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  • Delta 1479 BDL-MCO

    N6700 (I think that was the reg?)
    2 hours 35 minutes

    Even though Song was disbanded, we got a Song plane for this flight. So it had all the Song stuff onboard. There were three Song planes parked at the gate at BDL. One would be the MCO flight, and the other two would be for flights to TPA and LAX. We had done the online check in so the only thing that needed to be done was checking the bags. While checking the bags this guy showed up the check in area and was like ďI know Iím late for my flight to Atlanta, what should I do?Ē For some reason I found that kinda funny. Turns out his flight was cancelled anyways. A couple of ATL flights were. After taking the bags to TSA, it was time to go in the security line. Apparently BDL installed two of those air blower explosives detector things. So the security line was very long. I got somewhat concerned about missing the flight because of the length of the line, and the speed at which is was moving (or not moving for that matter). But there was another security line that didnít have the air blower thing, which moved faster, so went there and got through, and didnít have to go through the bloody air thing. However, when I put my camera stuff through the x-ray the guy ordered a bag check, and my bag and camera was swabbed for explosives several times, which was pretty annoying. After getting all my stuff back together, I still had to eat. So I went to McDonalds and got something, then to the gate. They were already making the final boarding call, and the captain was at the door putting boarding passes through the scanner. I took my seat 11A, and ate my McDonalds very quickly. A few more people got on, and it was time for pushback. We were pushed back, and the engines were started. We would be departing 33 today, so the taxi was very short. The FAís didnít even have enough time to turn the IFE on right away. We lined up on 33, and started takeoff roll. Seat 11A was awesome for this; sitting in this section you hear the buzz saw sound of the PW engines. The 757 lifted off the runway, and we soon made a right turn, and flew over the Connecticut River, and over eastern CT. We passed through some puffy clouds that pretty much formed overcast with a few breaks of sun. Eventually as we climbed higher we got above everything, but you couldnít see much on the ground.

    Flew along the Jersey coast then over parts of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The in flight service was a drink, and snack. I got Sun Chips, and Biscoff cookies, both of which were good. After the in flight service the FAís just went to the back and hung out and didnít do much else it seems. Some place over Virginia or NC or something we passed near some t-storms so that buffeted the 757 around a bit, but not much.
    I just messed around with the IFE music selection (not much there really) and tried playing the trivia game (how the hell are you supposed to know some of the questions they ask you?) I got fed up with that pretty quickly, so I just went back to music.

    As we got closer to the JAX area we got into an area where everything was overcast above us, we were at FL370. We started decent, and soon preparations were made for landing.

    Soon we came upon the Florida coast and continued descending towards MCO. Had to fly around a few t-storms here too, and eventually were set up on approach to 17L. The approach was pretty smooth, and we touched down nicely, slowed down and took an exit off the runway.

    Then it was a bit of a taxi to get to gate across a bridge then past a couple parked Virgin 744ís. We came into the gate next to a DL 764. The jet way was connected to the L1 door, not L2 like usual on the 752. Before leaving I took pics of the cockpit. This was a good flight, and it was nice to get a Song aircraft.

    Flight Video:

    Welcome to Florida Folks, Enjoy the Scenery

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    Two questions. Were the PTV's still on? And why in god's name did you not blur the girl with the green inner tube? She's kinda big. Now the one with the pink inner tube... :P

    Good report Paul


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      I enjoyed reading your report Pauly. Especially the video. Nice and steady. Btw the quiet engines is a plus. I love it. *Got no more to say than More more more*
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        Yup, PTV's worked. I updated the report with PTV map pics, which I forgot to upload before.

        Glad everyone liked the report!


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          Excellent report, enjoyed the pictures.

          Everytime we approach orlando its always cloudy haha.

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            Nice job! Good pics, too, especially the last one!

            I noticed that they've got the mainline safety video in the background on your video. Are they showing that on the PTVs or is it just a soundtrack like you used to get on Song?




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              The safety video played out on the PTV's, and everything said Delta (PTV menus, FA's referred to it as a Delta flight, etc) the only thing "Song" about the flight was the plane's paint job.