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  • And now, ladies and gentlemen ...

    The airline of the year award winning goes to .....
    TAP Air Portugal
    showing a cumulative total of 9 sectors, on board 4 types.

    Hi everyone and thanks again for your loyalty. Time now to draw a close on 1993 which will be processed in two installements.
    Today we fly the second trip with a 4 leg-agenda. The opportunity was a 3 day travel agent fam-trip to Madeira. On the picture side, well, I wished Digital was avialable, but .... All on board, comments always welcome


    November 24th
    TP 405
    Airbus A320-211, CS-TNA, cn 185, "Grao Vasco", CY156.
    Paris/Orly Sud-Lisbon, 776 nm
    Airborne 2 hrs 03


    Boarding was called for at 18.19 and I inherited of seat 21C while Portugese, French and English established themselves as the languages used over the P/A. Some glitches in counting fueled some delays and finally push-back materialized at 18.45. Then things went fast with the spooling up and taxi, both completed within four minutes. At 18.53, we eventually rotated from runway 08/26. Inflight service was pretty good as always with TP, first an initial round of drinks, then a dinner putting to shame quite a few ... Time spent fairly fast and at 20.41, descent was initiated. Ten minutes later, short finals took over and at 20.56, we touched down. It took then a five minute taxi to reach the gate.

    The fam-trip organizer then traited our party for a dinner at downtown Lisbon, so mood was joyful when being bused back to Portola in anticipation of sector # 2

    TP 179
    Boeing 737-382, CS-TIC, 1699/24366, CY132 although sold as an all Y svce
    LIS-Funchal, 521 nm
    23.40 / 00.35 +
    Airborne 1 hrs 23


    Bus and airstairs ruled the boarding as our 733 was parked on one of the remote ramps. keeping company was untitled Angola Air Charter 707-320C D2-TOR still in basic Seagreen Air Transport last known c/s. Actually entering India-Charlie was made at 23.35 and my seat was 05A. Pushback occured at 23.45 and according to operational logic, spooling up at 23.47, taxi at 23.50 and rotation at 23.56 came next. Our flight level was set at FL330.
    Finally India-Charlie got in the glidescope at 00.15 and four minutes later, she touched down, but sadly, the reverse sequence was far from being impressive as with a previous arrival . Getting to stand required two more minutes

    Next on a well filled agenda, lots of miles, visits of hotels, attractions and restaurants, (don't hesitate to visit again and

    November 27th in the wee morning ...for the pretty long road transfer to the airport along the coastal road.

    Boeing 737-3K9, CS-TIH, 1796/24214, CY132 (all sold as Y), selcal BL/RS and in [photoid=429224] mixed Air Atlantis colours ...
    Captain Coelho, First/officer Pedro Morai and not less than 5 flying attendants
    Funchal-Faro, 506 nm
    Seat 04C
    07.25 / 10.05

    Boarding was completed at 07.15 through the front exit and associated airstairs, alas, nothing around to spot. According to a well oiled mechanism push-back at 07.25, spooling at 07.28, taxi at 07.29 and rotation from runway 06/24 were the next items on the agenda. Surprisingly, languages aired on the P/A were limited to Portugese and French ... Inflight service was made up by a breakfast snack, while India-Hotel hovered at FL350. Descent was initiated at 09.39. Next developments were the short finals at 09.59, landing on runway 11/29 and pulling along on stand at 10.03.

    En route stopover was spent in the terminal. Few passengers and not many aircrafts around our 733 confirmed the Winter season ruled supreme.

    Back on seat 04C at 10.44, I counted 108 fellow passengers going to Paris this day. The winter season allowed for things to developp fast as push-back was completed at 11.00 while the first engine was spooled up. Five minutes later we departed the stand while an Air 2000 A320 was being marshalled. At 11.10, India-Hotel rotated from runway 11/29. Flight itself was punctuated by the first round of drink, then lunch, then drinks again, then coffee and some time enough for a short visit of MM Coelho and Pedro Morai's office. Descent starting at 13.15 put a conclusion to the latter. Respectively taking over, short finals were next at 13.29, landing on runway 07/25 at 13.34 and docking at 13.43.

    Till the next

    Thanks for visiting
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    Nice report, sounds like they gave you a great meal service.


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      TP 405
      March 12th
      Airbus A310-304, CS-TEI, cn 495, "Fernao de Magalheos"
      Paris/Orly Sud-Lisbon or so it was supposed to at first sight ....


      The CY201 seater was sitting at gate when boarding was processed with at 18.15. Although getting seat 08J, I was not in Navigator Class, as rows 06, 07 and 08 had been downgraded to Y status and the mobile bulkhead duly moved forward ... At 18.37, push back came next simultaneously with spooling the first engine and barely three minutes later, Echo-India headed to what she probably liked most when on ground : the runway ! The latter in use was 08/26 and it took just another four minutes before rotation from it.
      In flight service was not off course the one slated for Navigators but was still pretty acceptable. Time elapsed pretty quickly and at 20.43 descent was initiated to LIS amid crosswinds and heavy rain which made our case so hopeless that at 20.51 next to another attempt, Echo-India overshooted and diverted to Faro where we eventually touched down at 21.29 after staying nearly three hours airborne. Crew members were quick to advise us we would have to stay on board the three-ten while reports on progress would be aired when possible. As far I was concerned I walked back and forth either exploring the cabin or observing the aircrafts which joined us. The latters included a trio of stablemates in shapes of 737-200s and 300s.
      Finally at 22.15, pushback was processed with and within three minutes we taxied past an incoming Airtours MadDog. Rotation materialized at 22.23 under probably the same heavy rain which probably moved us away from Lisbon area !!! Covering the 120 nautical miles to Portola took an additional 33 minutes and finally we pulled along at stand at 23.04.

      Boeing 737-230, CS-TER, 22636/808. CY122 all sold as Y.
      Lisbon/Portola-Funchal, 521 nm
      time airborne 1 hrs 34


      O & D passengers for FNC were probably simmering when we connectors from ORY were eventually wisked at the foot of the 737 by two minibuses. Last to enter the forner LH fleet member (ex D-ABNT) at 23.35, I landed on seat 10A The well oiled mechanism then gathered a quick momentum, push back at 23.40, spooling at 23.43, taxi at 23.46 and rotation at 23.51. Echo-Romeo then charted her way across darkness while we got into March 13th en route. The day was barely 16 minutes old LT when the 737 started her descent which translated into short finals at 00.21 and then into landing at 00.25. Then we got a real feat as up in the office full reverses were applied when on ensuing landing roll. And real full reverse to the extent the BabyBoeing shaked on ALL parts and looked as if she were to spill herself over the concrete Nice one, well done gentlemen.

      Till the next with the return

      Thanks for visiting
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        Time to conclude TAP special and altogether close 1993 ....

        March 15th
        TP 164
        Airbus A320-211, CS-TNE, cn 395, CY156
        seat 21A
        Time airborne 1 hrs 18


        Ready for the 521 nm long ride to Portola, we boarded fully booked November-Echo at 09.44 under very bad weather and thin rain. Getting seated took some time and push back finally materialized at 09.58. Next steps such as spooling the engines and taxi followed in quick succession and finally we rotated at 10.07. Including the neighboors, many fellow passengers were also connecting to Paris. Snacks and drinks made up for the catering and at 12.17 descent to Portola was initiated in clear and shiny weather allowing an aerial lesson of geography on Lisbon and its landmarks, the Belem tower, Marine Museum, downtown, the extensive water acqueduct, which lasted until short finals at 12.20. Five minutes later November-Echo touched down and at 12.30 she was litterally at home by pulling along on the remote ramp close by the maintenance complex.

        TP 402
        Lockheed L1011-500 CS-TED, "Bartolomeu de Gusmao", L/N 1242, C21Y229
        Lisbon/Portola-Paris/Orly Sud, nm 776
        Seat 19J
        Airborne 1 hrs 52


        Sandwiched by sisterships TEB and TEE, "Bartolomeu" was sitting on the remote ramp mostly used for TAP's Tristars, and so we were given a ramp tour as a bus transfer to the aircraft which we boarded at 14.56. Flight 402 proved to be crammed until the last square inch avialable to the extent that some Navigator hosts originating from Brazil were downgraded to Economy ...Push back occured at 15.11, spooling at 15.14 and taxi past the already stored Zaire Govnt 707-382B 9T-MSS at 15.16. Three minutes later Echo-Delta rotated and soon after reachin cruise level, a service of snacks and drinks was processed with. At 16.49, descent to ORY was initiated and at 17.07 we were on short finals to runway 07/25 which was touched down on four minutes later.

        Till the next

        Thanks for visiting
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          These stories resemble passages from the bible. Awesome report Alain!
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            Damn, Alain, you should really consider writing a book, this stuff is too good to just be on an online forum .


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              Cameron also suggested me to write a book. I am thinking of it. It may take lot of time first to gather the material (ouch !!!) then locate a suitable publisher. Anyway thanks again a lot for posting the comments.
              Thanks for visiting
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                Again really great to read, indeed you should write books: I want one next to my bed! Would be great to read a couple of reports before getting to sleep (and having dreams about those great trips

                cheers, Pamela


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                  Great reading and photos as always. If you go ahead with books, I'm sure they would do quite well.