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    Well this is my first ever flight report. I hope it's up to a good standard! Enjoy.

    Flight: B6 1075
    From: New York JFK, T6, Gate 20
    To: Richmond international, VA
    Aircraft: Embraer-190, N198JB 'Big Apple Blue'

    So this was my first flight on an E190 and on Jetblue. We arrived at the Jetblue terminal three hours before the scheduled departure time, this was beacuse this was the only time the airport shuttle could take us. When we arrived we were expecting long queues due to the recent terror warning issued, but as we enterwed the terminal a Jetblue rep took us over to the e-check-in and checked us in in less than 10 minutes including luggage drop off! Go on Ryanair try and beat that for customer service!

    Security procedures were quick and efficient. When arriving in departures I was hoping I would be able to take a few pics of passing planes but there were few windows for this, in the end I ended up just sitting down untill it was our time to depart. About an hour before scheduled departure time we got on the shuttle bus to take us across the tarmac to the other part of teh B6 departure lounge. I saw our plane and wrote down the reg and took some pics of it.

    Boarding was quick, friendly and efficient. Passengers could collect headphones to watch the 36 channels offered on the, what was to be 55 minutes long flight.

    Next the unexpected happend, as we were waiting for departure the pilot saw my mum looking down the isle in to the open cockpit, he then said to her would you like to have a look and she kindly said "I'm fine but my son would", the pilot told me to come up, so I took my camera and went in to the cockpit and took my seat in the world best office . After that he invited my little bro up for a look too! These guys were amazingly friendly. I thank them alot for giving me that oppertunity!

    After pushback we taxied out to Runway 22R on one engine. Ahead of us was a B6 A320 and an AA B762 and followed behind was one of TG's A340-500's which looked amazing.

    After take-off we turned towards the south over the atlantic flying just off the coast of the US, this gave lots of great sights.

    The descent in to Richmonds Runway 34 was quick, but with a bit of turbulence coming through the clouds which I always enjoy!

    Touch-down was smooth. Approaching the terminal at RIC there was an AA M83, A Delta M88 and A UA exp and Chautauqua Airlines ERJ145. Here is a shot of RIC and some of the planes ar RIC as there are not many in the database.

    An a final pic of the beauty that we flow on.

    Well done Jetblue! You've now become one of my favourite airlines beating Swiss and nearly BA! I'll definately fly B6 again if I have the chance!


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    Interesting and richly illustrated. Nice job.
    Thanks for visiting
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      Your comments is greatly accepted.



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        Originally posted by rich7271
        The air bridge looks like it's devouring the E190!


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          LOL it does. Cool report and pics.


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            Cheers guys. Yeah it does look like it's devoured by the jetbridge.