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Southwest ISP-BWI-CLE 6/20/2003

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  • Southwest ISP-BWI-CLE 6/20/2003

    Southwest Airlines
    Flt #ís 1450/861
    Aircraft- 737-700
    Overall experience- Very Good

    Got to ISP about 2 hours before my flight hoping to get some pictures, which I did. ISP was very busy around 4:00 PM when I arrived, there were three Southwest Jets at the gate, 2 US Airways Express Dash-8's, a Beech 1900D flying for Continental Connection, a Comair CRJ-200, and a Continental Express ERJ-145. Got through check in pretty quickly and since I was so early I was able to board with the A group. Going through security took about 30 minutes, wasn't really upset since the airport was packed it was to be expected. After going through security I walked both concourses and took some pics (hopefully they'll be uploaded soon). Grabbed a bite to and then headed to the gate. We left from gate 12 in the Southwest concourse at ISP and I was about the tenth person on the A row. Took the window seat in row 18, I wanted to get behind the wing to get a shot of the spoilers upon landing in BWI. The plane was still in old colors and had the old interior and certainly showed it's age. The seats really were worn and some of the leather headrests had pen marks on them. We pushed back exactly on time (6:50 PM) and left the ground at 6:56 PM. Soon after lift off the FA's came around and handed out peanuts and took drink orders, I had a coke and two bags of peanuts. Total flight time to BWI was 49 minutes. Upon landing in BWI we pulled into gate B 15. I took a visit to the cockpit and had a 10-minute conversation with the Captain and took some pictures of the flight deck. From there I got off, my friends already got off, they are totally not interested in aviation and can't understand why I am. Trying to explain to them why is harder then getting water from a rock.

    We had a 1.5-hour layover in BWI so I proceeded to walk the B and C concourses on BWI and took a few pics. Not to much was going on around 8:30, there were a total of 6 Southwest Jets at the gates, a mix of old and new colors. Besides Southwest I saw a NW 757-200, one AA MD-80, and one DAL 757-200. Off in the distance I did see an Aer Lingus A330 taxing for take-off but it was too far for a picture. I walked back to the gate B12 and got my new boarding pass, this time I was in group B, guess I took to long spotting. For our flight to CLE we were aboard a 737-700 painted in the new colors along with the new interior. I was very impressed with the interior, it was spotless and you felt like you were flying on a brand new plane. Once again we pushed backed on time (9:50 PM) and took off at 9:58 PM. Service was the same as the first flight although this time I indulged in a Rum and Coke. Total flight time to CLE was 51 minutes. Once we arrived in CLE we pulled into gate 9 and proceeded directly to baggage claim.

    Southwest once again showed how efficient, simple and fun their airline is. Everyone I interacted with from Southwest couldn't have been more friendly and accommodating. I'm greatly looking forward to my next trip with Southwest.

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    Nice Report, I liked it!

    "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

    Congratulations, Seattle!"