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WN BWI-SDF-STL Flight 869

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  • WN BWI-SDF-STL Flight 869

    Morning All. I just returned from BWI yesterday after staying there for a week. In the morning My father and I had woken up, got ready to leave for BWI and got there at 9am.

    We walked inside the airport, and headed to the self check in kiosk machines. We printed our boarding passes and headed through security. Security was a breeze as usual. We got through and walked to our gate. I considered signing us up for Voluntary denied boarding, so I walked up to the counter and inquired about the loads. She said, the flight is sold out, but they don't need anyone to be bumped yet but asked for our names in case more people show up. We wrote down our names and she thanked us for volunteering. We said no problem. Dad was hungry, so he went off to find some breakfast and I walked around the terminal looking at the planes coming in and all.

    I was at A-9 I think maybe another one and watched a WN plane, N419WN land and taxi to the gate, but no one was on the ground and the plane is sitting there waiting for someone to come up and i saw 3 guys downstairs running to the gate to hook the plane up. That was a sight to see. BWI is SWA haven, man, every plane was a -700, and it seemed to be mostly blue colors, it was a nice sight to see.

    At around 10am I walked back to the place my dad ate and grabbed him so we could go stand in line. So we walked back to the gate and I got in line for the A line. We just stood around and waited and waited, at 10:25am the plane pulled up. Everyone got off the plane and then he announced A line. So we got on and dad headed to his exit row seat and me to my wing seat. N472WN pulled up next to me, the sister ship of the plane that went off the runway at MDW. For those of you who know I was on Flight 1248 3 weeks before it went off the runway we had left from B-15, and that was the same gate I was leaving from again.

    Sitting at the gate, waiting for everyon to get on board.

    Interior Shots.

    Finally, after everyone got on board, we commenced to back out of the gate, and then taxi to the runway.

    We waited for an AA 757 to land, a gulfstream to take off, an Airtran 717 to land, then a WN 733 to take off, and then an AIR TRAN 737 to land and finally our turn to take off.

    After a, I'd say it was lengthy but about 30 seconds maybe a bit more, we lifted off into the blue skies covered with clouds.

    We flew out for a bit then turned. We did alot of turning it seemed. Then the Flight attendents came out and did their service, same thing crackers and a drink. I'd read the magazines or look out the window, whichever worked for me. Thankfully no broken seat or table.

    Soon it was time to clean the cabin and get things ready for our approach into SDF. We did some turning and manuerving and such and soon we landed at SDF.

    We landed, and i saw a bunch of UPS planes. We taxied for 3 minutes to the gate. saw 2 NW planes and an Eagle at the gate. That airport was dead. Practically everyone got off the plane, only 9 were left for the remaining SDF-STL flight segment which would continue on to HOU. 20 minutes later they started boarding, and we left and took off. We had an extremely fast take off from SDF.

    This was the time I fell asleep. Periodically I'd wake up but for the most part I just slept the whole time. I was extremely tired after waking up so early. Once again the announcement that we would be approaching STL was made and the F/A came around to clean up the cabin and all. We flew over downtown St. Louis passing by the airport.

    Passing by the River.

    STL Airport.

    Then we turned for R 12R and flew by the new runway and landed on 12R.

    Landed, and got off the plane and walked to the busses to take us to our cars!

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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      Originally posted by [email protected]
      That airport was dead.

      It's always like that Alex