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    June 23rd,2006

    I drove to my cousins house to drop off my car. She took me to the airport and dropped me off in front of the main terminal. I got my bags out and walked inside. Turned right for the check in line. I ran into someone who was from my city, who used to work with my dad. So I chatted to her for a bit and turned out she was flying to Tampa. I said "good bye" and walked to the check in machines to check myself in. Entered my AADVANTAGE number, pulled up my reservation, selected the check one bag. It then asked me if I wanted to upgrade. Hmmmmh I thought...How much? Looked at the price- Only 45 dollars! DONE! I swiped my card in the machine and out came a boarding pass that said ALEX TRUDE- FIRST SEAT 5A! I was very absolutely excited, it had been 11 years since I flew First Class. I was anxiously waiting to see what it would be like.

    I then proceeded to security and went through fine. I walked around the main terminal a bit. They put up brand new screens as most people had stated and they looked very nice. I walked to Burger King to try and grab a meal but the line was way to long and I wanted to hurry back. So i went back to the gate, but on the way I saw the "Working together" scheme backing out to fly to ORD.

    I walked to my gate and sat down. 5 min later they announced they would start the boarding proccess. Pre boarding was allowed on first. Then First Class. I stood up, got in line, got on board. The F/A stood by the door and said "Good morning, welcome aboard" I nodded and said "hello". Walked to 5A, put my bag up and sat down. This was going to be very nice. We waited till everyone else finished boarding. The F/A came around and asked if we wanted a pre take off drink. I requested Coke. It was given to us in a plastic cup. I drank it quickly and she cleaned it up. She then went around to each and everyone of us in the cabin and said "Good afternoon Mr. Trude, my name is Lisa, I will be your flight Attendent for this Trip. If you need anything you let me know" She reached out shook my hand and said "welcome aboard". I said "thank you very much" She then took drink orders for after we took off. Once that was done, she went with the other F/A to do the safety procedures.

    We backed out, and taxied to R30L. Had a WN 733 taxi behind us, N315SW which I ironically flew PHX-STL last July. We get on the runway and immediatly we started cruising forward. Now me not having flown up front on the MD80 i freaked a bit forgetting about the engines, and thought "omg he forgot the engines, we can't hear them!" Then I sat back, and went "oh DUH! its because the engine is all the way in the back!" . So after that brief panick mode, i settled back to enjoy the flight.

    Lisa came around and passed out our drinks, this time in a glass. Passed out small bag of pretzels and peanuts but I only got the pretzels, just one bag. I ate it quickly and threw the trash away. Lisa constantly came around and made sure our glasses were kept full the entire time.

    I looked out the window, we had reached about 36,000 feet at cruising flight at 436 Knots. Some huge clouds were cruising by so I snapped a pic of them plus the seat area just for kicks.

    Pretty soon, we started to descend for DAL. Seat belt sign came on, and Lisa came around and asked if there was anything else we wanted before she cleaned up? I said nope, and thanked her again. She walked around and cleaned things up, we put our seats up and tray tables back up too. We were rapidly descending quickly. We turned near the city and I saw DAL in sight. Engines went quiet, and we dropped quite a bit, then engines roared back up as we cruised over Bachman Lake for a hard landing into R 13L. Reverse is activated, and we turned off for the gate to gate 32. We parked next to an Airborne express 762. I got off the plane and thanked Lisa for an excellent Service. She said thank you and have a great day. I immediatly went to the bathroom to piss out all the coke I had in the flight . I walked down to baggage claim and my bag was one of the first ones out. now THATS service!

    Sorry i didn't have more pictures, i wanted to really enjoy First Class and just enjoy the flight. So hopefully the text alone are ok.


    I did get to meet our resident PT737SWA at DFW. Called him up to let him know we were heading out, and we set up a time. Met up with my friend whom I was staying with and Paul. Had a great time together and it was very nice to see him. I apologized to him for not flying WN down to DAL He has a ppicture of my landing into DAL so hopefully we can see a picture of it soon.
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    Nice report. Those shots of the cloud formations are cool, did you get any rough bumps while you flew by em? Looks like first class was nice, I was surprised to hear how courtious (or how ever its spelled) the flight attnedant was. Or maybe she was just comin on to you hehehe

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      Alex, here's your landing photo. Not good enough for the JP screeners evidently.

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        WICKED SHOT!!!

        Its now my background photo! Thats a shame it wasn't accepted. Thanks so much for going out there and getting a shot of me!!

        My first plane shot of me on board!!

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