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  • Delta/Delta Connection: ICT-CVG-DAY-ATL-ICT

    June 25
    Delta Connection 5809 operated by Comair
    Seat 4D
    0645-0909 (On Time)
    I got up at about 3 in the morning, took a shower, finished some packing, and left for the airport at about 4:15. The ride to Mid-Continent took about 15 minutes through the deserted streets of West Wichita. It was still dark out. Anticipating long, slow lines like my last trip to Dayton out of Wichita, I got here kinda early. Go figure, there was not a single person in line, so I went straight up to the counter and checked in without a hitch. I grabbed breakfast at the Burger King and then went through security which was quick since there was nobody in line. Once again, I got selected for additional screening and I was off. The corridor connecting the terminal to the concourse is long and gloomy with low ceilings and a few tiny windows in the brick walls. The airport is pretty clean but if it looks like it's still in the 1970s. I took a seat at the gate area where Delta still has their classic widget logo on everything and they have posters of places Delta hasn't flown to for at least 10 years. I looked out of the window at the end of the concourse between Delta's Gate 11 and AirTran's gate 12 and looked out at the ramp. I saw a Delta Connection ERJ next to our CRJ with daybreak in the background. I noticed a couple of American Eagle aircraft overnighting including a CRJ-700. Nice looking plane. Boarding soon began with just one big general boarding call - no preboarding or Medallion first. Unlike other airports I've flown to with Delta, they don't have the computer that scans your ticket on boarding so the agent just glances at it and rips off the stub. We went down a flight of stairs out onto the ramp where I got on the CRJ via the steep stairs. It's kinda neat to still be boarding out on the ramp.

    The FA greeted us as we came onboard and I took my seat. Soon, the doors closed and our full CRJ taxied to the runway and took off. It's amazing how quiet the CRJ is, even on takeoff. The leather seats were really nice although they did look a little narrow. We were offered a beverage and biscoff cookies after the seat belt light went off. The flight was around an hour and a half and was pretty uneventful. Before we started our descent, we were offered more Biscoff cookies or pretzels and I took the latter. We passed CVG and the Ohio River, then quickly turned around and landed at CVG. We taxied to a gate near the end of one of the piers at Concourse C.

    Delta Connection 6151 operated by Atlantic Coast Airlines
    Seat 10A
    1145-1227 (On Time)
    I spent my 2 1/2 hour layover looking around the airport. I found this airport to be excellent, except for the mediocre Concourse A. Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 for everyone else other than Delta/Delta Connection and international flights looked awful, but I didn't look inside. Concourse C looked improved from my last trip when they were doing lots of construction. I took the "EZ Ride" shuttle bus a couple of times to move to/from Concourse C and found it to be rather cumbersome - I was either the only passenger or there were a few more and I had to wait a while for the buses - especially to Concourse A. I tried a Cinnabon for the first time when I was at B and ate it at the overlook where you have an excellent view of the ramp. The roll was delicious. I then went over to Concourse A where the Fairchild Dornier 328JET would depart from A06. Boarding started off with preboarding then Medallions, although it seemed like the entire gate area just went in line during the Medallion call so I just joined in. I didn't hear any more boarding calls.

    I noticed the 328JET was still in the '97 Ron Allen livery and looked a little worn inside. The FA had to kick the lav door shut and there was some duct tape on the overheads. I took seat 10A which is both a window and an aisle seat which was nice. The FA greeted us and then the recorded safety announcement was played. The 328JET takeoff was a blast and the 30 minutes or so we spent airborne went quick. We were offered bottled water and Biscoff cookies by the FA who was nice and did a great job as did the FA on the first flight. The only problem with my seat was that the window was so far up from me but I think that was because I sat behind the emergency exit seat. The flight was a little rough until we landed at Dayton.

    We deplaned at Gate B2 which was on the first level. It's used by ACA FRJs and Comair flights. We went down a corridor to the terminal. Although it had low ceilings, it was well lit and more modern looking than ICT. The airport was nice and all around convienient. Most of the terminals looked modern and nice except for the restrooms. The terminal is open with a nice replica of the Wright Flyer as you enter from the concourses. My bag was among the first out on the carousel which was unusual.

    July 2
    Delta Air Lines flight 1791
    Seat 37F
    1200-0125PM (On Time)
    I got to the airport at about 10:30 and went to the Delta check in counter which was empty. The agent told me to use the e-ticket kiosk and this was my first time using kiosk check in. It was pretty easy to use and quick. It printed out a couple of thin, flimsy boarding passes and I was off. This airport had a mural above the security entrance for the anniversary of flight with the Wright Flyer replica. Security was quick, although the sceener spoke with a thick accent and I had difficulty understanding him. I was -gasp!- not selected for additional screening for once! I looked around the concourses and went out to C, even though I was flying out of B to see what it looked like. C looked okay but B was a little nicer. There was a small concession area where you leave security and enter the corridors. You get a good view of the ramp from the windows in the corridors. I got up to our Gate, B14 and noticed our plane wasn't here yet. After a while, the 757, N662DN I believe, arrived and its passengers deplaned. Big plane.... it seemed like a while before everyone was off. It was in the new '00 livery. Boarding started out with the usual preboarding, Medallion, and then main cabin starting from the rear. Since I'm sitting near the rear of the aircraft, I was on the 2nd boarding group.

    I went through the hot jetway into the 757. It was a little more than 10 years old and looked aged on the overhead bins and the TVs but in much better conditions than the ratty 757s I've been on with Northwest. I took my seat at 37F and placed my small rollaboard in the overheads which had plenty of space. I took a seat and it wasn't really that cramped like I heard about Delta's 757s. The flight was probably at least 95% full but the middle seat next to me was empty so I was pretty comfortable during the flight. We taxied to our runway as we passed a World Airways DC-10 and ORBIS (The Flying Eye Hospital) DC-10. The 757 took off like a rocket and the flight was pleasant and only a little more than an hour. We had Horizons programming and audio channels offered with free headphones. Those pneumatic headphones get rather uncomfortable, but I guess it's better than nothing. Horizons didn't really have anything interesting on and there was some weird stuff on the audio channels so I just looked out the window for entertainment as always. We got FastBreak service and I took some lemonade and their snack mix. I love their snack mix. Soon, descent into a cloudy Atlanta took place and we broke through a couple of cloud layers as I got a great view of Atlanta's skyline and on short final, we passed over Ford's plant which felt like we were going to touch down on their roof. After landing, we turned onto a taxiway and stayed there for like 10 minutes. I saw some trains in the distance...I believe it was a part of MARTA. A few takeoffs...most were very loud except for the CRJs which I seriously couldn't even hear. Then we were on our way to the B concourse where we deplaned. Since I was in the back of the 757, it was a while before I got off.

    Delta Connection 5680 operated by Comair
    Seat 4D
    400PM-515PM (Act. 420PM-525PM)
    I had 2 1/2 hours to kill here so I mostly spent it exploring the terminals, especially T, D, and E which I'm not familiar with. T and D didn't seem that great since they were really narrow and E was awesome. I saw an Air France 777, Lufthansa Star Alliance 767, and a bunch of Delta flights at E bound for international destinations. I heard a lot about Chik Fil-A so I tried them at A concourse and it wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything great, either. It was a good price for airport food, though. The place was packed and it was kinda hard to get around because of all the people. I think I preferred CVG. It was about time to head to C28 where my flight left in the C Concourse which isn't my favorite concourse in ATL. The place was packed with 6 flights leaving each gate area at Delta Connection's half. I cheked out AirTran's part of the concourse and noticed that they had banners for their new LAS and LAX services everywhere and AirTran employees at a table yelling at passerbys to sign up for their A-Plus Visa...seems like they do promote themselves a lot to their customers. I picked up a timetable and headed back to Delta's half. The concourse wasn't really up to par with the other ones in ATL although it wasn't too bad. It doesn't have too many concessions to choose from and you do get some rather "interesting" characters going to off places in the Deep South where ASA goes. It was 4PM and we still weren't boarding yet back at C28 and people were starting to wonder what was going on. We were oversold by one seat and it seemed like it took a while before they resolved the situation. Boarding began at about 4:05 and I went through the gate, went down the ratty stairs and went in every direction in the maze-like canopy walkways onto the ramp.

    I boarded the CRJ as the FA greeted us and I took my seat at 4D once again. This flight went a lot like ICT-CVG did. We taxied to the runway as we passed Delta's technical operations hangars, saw two MD-11s, N813DE in the new livery, and 812DE. I wonder if Delta still has 814DE, which I flew on a couple months ago. I also saw a Song 757. The livery was interesting but it didn't look that bad. I saw the Air France 777 taxi on the other side of the hangars to the runway. We then had the quiet CRJ takeoff and I fell asleep sometime after that. 30 minutes later i woke up groggily to find out that I was passed for snack service. She came back a few minutes later for beverages and I got their bottled water again with no ice. Delta has pretty good bottled water. At least it's bottled, so you know it's not from the lav sink or anything. She came back with another helping of pretzels or Biscoff. I was starting to get rather tired of Biscoff so I went for the Synder's of Hannover mini pretzels which were actually pretty good. I also got another bottle of water. We passed over a large city which I recognized as I saw a big airport with a few red-tailed aircraft landing and a blue pyramid next to a wide, muddy river....Memphis! It's been a while since I've flown through Memphis. I used to go through it to go to Japan so I kinda feel sentimental about it while everyone else seems to think it's awful. Another hour went in this uneventful flight until we started a descent and flew through Wichita. I noticed a lot of familiar sights such as Beech Field and downtown. You realize how flat this place is when you fly past it. We flew low over a row of stores with Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc... before landing. We floated over the runway for a moment then had a very smooth landing. We made a sharp turn onto the taxiway and went to Gate 11 and deplaned.

    We went up the stairs into the concourse and went down the long corridor. I saw my bag on the conveyor belt immediately even though the display didn't show our flight on it...just a United flight, but I checked the tag and it was mine. This airport has a tendency to show a different flight on the baggage claim displays. After that, we got out of the terminal and went on the way home.

    Overall, I was pleased with Delta and Delta Connection on this trip after having a dissappointing experience with them during Spring Break. I wouldn't mind flying on them again. The service was nice, especially on the Delta Connection flights.

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    Awesome report dude!

    But trust me, if you're sitting in the rear portion of the cabin of the CRJ, it's anything but silent! It is certainly much more quiet at the front though, like u said.

    Happy Flying!
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