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American 1153 & American 567 BDL-DFW-PHX (August 18)

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  • American 1153 & American 567 BDL-DFW-PHX (August 18)

    Seat 12A

    Time for one last summer trip to Arizona. Got to BDL about 1.5 hours before the flight. The AA terminal wasn't very busy (they are the only airline in terminal B at BDL besides AC Jazz and random charters), so bag checking was easy, then it was time to go to the gate. At security I didn't remove my laptop from my backpack so it had to go back through the metal detector with the laptop in a bin. After that we went to the gate, and waited for the flight to start boarding. The wait in the terminal was about 20-30 minutes. I just walked around and watched some flights depart runway 24. Once boarding started it went pretty quickly, I got settled into seat 12A and put my ear phones into my scanner to listed to ATC on departure. Soon everyone was on board and it was time for pushback. The two CFM56-7's were started up and we taxied to runway 24. As we got close to the runway we were cleared for takeoff, and told to watch for some helicopter traffic off of runway 24. Takeoff was nice, we lifted into the air and condensation came off the wing, after takeoff we flew runway heading for a while under the overcast, then eventually turned more towards the west. It was smooth until climbing through the overcast at which point we hit a few bumps. Soon the IFE movie was started. The movie was RV, it was ok. After that ended some other random thing came on that I didn't pay any attention to. After flying for a bit longer we began initial decent into DFW. During decent we turned towards the northwest for a short while which allowed me to shoot a pic that wasn't back lit.

    I turned on my scanner and promptly heard our flight check into DFW approach. We decended some more and were soon cleard for approach to runway 17C. We landed firmly and took one of the high speed exits. The taxi was a bit long, and we arrived at the D gates. This terminal was pretty awesome and new. To get to the PHX flight we had to take the train which goes around the terminals.

    Flight Video:

    View from the Train:

    Seat 15F

    This would be a pretty short flight at 1:48 hours. I was hoping we would push back using reverse thrust as AA does that at DFW with the MD-80 sometimes, but we were pushed back the normal way. The #1 engine was started and we started taxi to the runway (I forget which one it was) but it was a pretty short taxi from the A gates at DFW. As we approached the runway the #2 engine was started and we lined up at an intersection. Another AA MD-80 tookoff starting at the end of the runway, then it was our turn. We lined up and takeoff thrust was applied. The takeoff and climb were nice. The DFW area was very hazy however.

    As we flew on different things were visible out the window, and the inflight service of AA snack mix was brought around.

    Eventually I dosed off for a bit, waking up just before inital decent into PHX. Soon the PHX area rose out of the nothingness of desert and we flew downwind for 7R over South Mountain. Eventually we turned base, then final, and were cleared to land 7R.

    Turning base:

    There were a few bumps here and there, and we touched down firmly.

    On Final:

    We taxied to the gate, and after arrival the FA's asked that the window shades be closed to keep the aircraft cool. I got a pic of the cockpit before getting off.

    Thats all folks!

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    Very nice report! Great vid and probably the best trip report pics I've ever seen! You should think about uploading a couple of them to the db...