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Not yet a Galore of PICs and anything else, but ....

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  • Not yet a Galore of PICs and anything else, but ....

    Hello again everyone, nice to see you on board your today's flight on a...........

    April 18th 1992
    AF 240
    Buenos Aires/Ezeiza-Santiago do Chile, 710 nm
    12.10 / 13.20
    Airborne 1 hrs 52

    No, not a 747. but a

    Ladeco/Lineas Aereas DEl CObre Boeing 707-321B contracted by AF to cover the sectors SCL/EZE/SCL in connection with the 747s serving the CDG-EZE & vv route.
    Our today's lady is N732Q, 20034 for the msn and 798th 707 built which started her life as N897PA in 1968. When with Ladeco, the 707 was leased by Comtrans which had her hush-kitted at their Santa Barabara shop along with quite a few other seven-o's.

    How she looked, sorry no upload in the Database, I wasn't the lucky photographer !!!

    Boarding was called as early as 12.03 and seconds before entering the lady I made this snapshot

    Inside, the layout showed a dual F/Y class "Widebody look" (see Chris Kilroy's gallery) appointed cabin and my seat was 23A. Thru the window, transition was showing alive as the 707 shared the gates with a 757 stablemate. Poking behing the latter in some premonition was a Lan Chile 763 ....

    Surrpisingly, languages in use over the P/A were limited to Spanish and English .... The piece of mishap since N732Q was operating under an AF flight number. on the otherside, fortunately, no academician was travelling, otherwise we would have ended up with a scandal ....
    It took some time before spooling up the engines eventually at 12.40. The ceremonial ended at 12.45 when push back came next. 12.49 was time for taxi and eventally the 707 made it back to where she belonged by rotation at 12.53. While the Argentine Pampa unravelled below, in flight service was set and proved to be a full Ladeco treat. The latter featured a full meal, Chilean red wine, and some spirits, while N732Q charted her way back over the Andes

    On the sad note, weather was not entirely on our side .... Too bad as a long and low slopped descent was initated at 13.23, culminating with short finals at 13.40 and landing at 13.47. Taxi to stand revealed a deliciously retro airport and ramp already filled by a VRG 767-300, an AAL 767-300,

    a couple of LA 737-200s while the adjacent cargo ramp hosted
    At 13.49, N732Q ultimately and probably majestiously pulled along on her allocated stand. As a good conclusion, deplaning was off course the old retro way.

    Unfortunately, my request for a ramp access filled for weeks earlier was not fullfilled. So I was set to tour the city
    including picturing Fast Air's HQ
    together with Valparaiso and Vina del Mar .... (more on

    Thanks again for taking part in this flight, your comments always welcome
    Till the next


    Some of the images I had in mind to post did not take off
    En route

    Sorry again

    Thanks for visiting
    *Avimage's Monthly Slide list *

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    Nice report and pics as always, the 707 is a great aircraft.