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  • An appointment with GALORE of ....

    PICS, 707s around and so on.

    Hi again everybody,
    Thanks for boarding on the return flight from Chile, enjoy your ride and don't forget to post your comments when at gate.


    25th April 1992
    AF 241
    Santiago-Buenos Aires/Ezeiza, 731 nautical miles.
    08.25 / 11.10
    Ladeco, contracted by AF for feeder ops over the SCL-EZE & vv sectors
    Boeing 707-321B, CC-CYB, 20022/774, seat 22F, time airborne 1 hrs 41.

    The 707 was just ending another UC's proper service from JFK and MIA when checking in and payment of the local international exit tax were completed and so we were advised on an hour or so delay to allow for servicing the Lady for her next assignment. Finally boarding was called at 09.25 and was conducted the traditional way, allowing ample close-ups views

    Line-up for the rear exit, an overwhelming majority of passengers were to connect on the CDG bound 747 at EZE

    A few steps further up ....

    Before ultimately entering Lady Seven-O, providing for the background was one of two Bac 111-200s stablemates

    As to probably better differenciate Yankee-Bravo from N732Q, additional small titles were applied on top of the fin...

    "A room with a view" the 707 way from seat 22F over SCL terminal, in addition to hushkitts, Comtrans came up with a new cabin furnishing including large overhead bins [photoid=5715266]

    JT3D3s aired their tunes at 10.06 and five minutes later taxi came next.
    The 707 made her way past the maintenance area and Fuerza Aerea de Chile's Grupo (Squadron) 10 base located close to the threeshold and hosting then two more 707s and two visiting Herkies

    Take off roll

    Seconds after rotation at 10.16, a view over LA maintenance area which hosted not less than 5 707s [photoid=5715274]

    Climbing to cruise level

    Breakfast over the Andes [photoid=5716394][photoid=5716392]

    another view before a long approach was initiated at 12.34

    On finals at 12.52 to EZE/SAEZ [photoid=5717211]

    Casting her shadow seconds before landing at 12.57

    It was a textbook kisslanding, not a piece of cake with a 707 ! Well done Gents

    Taxi to gate and pulling along at 13.03 next to LAP single CFM56 powered DC.8-71 allowing a grand meeting of classic jets

    Welcome in Buenos Aires : Yankee-Bravo at gate, note the two AF LD7s among the servicing stuff ...

    Thanks for visiting
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    Return to Europe was not immidiate and consequently, I spent a couple of days at Buenos Aires, both for trying to revisit quite a fantastic city and enjoy a day at Aeroparque, located pretty close to the city and litterally a bus stop away from Concordia Hotel where I stayed.
    Next to breakfast, I set my way to the bus stop and started waiting for the next "Collectivo" allocated to line 86 serving the airport, not for long ... Showing under a fanciful body design combined with a Mercedes truck chassis, the latter trudged its pretty long and tortuous way to SABE. Too bad my window needed some cleaning to the extent I gave up the idea to picture the Gloster Meteor displayed near the Admiralty building. Looking to surroudings hinted me a Douglas A4 Skyhawk had been added on another place. Finally we reached the airport by driving along the seaside ring road and I arrived too late for a lifting off Pluna 737-200.


    ARG operated its 737-200s and 727-200s mostly from AEP, the latters were slated to be parted with as the MadDogs were being taken up. But the three holers were not the only ones on the go.

    So were the Fokker 28-1000 portayed by Oscar-Charlie acting as the survivor out of a trio ... [photoid=5724054]

    Also on the go and still operated alongside MadDogs [photoid=5659970] were Austral's Bac 111-500s, replaced by second hand DC.9-32s purshased from Iberia, just months later !!!


    Thanks to the layout, aka, the terminal and associated ramp and the maintenance area opposite with the single runway in between, it was always possible either to frolic, or to torment oneself depending on what was going on the maintenance apron. Lesser known but very active (AND PRETTY NUMEROUS) visitors included
    the airforce, aptly representated by the home-built Guarini [photoid=258368] although everything ranging from Lear jets to Fokker 28s on LADE services which could be handled locally could be seen
    the navy was not totally unkown as some Electras graced SABE although not always on social times as far picturing was concerned
    a host of private owned airtaxi operators, smaller airlines and non profit societies such as DIGAM and their uncommon Israeli-built IAI Aravas

    The best for the end

    Far from being the vibrant 737 operator which challenged ARG nationwide and even beyond, LAPA/Lineas Aereas Privadas Argentinas, was then an airtaxi
    operating this Rockwell Turbo Commander alongside a Citation 551 and a falcon 50, both in full untitled colors [photoid=397785] and two Saab 340s on short hops linking SABE with Colonia/Uruguay across the extensive Rio de la Plata estuary twice daily together with sport charters ...

    preparing the afternoon service .... Driven from across, first the Ford falcon pick up and the GPU

    then the Saab 340

    Trying their best to go unoticed by the surrounding ARG 727s !!!

    They parked then on the diminutive ramp part left to airtaxi and private operators !!! (picture I made in March 198, at the foot of the control tower, the flat area hosted the terrace from which I made most of the pictures posted.

    Till the next
    Thanks for visiting
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      Wow great view over the Andes!


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        Awesome trip report from yesteryear Alain , absolutely love your older pics


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          Man, great photos, love the capture from behind the old 707's wing, next best thing to actually being there. Thanks for sharing! Quick question: was the engine noise comparable to the classic 74's or louder even with the hushkits?



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            Thank you all again for your good comments.
            ^Definitely louder whether hushkitted or not, and personally I felt the same accoustical level as without hushkitts when on board at take-off and landing rolls !!!
            Thanks for visiting
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              Time to return rang

              Bells rang on the night of April 28th/29th
              First with

              SC 941, sadly not a Cruzeiro fleet member, which would have been more appropriate than MD 11 PP-VOP 48434/476 [photoid=5719557] on duty for the 929 nm leg from EZE to GRU under Captain Nogeira's responsibility.
              ETD 17.20 / ETA 20.00
              Proudly standing at gate Oscar-Papa was swandwiched by a Ladeco 757 and LAP's flagship, the CFM56 powered DC.8-71.
              Boarding was conducted at 16.55 and it did not take a long time to reach seat 33A across the half empty MD11. First items to show up were the welcome Oshiburis, soon paving the way to Toiletery Kits. But it took some time until push-back was initiated at 17.25. meanwhile the 757 was gone on her way home and stablemate 747 PP-VNA towered above the trijet

              This part of the trip was not short of good surprises as when on our way to vacate the gate, a Nigerian registered DC.8-61 slipped in to the gate we previously occupied.

              Understood as a real "Jack-of-all-trades", the DC.8 was this time over a series of AeroPeru schedules
              Rotation form Ministerio Pistirani's single runway occured at 17.42 and soon we experienced EZE trademark to reach cruise level, as VOP initiated a series of 3/4 long s-curves while climbing. Unfortunately, I still don't know why aircrafts climbing from EZE do that
              Anyway, the MD11 soon charted her way back home by overflying Montevideo within no time, then Porto Alegre, the airline's historic HQ and still then hosting a major maintenace unit and Curitiba. Meanwhile, inflight service unfolded with a first round of drinks, dinner, a round of Cointreau spirit while screens filled with quite a few small features including the last one focused on Sao Paulo, not a bad idea, especially for O&Ds leaving at Guarulos to which our short finals were initiated at 19.40 and five minutes later we concluded a 2 hrs 03 aqirborne stint by touching down accordingly. However, 10 more minutes were necessary to reach the allocated gate. Enough to believe I was victimized by some hypnopcia. But Air Aruba's brand new MadDog was not a visual effect



              Sorry again

              Thanks for visiting
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                Some spotting out from the dark to see among others VASP poised itself to bug Varig on international routes,and it became time to resume the trip.

                Varig PP-VOQ, McDonnell MD11, 48435/478

                April 28/29th RG 720
                (GIG)-Sao Paulo/Guarulos-Paris/CDG 5 065 nm
                22.40/14.55 +
                Boarding 22.25
                Seat 38D, toilet kit on SEAT, round of oshiburis
                Push-back 22.51
                Start engines 22.54
                Depart 22.57, taxi past Air Aruba MD88
                Rotation 23.04
                Flight level 330 Overflew FLY/FTZ/FHL/SCQ/NTE
                Life on board Headsets, drinks, dinner, TV features, breakfast
                Descent 14.15 +
                Finals 14.34 +
                Landing 14.37 + runway 27/09, airborne 10.33
                At gate a few minutes later
                Thanks for visiting
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