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  • Stl-mke-bos-ack

    *This is a trip i took in April.

    4/3/06 Leg 1- STL- MKE

    I had arrived at the East Terminal, and proceeded to check in. After a long line in Security, I proceeded to the gate. We boarded, and the F/A gave the instruction rundown. My seatmate was an 11 year old who was visiting her aunt and uncle in Milwaukee. I like Midwest Airlines, because they have really friendly staff and they will always answer your questions. We landed in MKE, and got off the plane. I said goodbye to my seatmate, and proceeded to check in in order to go to BOS.
    I hate security. The TSA agents in MKE are somewhat rude.I got something to eat while on my way to the gate I was to depart from. The plane was ready, and the second leg was ready to begin.

    4/3/06 Leg 2- MKE- BOS

    We had taxied out onto the runway, and began our climb into the skies above Milwaukee. We headed out over the lake, and I had some of those famous hot baked choco- chip cookies everyone raves about. The beverage service commenced and I got my usual Dr. Pepper. Full can of course and a cup of ice. After what seemed a short time, we began to descend into BOS. We landed, and headed to C28, which is practically next door to Cape Air. I got off the plane, and headed to the Cape Air check in counter.

    4/3/06 Leg 3- BOS- ACK

    After checking in, I went through the Terminal C security area, where there are some really hot dominican security girls. They let me through, and it was off to the waiting area for Cape Air. When it was time to go, They led us down the stairs, and onto the tarmac. We got into the Cessna 402, which had Nantucket Air livery on the tail. I got to sit in the copilot seat. After we took off, we could see the south shore. About 30 minutes into the flight, the cape came into view, and finally came ACK. We landed, and I got out. I saw my dad and grandmother.
    Airlines..... Love em' or hate 'em

    I think you should love 'em