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West Coast vs Adelaide.

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  • West Coast vs Adelaide.'s that time of the year again down here, AFL finals month and it's brings out the men from the boys. My beloved Eagles were playing the Adelaide Crows this weekend and i decided to get my ass in gear and go suppor them.

    Route-Per-Adl Qantas
    Date-23 Sep 2006
    Flight Number-QF1212
    Aircraft Type-737-800
    Flight Time-2hr40min

    Checked in for the late night flight using the self checkin kiosk at Perth airport, decided to drive and leave my car at the airport, easy to get home when i flew home! Plenty of west coast eagles supporters on the flight, infact, a full flight!

    Boarding began just before 2am. took only 15mins to get everyone on board and ready, 0205 we pushed back for departure.0209 we taxiied out for runway 21 immediate departure.

    Flight was throughout the night, Qantas served us a dry roll with smoked chicken, tasted terrible! Fell asleep for the remainder of the flight...0545CT we began our decent, curfew is lifted at 6am CT. Landed on runway 23 and taxiied for gate 13. I sat around for a few hours and waited for my mates to arrive from the game in Sydney the night before.

    Route-Adl-Per QF
    Date-24 Sept 2006
    Flight Number-QF 1241
    Aircraft Type-737-400
    Flight Time-3hr 30min

    well..i decided to make my way back to Adelaide airport at 1030am, checked out of the hotel room and got a cab to the airport, spent the night with Olivia and friends, had a lovely dinner on gouger street and stirred up some of the locals about there loss at the footy!

    Checkin was slow, no self serve kiosk, only 1 checkin agent working and a que of around 70 waiting to get checked in! most of the people were heading home to Perth from the game. After checkin i grabbed a laksa at Billy Chiu's restaurant, lovely meal! well worth a visit if your at Adelaide airport.

    Boarded at 1140 am, some smart eagles fans decided to decorate the cabin with the Sunday Mail newspaper headline... "Shattered" was priceless! We pushed back at 1205pm, made our way out to runway 23 and departed behind a heavy SQ 777.

    Once at cruise altitude a meal was offered, lunch was a pork stirfry, bread roll and mint chocolate. I washed it down with a few cokes and a magnum icecream. Flight was quite long due to strong headwinds...but i slept the entire journey after lunch so i was happy with that.

    1340 we commence descent into Perth for landing on runway 24...just on 2pm we touched down and taxiied to the gate. WE've 1 more hurdle this weekend, i'm not going to make it to the grand final because it's far to expensive! but i'm certainly glad i went and saw the boys today!

    Katherine & I

    pregame scene

    who's your daddy adelaide? who's your fuken daddy!

    to all the AFC supporters who treated us like shit...suffer!

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.