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US Airways BWI-PHL-LAX 6/24/03

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  • US Airways BWI-PHL-LAX 6/24/03

    I apologize for some spelling errors, I wrote it really late according to EST.

    June 24
    US Airways

    We arrived at BWI early and checked in our luggage. When then got in line for security, which stretched from the D terminal, back to the E terminal. We waited in line, it moved rather quickly but was still longer than usual. I guess that?s because in previous years US Airways was the only tenant of pier D so there were less people. We go through security after essentially stripping down( computer out of bag, jacket off, shoes off, all stuff out of pocket, etc.) We walked down to our gate and it was empty, I walked around a bit (maybe 5 minutes) and when I returned they were boarding us, it was 7:00am and I decided it was better to sit in the plane then in the terminal. I took my seat after clearing out some people who did not realize that 20A,20B are on the left side of the plane (they moved). I took my seat in 20F and started getting all of my gear set in the correct place. Both my bags fit under my seat so I was happy, I pulled out my camera and got a neat shot of a reflection off the wing. I watched a USA 3000 plane taxi out. i think he was going to Cancun cant be sure. Air Jamaica was being readied and UPS was unloading one of their A300?s (in o/c). We pushed back on time. I couldn?t really hear the safety video as some baby was screaming. (it eventually stopped) We flew at 9000 ft. and because of that altitude I couldn?t use the computer. Oh well, I used it at PHL. It was pretty hazy and I was right over the wing so I didn?t get many shots except a picture of downtown Philadelphia. We descended into PHL and arrived at 8:00--10 minutes early. We sat for about ten minutes on the ramp waiting for our gate to become available. As the flight was continuing on to Bermuda there were many vacationers. We taxied tot he gate where everyone had to deplane because they were going to do a security check of the plane. We walked from gate C27 to gate C28 where i a m typing this. The only thing of note is that I was reading Airways magazine and I noticed that the pic of China Northern A340-600 was taken by Clovis. That was neat to see that you don?t need a 10D if you want to get your picture in a magazine. So it looks like my PHL-LAX will be operated by a 757 (I was hoping for a 762 ) and so I will stop and get ready to write report number two.

    June 24
    US Airways

    We arrived at PHL from our laast flight and we walked to the gate. I typed my other trip report. I then sat there and stared into space. After a while most p;eople stood up and waited for there rows to be called. I stayed on my seat as it was better than stanind with my bags. After a while they called my row and I walked to the gate, they checked my id which they did not so at BWI. Ib walked to my seat and discovered that the guy in front of me was fully reclined I pushed waited till he put the seat up himself. He put it down later but I was reading so it didn?t matter. (I read my book for 5 hours and still are only half finished ) We took off from PHL about 5 minutes late. I saw a multitude of US Airways planes which pleased me. I also saw a ATA 737 with Blended winglets. We tookoff and just as we rotated I saw a UPS 727-100 in the n/c?s. Of course it was kind of washed out but it is salvagable with minimal work. We took off and were pretty soon into the haze, We then climbed through it and topped out about it aty 35,000ft. I read my book and hung my camera up where i could easily reach it. The clouds cleared once we made it over the plains west of the Mississippi. There was still snow on the Rockies and once we passed them and headed out over the desert. we passed over the Grand Canyon and the pilot made gentle S-turns over the Canyon so the we (the passengers) could look at it. I got some cool pictures that I plan on setting as my background when I get home. We cruised for a bit more and then we started our descent into the Los Angeles area. We descended over the endless row of houses and passed over Ontario International. The pilot put out max. flaps and slowed to a slow speed. I saw a EMB 120 on final. We passed over the endless rental car lots, Hotels,a dn XXX movie shops. I got a good shot of LAX tower and the restaurant. We touched down and rolled to a stop. A NWA 752 took off on a parallel runway and we had to wait for it to takeoff (I got a shot of rotation). we taxied in and I saw 1 ANZ 744, 4 QANTAS 744?s, 1 AirTran A320, 2 AC A320 (one in aniversary scheme), 1 ATA 752, alot of SWA 737?s and some other planes hanging around. I got off and looked around, finding no suitable location to spot at in the time I had, I went down to get my luggage which was one of first bags. We gathered up the luggage and got our rides out.

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    Awesome trip report! I didn't know pilots were allowed to deviate from the flight path liek that over the grandcanyon so passnegers could see the canyon! Im sure that cost some extra $$! But thats aweome.

    When you said that Clovis took that picture I ran and grabbed my issue of Airways to check it out! What an awesome photo Clovis!

    Clovis: Did you know it was coming out? Did they pay you to use the photo?



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      Gr8 report!

      I would like to go to LAX definitely, haven't been there at all.

      Happy flying!
      "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

      Congratulations, Seattle!"