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Crazy flights from AGP-FRA-CAN-MNL-BKK

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  • Crazy flights from AGP-FRA-CAN-MNL-BKK

    July 31st:

    LH 4519 (Lufthansa)
    A300 jet

    This morning to woke up to prepare packing to going to Bangkok on Thai Airways after from Malaga flight. We leave around 2pm because the flight is 5:35pm. We relaxed until 2pm go to the airport and went to check in counter. It is very long lines to took a long times to the counter. After a long delay, we went to security checkpoint then to have lunch. After lunch, wait the plane in the gate to board the time. The luggage put a label HOT it mean rush to the next flight. In the plane, I sat in 45G and there is full pax in that flight. The plane to take off and got delayed for late passagener and luggage. During cruise, I am waiting for food then sleep. There is a bit of heavy turbulence when they flew into thundersto9rm cloud. The plane set to landing and touchdown the runway with 3 seconds reserved. The plane taxi to the ramp, and take a bus to the thermal then rush to TG flight.


    TG 923
    HS-TGK (Thai Airways New Colour)

    We rushing to the B-20 gate and suddenly the flight are too late. The check in crew wonít accept the flight for more than 45 minutes. Drag! Missed the flight! What a shame for disappointing for not going to Bangkok to arrive in noon. Now, we went to transfer desk to get another flight to Bangkok. We checked for LH, SIA, and other but it full. There flights to going to Manila and Bangkok. We take it flight and wait for 10:22pm board on B-23.

    LH 788 (Lufthansa)
    No reg. (Leverkusen)

    It is the 1st time to missed TG flight and now we are going back to MNL since 2004. First time to stopover in Guangzhou and wait the plane to board. My 2nd times on the long plane and inside I sat in 30D then take off. The plane flew to Guangzhou for 9 hrs. We ate some food and no PTV in sea and sleep. Big shame for LH didnít install it. We arrived in Guangzhou and touchdown and taxi to the gate. We canít get out then plane and only for Guangzhou flight passengers. It is a stopover. After the refuel from this plane, wait two hrs until pushback then takeoff to Manila. I sat in 29K, ate a light food. At the evening, the plane to approach to MNL airport, and touchdown the runway, and Filipino passenger clapped the hands for good landing. It is raining. We arrived in 6pm and going to transfer desk to Bangkok. We got a ticket after wait for one hr.

    TG 625
    A300 jet

    The last flight to BKK from all the way from FRA. The time is now 8pm to board the plane. We are exhaust after 3 stops. We board the plane and I sat in 63K. The plane to takeoff and 3 hrs to Bangkok. I drank an energy drink that I donít sleep. The plane bit a medium turbulence then land in Don Muang airport. It a shame for new airport not opening yet. The plane to touchdown the runway and taxi to the ramp. We went to passport control and go to baggage claim. We went to baggage service and search for 4 luggages. No lucks. So, went to take airport taxi to the hotel. The first luggage went to TG 923, 2nd is LH 782, third is LH 772, and fourth is TG 923. There all went to label is RUSH. I have no clothed for it. The 4 luggage will arrived tomorrow, and finally we got it.

    Overall flights are good.

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    Nice resuming your interesting odyssey across the world, can't wait reading the final leg(s) from MNL to SEA.
    Thanks for visiting
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