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    June 26th, 2006
    Depart 7:00am.

    It was time to fly back home. Arrived into the terminal at around 5:45am or so. I walked inside and turned right for the AA counter. I almost walked to the Southwest one out of habit hehehe. I punched in my AADAVANTAGE number again, and my reservation came up again. Checked to make sure it was the right one. It was I checked one bag, then it asked me if I wanted to upgrade again for 45 more dollars. Ohhhhhh maaaaaan...."mom's gonna kill's gonna kill me....*slice* goes the card in the machine, and a Boarding pass for Seat 5F is printed out. . Oh well, you only live once, Cest La Vie! I walked to the ticket counter and they yelled my name and destination. I handed him my bag and he said "ohh first class heh!" I went "ya mom will kill me so might as well enjoy it before I die!". He laughed and said I was at gate 32 and to just continue my way to security.

    Security was just fine. Went through and grabbed my bag and shoes. I walked slowly to the gate. Just looking around and stuff. Watched a beautiful sunrise, as some cessna's landed. Truly beautiful and just reflected on a great weekend as usual in Dallas.

    I continued my walk to the gate and sat down. Watched people gather around. we seemed to have a light load maybe 75-90 people on board? I saw our MD80 at the gate and went over to snap a picture.

    7 whole pilots came up to non rev for our flight back to STL Boy, if I didn't feel safe then nothing would make me feel safe hehe They announced pre boarding, but no one boarded. Then First Class could board. So I got up once again, and got on board. There was a F/A standing there i said "morning" she said "hi". That was it. I went to my seat, put my stuff up. I looked around and saw oh neat this is an AA MD80, the one I flew was ex TWA. I prefer AA's MD82 first class over ex TWA one's. She came around and gave us OJ or Water. I picked up OJ.

    They went off to do the safety procedures, and i finished my OJ. she picked it up and went to sit down. We taxied out and I saw SLAM DUNK ONE land while Shamu was taxing to take off. Darn that had to be sweet action!

    We waited for a CO ERJ to take off. A gulfstream followed behind us. They took off then it was our turn. Took off with the sun glaring into my side of the plane. We banked right and flew right over DFW. That was really sweet to see.

    4 min later F/A got up and asked for drink orders. I requested coke. She passed out biscoff cookies. No introduction nothing like it was flying to DAL. Hell I got more attention flying WN then I did in this First Class.

    I finished the drink, and kinda laid back. I didn't see her at all so I wasn't able to get more drinks. I wasn't thirsty so it didn't bother me to much but it was different then the F/C I experienced coming to DAL as I said before.

    I looked out and saw an AA MD80 flying right beside us. It followed us all the way till we had to descend for STL. So maybe it was flying DFW-ORD?

    I kind of fell asleep, slept for a bit because we had to be up around 4am but i think we fell back to sleep, he wanted just 10 more minutes of sleep hehehe. So i would wake up glance out the window and such. Boy this was an early flight for me hehe.

    Fainlly we started descending down for STL. Clouds would build up and get bigger as we got near STL. F/A came around to clean up and such. Put my seat up and tray table as well.

    We turned left over the city of STL, but i didn't recogniae it at all until we landed. I just did not recognize the approach at all. So I thought hey maybe we are landing on the new runway. We are going slower, slower, cruising down, and i sitll don't recognize the approach. We finally landed and I still didn't know what runway we were on

    We slowed down very fast, reverse activated, once we got off the runway i looked and saw the east terminal to my left so i knew we had landed on 30R. But boy I didn't recognie that approach at all.

    We got off the runway, waited for a WN 73G to take off. Once it did we taxied by N701TW a plane I flew DFW-STL. hehehe.

    We taxi to gate C-18. I grab my bag and get off, call my cousin to tell them I had arrived. I went down to baggage claim and as I was walking up my bag immediatly came out. now THAT was very cool.

    I had a nice flight back home, but really it felt like I was flying coach coming home. First Class just did not meet the expectations I had set myself for the one flying to DAL.

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.