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SFO-DEN-MSP on Frontier(pics, a near wing strike, a hot girl, and free beer)

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  • SFO-DEN-MSP on Frontier(pics, a near wing strike, a hot girl, and free beer)

    Sorry, Joe drank all the free beer before you got here. Those emu's are faster than they look. Anyway my report is rather long, but I hope you'll find it funny if you take the time to read it.

    Flight: F9654
    Aircraft: A319 N937FR
    Date: June 3rd, 2006
    Route: SFO-DEN
    Seat: 21A
    ETD: 10:45AM PDT
    ATD: 10:54AM PDT
    ETA: 12:46PM PDT
    ATA: 01:00PM PDT
    How much would could a woodchuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood?: 13 square feet
    How many times did I say chuck: 5
    Chuck Norris could stangle a rhino: True.

    So it was time for me to head up north to Minneasnowta yet again. Well this time it was more like "Minneahotashell". Being there in the winter flat out sucks. But being there in the summer brings up many new fun activities. You can be eaten alive by Mosquitos. You can sweat out 12% of you body weight in 3 minutes. And you can enjoy going crazy listening to all of the long vowels coming out of everybody's drunken mouths. All in all, it spells good times.

    I decided to become a Frontier Frequent Flyer. They are my favorite airline to fly to MSP, and eventually I'll get a free flight. So I booked my tickets. Then I printed them. Then I lost them. Then my parents screamed at me. Then we printed new ones. Then I left them in a cyber lounge. My parents got confused as to why I brought them to a cyber lounge, as did I. But not as confused as I was to why I was at a cyber lounge in the first place. Anyway I found them, and all's well that ends well.

    So I get to the airport 2 hours before my flight leaves. I couldn't find my student ID, so I brought my member card from the cyber lounge where I left my tickets. They were very reluctant to accept it, as it is just a little picture of me and my name written in pen, but seeing as I had nothing else, they did. I check in, and end up with a window in the second to last row. Which is fine, because I get to see the wing and everything better that way. Plus I get to make fun of everyone infront of me if we dive to the ground nose first as I am the last to go. My dad gives me some money then leaves me at security. The security lady asks for I.D, I show it to her, and she says "You made this before you came here, didn't you?" I explain to her I lost my student I.D., and the one from last year, and both of my tempoary I.D.'s, and I don't have a drivers licence. She let me go. So then I buy a roll film(which is 3 times more expensive at the airport) and a Toy Delta 777 for a total of $11. Then comes my favorite part, spotting and making all the travelers feel uncomfortable! Everything taxing out was backlit, so I had to get creative. I still use a Canon Rebel, not digital. So it takes much more effort to edit pics and being the lazy person I am, I very rarely upload. Anyway here are a few, you'll have to trust me that the slides look way better.

    C-GBHR...the reg reminds me of Gebher baby food, which is how I remembered it.

    N157AW, waiting to board it is a lobby full of people nervously whispering about me.

    N70330 taxing out to 1R with my hometown of Millbrae in the background.

    This is my ride, N937FR. Apperantly, a giant parrot named Carla has perched itself atop the plane, but I'm not alarmed. My house is up there somewhere.

    So I got on board and took out my camera. Just for fun I took out my 600-1000mm lens, which according to the couple seated next to me, looked like a bazooka. Or so they told the flight attendant. I was kind (or smart) enough to put it away before more unwanted attention was called to me. We departed off of 1R and I snapped a pic of the SF skyline, now I realise when I scanned it the slide was crooked.

    We hit rough weather and turbluence near DEN, and the pilot came on to the PA and said "Hold on!". After which he made a steep right turn and we could feel the G-forces pushing us. This should have hinted that we were to have an eventful landing. I couldn't help but laugh as we overflew DEN on base and I thought I was looking at a giant swastika. Great job to whoever designed that one. We then flew over an AFB with some fighters and a C130, then we normally approached the runway.

    I pull out my camera ready for a touch down shot. We fly past an AN-124 at about 100 feet, and I lean against the window to shoot it. BONK! My camera hits the window, which then hits my eye leaving a huge mark, the person next to me hits me, the wing dips to the left making me think we're seriously going to have a wing strike or worse, I am thrown into my seat and my ears hurt from the sudden roar of the engine, we make another turn with G's to climb away from the runway, and several people scream. All this happened in a few seconds. The captian came on and said we hit very rough air around 40 feet off the ground, but he was able to recover. We then landed on a different runway and there was a round of applause. I got up once we parked, "borrowed" a saftey card, and de-boarded. But first, I shook the captian's hand.

    I deboard and go on search for film. I finally find the one store in the A concourse which sells film, and a Kodak 200 roll costs me $12. I can't belive I bought it. Anyway, I had an hour and a half to get some photos, but the weather was crappy, although it was 92 degrese F. While I was on the "peoples bridge", many people took the time to come up to me and ask me questions like "What the hell are you doing?" "Why the hell are you photographing the planes?" "What are you waiting for? Get up and get going stop staring at the planes like a weirdo!". It is experiances like this which made my stay in Denver great. To be honest, NO ONE has ever come up to me before and said anything other then simply polietly asking if I was photographing planes, or starting conversations about my equipment. But in 10 minutes, 3 random people took the time to come up and harass me. If I ever edit and upload any of my DEN shots, I'll be sure to dedicate them to these warm hearted souls. Mabey it was the heat?

    Frontier's 3 foxes staring me down.

    This is as big as the line up got, rather dead on Saturdays.

    From front to back: Ted, Ted, Ted, and Gregory.(This slide was crooked when scanned too )

    Flight: F9100
    Aircraft: A319 N924FR
    Date: June 3rd, 2006
    Route: DEN-MSP
    Seat: 22F

    I was soon on board my flight for MSP. By some stroke of luck, the aircraft was N924FR, the polar bear cubs "Snow" and "Klondike". This was the aircraft on my ticket book. I was in 22F, last row of the aircraft. I lucked out, not only was the only empty seat on the plane next to me, but an attractive asian girl who was my age was seated in 22D! But this is where my luck ended, right as I started talking to her, a very "feminine" man was nervous in the front of the aircraft, and asked to be put in the back. Guess where he sat. Damn it. The man bought one of the movies frontier was offering on their PTV's, and he didn't hesitate to have conversations with the actors the whole time as though they could hear him. He couldn't hear me as he had head phone's on and was busy having a "conversation" of his own, but he became my subject of ridicule while talking with the girl. After an otherwise uneventful flight, we landed in a deceivingly beautiful MSP on runway 12R just past our ETA. After I de-boarded, the girl who's name I found out was Belinda, gave me her number in the lobby. I knew there was a fat chance I was going to sneak out of my grandparents house. But hey, nice to keep my options open. Here are some pics, and some pics I took spotting on the 8th as well.

    Frontier keeps bad care of thier bear cubs, they're cracking and peeling! Someone should call the ASPCA.

    Turing for finals runway 12R, the polar bears, I'm sure, would have been much happier jumping into that lake.

    N769NC taxing out to 12L, I must have shot 30 DC-9's on this trip, this may be the last time I see them depending on when they go.

    N858NW coming in from Amsterdam, as it went by the distinct smell of weed spread across the area.

    The sign on the bottom right corner must mean "Do not attempt to race the aircraft." As tempted as I was, I had to abide.

    This N.W.A. is coming streight out of Compton.

    Thats it, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any suggestions, because my return flight is tommorow, and I'll post another report if enough people liked this one.

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    People are mad at you about taking a pix in plane?


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      Well people got nervous when I was fooling around with my "bazooka" lens while we were parked at SFO. But I was taking pics at Denver inside the terminal where people walk by on their way to the baggage claim, and 3 different people at 3 different times came up to me looking all pissed and had some rude things to say. None worked at the airport, so I don't blame DEN.


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        Same deal, different day in DEN. When we were connecting to HNL flight on 22 May, I was snapping away like mad. Couple of folks asked me what did I think I was doing? I suggested to them that I was exercising my rights as an American citizen to take pictures and be free of idiots both at the same time, so move along. They did and I continued to take my shots till boarding time.
        Good report and nice pics.
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          nice report!!


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            Excellent report!

            I like the Photos, very vintage looking perhaps.

            The NWA birds look rocking!

            Enjoy frontier, I wish i could.

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              friken hilarious man.. haha "smell of weed from the nwa a330 from amsterdam" and "Nwa coming str8 out of compton." good report.


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                a hot girl
                Uhhh, all see is some feaking planes! Where's the puntang?
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                  Great report. Always a pleasure to look at NWA, Love the scene where you have all these November Whiskey planes...
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                    awesome report!


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                      Thanks guys. As for the girl, I have a pic of the girl on my phone, I guess I could post it here. I didn't think it was needed though. I called her up last night to see if she could sneak out and I could meet up with her and see what happens, but we couldn't figure something out.

                      As far as the pics, I still use slides, as I don't have a digital camera. I'm pretty horrible at editing as you can see. Plus they lose quality when you scan them to begin with.


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                        Nice report well supported by text and pictures. Too bad the girl did not show up.
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                          Nice report & pics, cant wait to read the return leg. BTW-why didn't you ask that girl if you could take a pic of her?!

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                            Originally posted by polishsausage248
                            Nice report & pics, cant wait to read the return leg. BTW-why didn't you ask that girl if you could take a pic of her?!
                            I do have a pic of her. But yes, she's wearing clothes.

                            Anyway, thanks again for the positive comments, I'll get started on the return trip soon, which was actually pretty humorously eventfull.


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                              Cool flight review, enjoyed the photos as well. As for the camera, i use a Canon Sure Shot 100, which is also a film camera.