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August 13th: Phuket-Bangkok-Hong Kong

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  • August 13th: Phuket-Bangkok-Hong Kong

    Coming soon!

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    Originally posted by pbateson
    Coming soon!
    now that was an anticlimax
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      Take your time ...

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        August 13:



        B777 from A330

        32J to 32K


        We woke up this morning to prepare going back to Hong Kong by stopover in Bangkok. Thgerefore, we leave around 11am for 1pm fliught. We off to airport, went to baggage checkpont, and go thought check-in counter. After the check-in, we pay for departure tax, then to passport control. It is very long lines in international termail took about 10 minutes to wait go to the counter for departure card. After passport control, we went to eat a light lunch. The board is 12:35pm and the plane with purple tail in gate 4. Not sure it is A330 or B777. The boarding was start, then go thought the gate 4. I saw B777 not A330. TG630 is suppose to be A330. Now it B777. It strange for plane has change. I sat in 32J and moe to 32K. The plane to takeoff, and I took a film for takeoff. I saw AirAsia A320 the red colour. Moreover, listening to RR engines sound. On the way to Bangkok, the fod was start and only 1 hr to get there. I open it up the food and it more than flight from Bangkok to Phuket. The plane to landing in Don Muang and I took a film on landing. Taxi to the ramp, took a bus to international gate for next flight. I walk around the shopping and buy some drinks. The flight is 3:20pm.

        Bangkok-Hong Kong





        We board the plane to Hong Kong. It is last day for me in Don Muang because next year it will in new airport like Kai Tak to Chek Lap Kok. The woman sat on middle and asked to move to the window. The plane to takeoff, but wait for 10 minutes to depart. During the cruise, the snack was begin, and later the dinner was start. At the night, the plane approach to Hong Kong, touchdown the runway, taxi to the gate. We took a transit train to passport control, then to baggage claim. My brother passed the new HK ID card than the counter. I needed a new ID card. We picked 4 luggages, and took a express train to Hong Kong Island, took a taxi to the hotel.

        Overall is good.


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          I've flown Thai on several occasions between London and Bangkok on the 747-400s and cannot fault them. I feel that the current situation with inflight entertainment needs to be reviewed on the 747s. This is one fantastic airline; inflight service is impeccable and meals are excellent (even winning the 2006 award from Skytrax for "Best Economy Class Catering") but their entertainment does let them down. If they were to offer PTVs to passengers on the 747s, they would be unbeatable.

          Great report by the way.