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    Well this morning I finally got to go green. It all started last night when I was finishing the lesson 12 worksheet and was closely watching the time because I finished it about 10:30 and had to get the minimum 6 hours of rest in. I finally got to bed about 10:45-11.
    This morning I woke up about 4:40, 20 minutes before my alarm went off, but I immediately fell back asleep and woke back up when my alarm went off, reached up, turned it off and next thing I know it's 5:35 already. So I got up, took a shower, got everything together, and headed out of my dorm about 6:10. I then proceded down to wait for the aviation shuttle to take me out to the airport. There were a couple other people on there with me, so I wasn't lonely. It was still dark with some cloud cover, so light wasn't going to reach us until about 7:20 or so. I finally got hold of someone for the weather, and we turned in for a plane, which ended up being N356ND. So me and my instructor waited for it to lighten up a little, and we finally headed out to 56 about 7:20. Just after I had began the preflight, we heard engines roar and looked over to see FedEx flight 639 beginning its journey down to MEM. 727s are always showstoppers no matter what. So I completed the preflight, and we got taxi clearance to 17R. So the last three times I've flown, I've used all three runways. 17L on Thursday, 26 on Sunday, and 17R today. So we taxied to the runup area on Bravo and while we were closing in on that spot, NW1058, a DC-9, called up ground, so I knew we were going to have some spectators during the dual flight. So I finished the runup and resumed taxi to 17R. We then got clearance for takeoff and we were off to a rolling takeoff. After a couple of turns in the pattern, NW1058 was on A between A2 and A1 and my instructor told me to make this one a good landing for the passengers. That particular landing wasn't bad, but I did give that flight a little show. It was on the next pattern on downwind when NW1058 received his clearance and took off to MSP. It was a beautiful sight watching a DC-9 taking off while I was in the pattern. So in total I made 6 landings with my instructor. On the last one, we taxied to Bravo ramp so I could shut down and let my instructor out. I parked in one of the spots a Cirrus usually parks and we did the paperwork for that part of the flight, and I got out for a second to stretch my legs. So after we talked for a minute, I was on my own. I started her up, set everything up, got ATIS, and got taxi clearance. I really noticed how much slower they go when my call sign was "green 56". I then proceded to the runup area to do the runup.
    Headwind-control wheel into wind.

    Ground then gave me clearance to cross 26 and follow Green 55 to 17R via Alpha. That's Green 55 up ahead.

    Green 55 and Green 56 (me) holding short of 17R waiting for traffic shown to land. I personally like this one.

    Tower then told 55 to position and hold. He also told me to position and hold behind 55. I honestly didn't expect that. Green 55 powering away while I line up and await takeoff clearance.

    Just an overview of GFK on downwind.

    Some cool effects happening in the sky with some rain to the northeast.

    Short final with no traffic on the ground. Just about right on glideslope.

    The view this morning was simply beautiful, even with all the clouds.

    After a second successful landing, I had to go around on my third approach because I turned base too early which left me way high on the glideslope. As I turned final, I reduced power and put in full flaps, but that still wasn't enough to get me on glideslope, so I ended up having to go around.
    I just wish this shot came out not blurry.

    Last overview of GFK just before turning downwind.

    Taxiing on runway 8 to B1 and ramps to Charlie ramp after my final landing with the sky still looking pretty cool.

    Bravo ramp before I turned onto it.

    I actually turned behind the Seminoles. Pick the odd one out...hehe.

    Taxiing past the Twin Star.

    And this one was mine for the morning. Postflight compete with red chocks up front signifying it needs fuel. I think I did a pretty decent parking job.

    Well hope y'all enjoyed something a bit different. Comments are very welcome.

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    Badass, congrats man...why didn't you let us know beforehand so we could have hidden in the union basement for safety? Who is your instructor?


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      Kyle Whitworth is my instructor. What surprised me a little this morning was the amount of greens there were in the pattern this morning. I honestly was a little nervous with a bunch of greens up there, but I got over it.
      Right now I'm trying to fight off sleep that is catching up to me because I have meteorology in about 30 minutes.


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        Loved this one, thanks for sharing this experience and altogether get me jealous
        Thanks for visiting
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