty bumpy due to gusty headwinds. Flaps 30, then 40. Gear was down about 2 miles out. Flaps were fully deployed and we were over the threshold. Saw an Indian Air Force turboprop holding short. Landing was pretty smooth given the wind conditions and reverse thrust followed. On the way to the terminal, saw a Blue Dart 732 on the remote pad, and a couple of Indian 320s at the gates. there are only 4 jetways at Bangalore International, and a couple of stands. We docked at gate 4 and went into the baggage claim area. The airport is really well-maintained and clean inside. We collected our bags and went outside to get a cab.

    So, my first experience with Jet? Excellent. Gr8 airline w/ gr8 service.

    Hope you enjoyed that! Plz look for upcoming report of the flight back to BOM from Bangalore on Air Sahara.

    Happy Flying!
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    Great Report Foxtrop.

    I remember my flight from Bombay to Bangalore on Jet Airways. It was excellent, excellent food, excellent service, spotlessly clean plane and overall excellent. Jet Airways is no doubt the best domestic carrier in India, closely followed by Sahara Airlines.

    BTW, are you Indian?
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      Nice report. How did the photos turn out??


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        Thanks for the comments guys! I'm glad you enjoyed reading them. Yeah, I'll definitely fly Jet again, no doubt. I'll be posting a report shortly for the flight back to BOM from Bangalore, which was on Air Sahara.

        Yes, I'm an Indian, u guessed right. The photos turned out quite well. I only took three though, since I was aware of the rules for photography.

        Btw, hope you've had a chance to look at my other reports (they're quite long, hehe). From OKC-BOM and from BOM-OKC on DL. Yes, I'll be flying in August down to Austin and back.

        Look out for my reports on that one!

        Happy Flying!
        "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

        Congratulations, Seattle!"


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          I have to agree with your appreciation of Jet Airways. I flew both Jet as Indian Airlines when travelling India in July 2000. Indian Airlines on the routes Mumbai-Trivandrum and Chennai-Mumbai, Jet Airways from Cochin to Bangalore. Flight was on a ATR 72-500. Funny thing was that I was travelling with a group and we carried too much luggage for the ATR to carry. So, a groupmember was asked to travel with the rest of the bags on another flight. They put him on a flight Mumbai-Delhi and then Delhi-Bangalore in Bizzclass!

          I liked the ride on the ATR very much. Good service and food onboard, (even on such a short trip), very clean aircraft... Big difference with Indian Airlines; when boarding in Chennai, my seat was a loaded with newspapers, so that I couldn't sit down. Food was good as well, though.

          Next time I'll be travelling to India, It'll be Jet Airways, that's for sure!