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YYZ-YTS-YAT(Victor Site) 30 Jun 06

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  • YYZ-YTS-YAT(Victor Site) 30 Jun 06

    Flew up to a new job at the deBeers Diamond Mine site 90 km west of Attawapiskat, ON on AC 7823 connecting onto an Air Creebec charter flight 442 into the airstrip at Victor Mine.

    Usual AC Jazz service on a Dash 8-300 fin 316 as I recall. Took off on runway 23 and then swung north overflying Camp Borden on up the east shore of Georgian Bay and north from there on a 1.5 hour flight. Flight was quite full, service was beverage, most welcome after the sweltering conditions inside T1; it must have been 85F/30 C inside; do not know what happened to the air!! Departure was late by a half hour because the plane had not been towed to the gate, which made for a very short connection in YTS, I handed my bags to the Air Creebec counter staff, and they announced boarding within two minutes onto a Dash8-100 configured with 29 seats so as to make more room for cargo aft. Load was about 14 pax. Aircraft appeared to be Ex-Jazz as the interior had the ugly green AC upholstry, or maybe they do the maint on Air Creebecs planes? Take off from Timmons routine for a one hour flight, service again beverages, and cookies, chips etc. Landing here is on a gravel strip, and was a little rough to put it mildly, the entire camp is carved out of a swamp and is on a man made rock island. Service in here Mon-Fri with a EMB 120 being used one of those days.The flight out Wed travels to the coastal communities to return our first nations employees home before ending up in Timmons later in the aft. Outta here for one week off 21 July, life here is routine if nothing else.

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    The return trip was pretty much the same, except the Air Creebec aircraft had grey leather seats instead of the AC green. The Jazz 7830 (Fin 306) flight YTS-YYZ was also uneventful, I celebrated escaping Victor with my first two beer in three weeks. FL was 25, and we made two 360 degree holding turns over Collingwood waiting to get into the YYZ landing pattern. Approach a little bumpy due to thunderstorms in the area.

    My employment there ended after three weeks, it seemed they had very little interest in funding the position. In any event the 90 hour 7 day weeks, no stats and out only one in three made it certain I still was in the search mode for a new job. On to YEG Monday! AC again.