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LAX-CLT 7/9/03

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  • LAX-CLT 7/9/03

    9:00am (PST)-5:45pm(EST),schd. to land at 4:40pm EST
    Airbus A321

    We left at 5:00am from the house for the drive down Hwy.1, the PCH to LAX. We arrived and checked in at the Kiosks. we got our luggage scanned and went through the security check point with no problem. We got to the gate area at 7:10am. I had plenty of time to watch takeoffs and landings from LAX terminal 1. We boarded on time at 8:30am. I took my seat in seat 16F. When I went to stow my 2 pieces of carry on I realized that there was a plastic thing under the seat in front of me so I could only get on piece under the seat. Grrr... Nobody else sat in 16D and 16E for about 10 minutes and I was hoping that nobody would sit there but just before the doors closed Bubba the slug and his wife she-who-wants-the kid-at-the-window-to-close-the-shade. Understandably I did not. I got some good pictures of a ANZ 744 and an AC A320. We taxied out and took off on time. Pretty much instantly we were in the clouds/fog. We flew out over the ocean and then flew east. We cruised along and I read about England as told by Bill Bryson. Good stuff. I had to push Bubba out of the way so I could get to the Bathroom. His wife didnít like being interrupted from How to lose a guy in 10 days . The F/Aís served Pretzels and drinks twice. No food as US Airways is doing the inflight cafe thingie. I saw some other planes and a line of T-storms that were moving east. We got into the CLT area on time and were preparing to land when to Captain came over the PA and told us there was a storm and CLT and we would stay in the pattern for a couple minutes. Acouple of minutes turned into about 30 minutes. I fell asleep during this circling when I woke up Bubba was leaning over me looking out the window and the Captain was making an announcement about us diverting to Raleigh because the storm at Clt hadnít moved. We turned and started towards Raleigh to wait for CLTís storm to leavea nd to get more fuel. We were halfway to Raleigh when the pilot announced that we would be turning back to CLT because the storm had cleared. We flew through somw nasty clouds on the way back to CLT. At one point we went weightless for 4 seconds which feels like forever . We landed and the plane kicked up spray as we touched down. We taxied in and deplaned. I checked if I would make my 6:10pm flight. No worries it was delayed till 7:55pm because the plane couldnít make it in. It was at Boston and scheduled to arrive at 5:15pm. It was scheduled to arrive at 7:40pm. It eventually turned out it would be in at 9:06pm. The flight to BWI was scheduled to leave at 9:40pm--3hours 30 min. late. We made it out at 10:20pm And at 12:30am I made it home. 12 hours ago.


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    Edited to make use of my accepted inflight pic.