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Part Two LHR - MAU

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  • Part Two LHR - MAU

    Ok we had dinner at TGI Fridays in T3 ready for the flight to Mauritius nice meal. We walk to the gate i haven't a clue which one it was so bare with me . Right we get on the plane i'm in seat number 28H i think.
    Departure time was about 5:10pm. We taxi out to Runway 27R at LHR a pretty much full flight so its going to be a long run. On taxi theres a few aircraft including a 777 and i managed to get a pic of Concorde landing but it was way to far away quality wise. We get into the air after a very long takeoff run on 3B-NBE Air Mauritius A340-300.
    Soon we are crossing the channel at around 18,000ft. Over France we were soon up to 37,000ft and without a doubt on this sort of flight we would go over 40,000ft. Started to watch James Bond: Die another day excellent movie make sure you watch it .Food was Lamb in sort of gravy and mash and a coke not bad at all. About 4 hours into the flight we are just to the north of Italy cruising 39,000ft the sun just beginning to go down eventually just west of Rome and the sun virtually gone goodnight.
    After about 5 hours sleep 9 hours have gone in this flight which kinda dissapointed me because i wanted to watch Minority Report... again .
    Since Mauritius gets about 6 arrivals a day there isn't much point in investing in a radar facility so approaches are procedural and arrival runway is always the same whichever way the wind is pointing. What surprised me most was that i learned through my copy of Airliner World ( Best mag ever ) that the runway is 1,000ft longer than Manchester's which is a little odd considering the traffic level difference.
    Dawn is upon us and we are a little more than 200 miles to run. We began our descent the pilot flew it like he'd flown it hundreds of times he'd probably had and we passed over the shallown canyons and hills to land at Mauritius. ( ICAO: FIMP )
    Touchdown at Mauritius and its raining ! I can't believe i've come in excess of 5000 miles and its raining. Yet the temperatures ( around 75F ) showed it was indeed a tropical place despite being autumn. Parked at the gate were two 747's one belonging to Air France and one to BA i didn't catch their registrations.
    The terminal at Mauritius was very small yet very fast at getting you out to the parking area.
    Part 3 MAU > LHR coming soon

    Click Here to view my pathetic attempts at Aviation photography!
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    Very nice. (again)

    I really like those pictures.


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      Thanks part 3 is coming soon.

      Click Here to view my pathetic attempts at Aviation photography!
      View the Darkside