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  • All your Boeing Aircraft flights

    Well, yes a huge thread compiling EVERY flight youve had on a Boeing Aircraft!

    *I'll also throw in my Dad's trips too

    Boeing 727
    AA 727-200 Antigua-MIA
    AC 727-200 MIA-YHZ
    AC 727-200 YHZ-YYZ

    Boeing 737
    AC 737-200 YYC-YVR

    *Boeing 747
    AC 747-200 YYZ-LHR

    *Boeing 757
    BA 757-200 LHR-ATH

    Boeing 767
    AC 767-200 YYZ-YVR
    AC 762 YVR-YYZ
    AC 763 YVR-HNL
    AC 763 HNL YVR
    AC 762 YYZ-YHZ
    AC 763 YVR-OGG
    CN 763 OGG-YVR
    AC 763 MIA-YYZ (Free Spirit Livery)
    AC 763 YVR-YYZ

    Possibly AC614 YYZ-YHZ on a 763 somtime in April when I go out to YEG

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    AC is bringing the 763 back to the YYZ-YHZ route? When


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      Boeing 757

      G-**** Manchester - Florida via Bangor Boeing 757-200 Flying Colours
      G-**** Florida - Manchester via Bangor Boeing 757-200 Flying Colours
      G-RJGR Manchester - Dalaman Boeing 757-200 MyTravel
      G-MCEA Dalaman - Manchester Boeing 757-200 MyTravel

      Boeing 767

      G-OBYC Manchester - Arrecife Boeing 767-300 ThomsonFly
      G-OBYG Arrecife - Manchester Boeing 767-300 ThomsonFly

      That's it


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        My Boeing Flight Records.

        7x Maersk

        4x SAS

        8x Sterling
        3x Maersk

        2x Sterling
        1x SAS
        3x EZY
        2x AirBerlin

        3x Icelandair
        5x Mytravel DK
        3x Thomas Cook
        9x British Airways
        4x Cebu Pacific Air

        3x Air Canada

        9x SAS (First flight was with a 767)
        3x Asiana
        1x Korean
        6x JAL
        1x Blue Panorama
        6x British Airways
        1x Alitalia
        5x American Airlines
        2x United Airlines
        1x Delta
        7x Britannia (UK)
        1x Vietnam airlines

        3x Philippine Airlines Good old times.

        7x British Airways
        14x Lufthansa
        7x Thai Airways
        3x United
        1x Korean
        5x JAL
        2x Asiana
        4x Cathay
        2x Singapore (Had a flight with -SPK)
        4x Malaysia
        1x China Airlines
        2x Northwest

        1x United
        3x Delta
        1x American
        2x British Airways
        1x Korean
        8x KLM
        4x Singapore

        That'll be all from me,

        Next week lets post our Airbus record.
        Inactive from May 1 2009.


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          Boeing 737
          > Warsaw - Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) [LOT]
          > Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) - Warsaw [LOT]
          > Warsaw - Tunis [LOT]
          > Tunis - Warsaw [LOT]
          > Warsaw - Antalya [LOT] (2 times:P)
          > Antalya - Warsaw [LOT] (2 times)
          > Warsaw - Kos [LOT]
          > Kos - Warsaw [LOT]
          > Warsaw - St. Petersburg [LOT]
          > St. Petersburg - Warsaw [LOT]
          > Warsaw - Lviv [LOT]
          > Lviv - Warsaw [LOT]
          Boeing 767
          > Warsaw - Beijing [LOT]
          > Beijing - Warsaw [LOT]
          > Warsaw - Toronto [LOT] (2 times)
          > Toronto - Warsaw [LOT]
          Boeing 777
          > London - Chicago [British Airways]
          > Chicago - London [British Airways]

          Fly BOEING !!!


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            Originally posted by pkonowrocki
            Boeing 737
            > Warsaw - Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) [LOT]
            > Gran Canaria (Las Palmas) - Warsaw [LOT]
            > Warsaw - Tunis [LOT]
            > Tunis - Warsaw [LOT]
            > Warsaw - Antalya [LOT] (2 times:P)
            > Antalya - Warsaw [LOT] (2 times)
            > Warsaw - Kos [LOT]
            > Kos - Warsaw [LOT]
            > Warsaw - St. Petersburg [LOT]
            > St. Petersburg - Warsaw [LOT]
            > Warsaw - Lviv [LOT]
            > Lviv - Warsaw [LOT]
            Boeing 767
            > Warsaw - Beijing [LOT]
            > Beijing - Warsaw [LOT]
            > Warsaw - Toronto [LOT] (2 times)
            > Toronto - Warsaw [LOT]
            Boeing 777
            > London - Chicago [British Airways]
            > Chicago - London [British Airways]

            Fly BOEING !!!
            Or in other words, 'Fly LOT'


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              LN-RCL 763 EKCH-KEWR
              G-BNLL 744 KEWR-EGLL
              XXXXX 763 EGLL-EKCH
              OY-MRx 73G EKCH-EGKK
              LN-RCG 763 EKCH-KIAD-EKCH

              The only Boeing flight I had.

              I have been flying MD80/90 and DC9 numberous times.
              Best regards

              Peter Lund


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                4/25/73 AA ORD-IAH
                5/16/75 TW JFK-ORD


                7/68 EA JFK-CLT
                7/68 EA CLT-LGA
                4/28/73 AA IAH-ORD
                6/73 AA ORD-LGA
                5/19/75 TW ORD-JFK
                3/18/76 National PHF-JFK
                3/22/76 DL LGA-CLT
                8/29/78 National MIA-JFK
                7/1/87 UA ORD-LGA
                8/23/88 UA LAX-SFO
                8/28/88 UA SFO-LAX
                6/24/89 UA LAX-ORD (!)
                6/27/89 UA CLE-DEN
                11/6/92 UA LAX-SFO
                11/9/92 UA SFO-LAX


                3/22/76 Piedmont CLT-FAY-ORF
                6/26/87 PA ORD-CLE


                7/11/91 UA ORD-LAX
                10/12/94 WN LAX-PHX
                10/15/94 WN PHX-LAX
                11/17/94 UA LAX-SMF (Shuttle)
                11/18/94 UA SMF-LAX (Shuttle)
                12/12/94 WN LAX-SMF
                12/12/94 WN SMF-LAX
                3/6/96 WN LAX-OAK
                3/9/96 WN OAK-LAX
                11/8/96 UA LAX-SFO (Shuttle)
                11/11/96 UA SFO-LAX (Shuttle)


                2/19/06 US CLT-FLL (N434US)


                12/27/73 AA SJU-JFK
                3/28/75 TW JFK-LAX (with unscheduled MX stop at MCI)
                4/5/75 TW LAX-JFK
                8/31/78 UA JFK-LAX
                8/79 UA LAX-JFK
                8/27/80 UA JFK-LAX
                8/81 UA JFK-LAX


                4/7/93 UA LAX-MIA
                4/11/93 UA MIA-LAX
                6/13/95 UA ORD-LAX
                11/5/97 AA MIA-LAX
                5/7/98 AA LAX-MIA
                5/19/98 AA MIA-LAX
                7/21/98 AA LAX-MIA
                7/10/99 AA JFK-MIA
                3/25/06 AA FLL-SJU (N665AA)
                3/27/06 AA SJU-FLL


                7/3/90 UA LAX-JFK
                7/12/90 UA JFK-LAX
                7/2/91 UA LAX-JFK
                6/8/94 UA LAX-JFK
                6/18/94 UA JFK-LAX
                10/28/97 AA LAX-MIA
                7/18/98 AA MIA-LAX
                7/1/99 AA LAX-JFK

                6/26/99 AA MIA-LAX


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                  Ctb Bru-chq
                  Ctb Chq-bru


                  Ux Bru-tfs
                  Ux Tfs-bru
                  Ib Bru-mad
                  Ib Mad-tfs
                  Ib Tfs-mad
                  Ib Mad-bru


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                    A nice table is in the pipeline on Words and will be uploaded in due course
                    Thanks for visiting
                    *Avimage's Monthly Slide list *


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                      Here's all of mine, just hope I haven't left out any!

                      717 (cough....MD-95!)
                      FL MCO-ATL

                      NW MCO-MEM & return

                      COA ROC-EWR

                      WN JAX-BNA
                      US (main & Metrojet) PHL-ROC, SYR-CLT, CLE-BWI, BWI-JAX

                      COA MSY-IAH
                      F9 DFW-DEN
                      HP LAS-IAH
                      WN DAL-SAT & back
                      UA BOI-DEN, SFO-SEA
                      US DFW-PHL, CLT-CAE, MCO-DCA

                      AS SEA-BOI
                      US PIT-DFW

                      WN BNA-CLE, MSY-MCO, SEA-SLC-DEN
                      AS DEN-SEA

                      COA IAH-MCO
                      AS SEA-DEN

                      COA MCO-IAH
                      NW MSP-LAX, DTW-MEM, MSP-DTW
                      US PHL-MCO

                      COA IAH-SEA
                      NW LAX-MSP, MSP-DTW, SEA-MSP and back

                      767-400 ER
                      DL MCO-ATL and return
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                        These are just my flights since working for Southwest, all on Boeing 737's

                        17-Nov-77 throgh 22-Dec-01 (over 200 flights, not recorded)
                        22-Dec-01 DAL HOU
                        01-Feb-02 DAL HOU
                        03-Feb-02 HOU DAL
                        16-Feb-02 DAL HOU
                        17-Feb-02 HOU DAL
                        29-Mar-02 DAL HOU
                        31-Mar-02 HOU DAL
                        31-May-02 DAL HOU
                        01-Jun-02 HOU DAL
                        14-Jun-02 DAL HOU
                        16-Jun-02 HOU DAL
                        27-Jun-02 DAL ELP
                        30-Jun-02 ELP DAL
                        13-Jul-02 DAL HOU
                        14-Jul-02 HOU DAL
                        26-Aug-02 DAL AUS
                        26-Aug-02 AUS PHX
                        27-Aug-02 PHX LAX
                        28-Aug-02 LAX ELP
                        28-Aug-02 ELP DAL
                        17-Sep-02 DAL HOU
                        17-Sep-02 HOU BNA
                        18-Sep-02 BNA HOU
                        18-Sep-02 HOU DAL
                        27-Sep-02 DAL AUS
                        29-Sep-02 AUS DAL
                        30-Nov-02 HOU DAL
                        23-Dec-02 HOU DAL
                        26-Dec-02 DAL HOU
                        05-Feb-03 DAL AUS
                        05-Feb-03 AUS SAN
                        07-Feb-03 SAN ELP
                        07-Feb-03 ELP DAL
                        12-Mar-03 DAL ELP
                        14-Mar-03 ELP DAL
                        17-Apr-03 DAL HOU
                        20-Apr-03 HOU DAL
                        10-May-03 DAL HOU
                        12-May-03 HOU SAT
                        12-May-03 SAT DAL
                        15-May-03 DAL SAT
                        15-May-03 SAT LAS
                        16-May-03 LAS AUS
                        16-May-03 AUS DAL
                        17-May-03 DAL HOU
                        18-May-03 HOU DAL
                        31-May-03 DAL HOU
                        01-Jun-03 HOU DAL
                        21-Jun-03 DAL HOU
                        22-Jun-03 HOU DAL
                        28-Jun-03 DAL HOU
                        28-Jun-03 HOU DAL
                        02-Jul-03 DAL HOU
                        02-Jul-03 HOU LAX
                        06-Jul-03 LAX ABQ
                        06-Jun-03 ABQ DAL
                        06-Sep-03 DAL HOU
                        07-Jun-03 HOU DAL
                        15-Jun-03 DAL MSY
                        15-Jun-03 MSY TPA
                        17-Jun-03 TPA HOU
                        17-Jun-03 HOU DAL
                        21-Jun-03 DAL AUS
                        21-Jun-03 AUS LAS
                        24-Jun-03 LAS SAT
                        24-Jun-03 SAT DAL
                        27-Jun-03 DAL HOU
                        28-Jun-03 HOU DAL
                        23-Nov-03 DAL HOU
                        23-Nov-03 HOU DAL
                        26-Nov-03 DAL HOU
                        28-Nov-03 HOU DAL
                        23-Dec-03 DAL HOU
                        26-Dec-03 HOU DAL
                        07-Mar-04 DAL HOU
                        08-Mar-04 HOU DAL
                        10-Mar-04 DAL AUS
                        10-Mar-04 AUS SAN
                        11-Mar-04 SAN PHX
                        12-Mar-04 PHX ELP
                        12-Mar-04 ELP DAL
                        07-Apr-04 DAL HOU
                        08-Apr-04 IAH DAL
                        28-May-04 DAL TUL
                        29-May-04 TUL DAL
                        06-Jun-04 DAL HOU
                        07-Jun-04 HOU MSY
                        07-Jun-04 MSY MCO
                        07-Jun-04 MCO FLL
                        11-Jul-04 FLL TPA
                        11-Jul-04 TPA MSY
                        11-Jul-04 MSY HOU
                        11-Jul-04 HOU DAL
                        19-Jul-04 DAL HOU
                        20-Jul-04 HOU DAL
                        08-Sep-04 DAL AUS N344SW
                        08-Sep-04 AUS LAX N735SW
                        09-Sep-04 LAX ABQ N453WN
                        09-Sep-04 ABQ DAL N504SW
                        11-Sep-04 DAL HOU
                        12-Sep-04 HOU DAL
                        02-Oct-04 DAL HOU
                        03-Oct-04 HOU DAL
                        08-Oct-04 DAL HOU N96SW
                        09-Oct-04 HOU DAL N94SW
                        18-Jan-05 DAL DAL N95SW - ceremonial retirement flight
                        26-Jan-05 DAL HOU
                        27-Jan-05 HOU DAL
                        24-Feb-05 DAL ELP N502SW
                        24-Feb-05 ELP LAX N358SW
                        24-Feb-05 LAX RNO N358SW
                        25-Feb-05 RNO LAS N401WN
                        25-Feb-05 LAS ABQ N441WN
                        25-Feb-05 ABQ DAL N441WN
                        04-Mar-05 DAL HOU N350SW
                        05-Mar-05 HOU DAL N321SW
                        27-Mar-05 DAL HOU N508SW
                        28-Mar-05 HOU DAL N671SW
                        26-Apr-05 DAL HOU N503SW
                        26-Apr-05 HOU MSY N459WN
                        26-Apr-05 MSY TPA N459WN
                        27-Apr-05 TPA MSY N770SA
                        27-Apr-05 MSY DAL N523SW
                        03-Jun-05 DAL MSY N779SW
                        03-Jun-05 MSY TPA N621SW
                        03-Jun-05 TPA FLL N621SW
                        11-Jun-05 FLL MSY N794SW
                        11-Jun-05 MSY DAL N504SW
                        25-Jun-05 DAL HOU N664WN
                        26-Jun-05 HOU DAL N492WN
                        01-Jul-05 DAL AUS N512SW
                        03-Jul-05 AUS DAL N507SW
                        09-Jul-05 DAL HOU N505SW
                        09-Jul-05 HOU DAL N366SW
                        29-Aug-05 DAL SAT
                        31-Aug-05 SAT DAL
                        20-Sep-05 DAL SAT N502SW
                        20-Sep-05 SAT BWI N386SW
                        22-Sep-05 BWI LIT N426WN
                        22-Sep-05 LIT DAL N648SW
                        08-Oct-05 DAL HOU N399SW
                        09-Oct-05 HOU DAL N371SW
                        01-Mar-06 DAL HOU N523SW
                        01-Mar-06 HOU FLL N797MX
                        03-Mar-06 FLL HOU N755SA
                        03-Mar-06 HOU DAL N504SW

                        727 - early 1980s when WN had a few
                        747 - PanAm March 1987 (pretty sure it was the one which was bombed later on)
                        777 - July 3, 2003 United LAX/HNL
                        767 - July 8, 2003 United HNL/LAX
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                          Paul, Glad you were on that PANAM 747 before that bomb exp. ever happened.

                          That an amazing list. Cant wait to see Alains List.
                          Inactive from May 1 2009.


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                            Originally posted by PT737SWA
                            18-Jan-05 DAL DAL N95SW - ceremonial retirement flight
                            I read about that in Airliners magazine, sounded like a great experiance!

                            Anyway, here's mine (The times flown are just a good guess, I'm not exactally sure on some of them):

                            UA SFO-DEN(x6)
                            UA LAX-SFO
                            UA DEN-LAX
                            UA ORD-MSP
                            UA MSP-DEN(x7)
                            UA DEN-MSP(x6)

                            UA ORD-MSP(x7)
                            UA MSP-ORD(x6)

                            HP SFO-LAS N322AW
                            UA SFO-DEN
                            UA DEN-MSP(x2)
                            UA ORD-MSP(x3)
                            UA MSP-ORD(x2)
                            UA SJC-DEN
                            UA DEN-SJC

                            UA MSP-ORD

                            SY SFO-MSP N801SY
                            SY MSP-SFO N804SY

                            UA SFO-ORD

                            UA SFO-ORD

                            NW MSP-SFO N540US
                            UA SFO-ORD(x2)
                            UA SFO-DEN(x4)
                            UA DEN-SFO(x4)
                            UA ORD-SFO(x3)

                            NW SFO-MSP N584NW

                            UA ORD-SFO

                            UA SFO-DEN

                            Now try and guess which airline my dad worked for.


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                              Boeing 747
                              AC 744 HKG-YVR (KAI TAK!!)
                              AC 744 VYR-HKG (KAI TAK!!)
                              TG 744 HKG-BKK (KAI TAK!!)
                              TG 744 BKK-HKG (KAI TAK!!)
                              SQ 744 HKG-SFO (new airport...)
                              SQ 744 SFO-HKG
                              JL 744 HKG-NRT
                              JL 744 NRT-SFO
                              JL 744 SFO-NRT
                              JL 744 NRT-HKG
                              QF 744 HKG-YSSY
                              QF 744 YSSY-HKG
                              QF 744 HKG-YSSY
                              OX 743 HKG-BKK (Classic)
                              OX 743 BKK-HKG

                              I've never flown on CX, though I'm a Hong Konger...