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    Hey Guys,

    Just another quick trip report from me here on my recent trip to Zurich.

    At the airport

    I arrived at the airport at 3:45AM, flight departs at 5:30AM, security went pretty fast, no lines this morning for *Gold so it was quick, then I went straight the checkin desks to find out some nice and helpful swiss agents, handed me my boarding card, and off I went to the lounge.

    Flight Details

    Sunday April 9th, 2006
    Swiss Intl AirLines
    LX257 - Business Class, seat 2F
    Airbus A321
    Gate B8
    Departs: Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport TLV
    Arrives: Zurich Kolten Airport ZRH
    Departure: 05:45AM
    Arrival: 09:01AM

    Boarding, Inflight and arrival

    Well I had my choice to go either to the Dan Lounge or to Elal King David lounge, went to Elal's lounge, much nicer and I really prefer this one, had a nice glass of orange juice, surfed the net a bit, and then off I went to the gate.
    I arrived at the gate at approx 05:20 and found out nobody was standing outside, I was happy and thought we're gonna leave right on time, but then after I went into the jetway, I found out a HUGE queue of people, that never happened to me on a 744 flight! I stood 15 in the jetway to get into the plane, I wasn't sure what happened, but it wasn't nice.
    I was greeted by a very nice F/A, went to my seat, I put everything in the overhead bins, and I sat down and just relaxed, sort of with the aweful A321 seats (Shame LX operats the A343 to TLV on the afternoon flights only ).
    When boarding was finished, we were offered the normal drinks, I took a cup of orange juice and the door was closed and we pushed back.
    We pushed back and taxied to Runway 26 and off we were airborne.
    When reaching approx 25,000 feet seat belt sign went off and the F/A came and gave us some nice choclates and another round of orange juice or anything else.
    He then offered us the menu, the choices were:

    Starters -

    Salad with Vinegrate Sauce
    Some cheese

    Main Course -

    Israeli Breakfast which includes a cheese omlette, another small salad, some good toasts
    Pancakes with maple sauce & cream.

    Desert -

    Fresh fruit salad
    Cheese plate
    Choclate Cake

    My choices were the Israeli breakfast and the fresh fruit salad, those 2 were actually great, I was actually pretty hungry so anything was good .

    No IFE on this flight, which pretty much got me upset, the seats weren't sleepable, plus no IFE, usually in the A321's the upper videos show a movie, but not on Swiss. So I was pretty much bored trough the flight, I was upset on myself that I didn't bring any DVD movie or bought any movie at the airport for the journy... I just relaxed with my iPod and tried to take some pics in the dark

    Upon arrival I was offered some fresh towels and a nice choclate bar with a nice swiss branding on it hehehehe

    We parked at Terminal E, took the skytrain from the Island to the main terminal, went out and went to my hotel.

    To sum up this flight, well, it was nice, but I should've take the LH flight instead of this one as I always do, would've been much better .

    Some pictures -

    Will be continued tomorrow, It's late here and I'm tired.

    Hope you like the begining .
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    My trip back home -

    At the airport
    I arrived at the airport at around 19:00, Went to the Swiss checkin area, checked on and off I went to the Swiss Lounge, a very nice lounge!
    Flight Details
    Saturday April 11th, 2006
    LH3735 - Business Class, seat 2F
    Boeing 737-500
    Departs: Zurich Kolten Airport ZRH
    Arrives: Frankfurt Airport FRA

    Boarding, InFlight and arrival
    Well I got to the lounge, sat there, waited for my flight after a nice day in Lutzern, and off I went to the gate about 20 min before my flight. Went through security, and boarded the plane. Plane was fully booked, 95% load, we pushed bac, took off from runway 32, the flight was quite uneventful, the normal service, just a nice meal with some cheese, fruits, vegtables and that's it. I arrived FRA and went to the Senator lounge.

    Well I cannot think of anything else regarding this flight as it is a 45 min flight.

    Stay tuned for the last report soon.



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      Interesting info and report. LX should have included the cheese plate in the breakfast.
      Thanks for visiting
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