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    may 25th 2003.

    Checkin at airport for QF71 to Sin and QF5 to Frankfurt, checkin opens 3hours prior to departure.

    i waited about 5minutes at the most to checkin for these flights. i was pleasently suprised to find my requested seats on the emergency door had been assigned for both flights.

    checkin agent was very friendly and most helpful.

    QF71 flight time of 5hours, was operated by VH-OJA a Qantas 747-400, seating had the new IFE system, the control panel is similar to that of the JAL magic system, it works a treat and the IFE was exceptional, with lots of new movies, music and games to choose from.

    we departed ontime for singapore, the aircraft was 90% full. we arrived in sin on schedule which gave me a 2hour15min transit wait.

    the food was yummy onboard and generous portions also, i dont consume liquor so i stuck to the soft drinks, cabincrew were very friendly and have a very positive attitude!! all in all i would say 8/10 for this segment.


    checked in at Perth.

    QF5 with a flight time of 12hrs20min was operated by VH-OJC formerly the F1 GP a/c.

    flight departed about 50minutes late due to late arrival of connecting Brisbane flight.

    The captain and crew kept us well informed of the situation, in the end we arrived in FRA ontime, so the delay was of no real annoyance.

    you really can tell when your on a heavy flight, we took the better part of 40seconds to get airborne, the flight had well over 300pax onboard. Once airborne we had the choice of IFE on the new system, different movies than the Perth flight which was a bonus.

    we were served 2 meals and also given an inflight snack bag that contained fruit, water, chocolates, and other nibblies. most enjoyable i might add, also the amenity kit was provided.

    meals were of generous portions and well presented, i promptly fell asleep after eating the first meal, breakfast was served about 2hours from FRA.

    the cabincrew on this journey were fantastic. in particular the 2 crew that had the crew seats in front of me, they treated us like gold and made us feel very welcome, especially on a very long flight.

    we arrived in FRA just before 5:30am and this was on schedule.


    QF16 FCO-SIN 8th june

    this flight was operated by VH-OJB

    Checkin at FCO was completed for the flight through to Perth.

    i must admit FCO is a shocking airport, checkin and immigration and security are very slow, took me about 50min to checkin and there was only 6 ppl in front of me, staff were on a goslow policy. i asked the checkin agent for seats straight through to Perth, he gave me this which was a great relief. downfall was that i had to wait 12hours in SIN for the flight to Perth.

    the crew from FCO to SIN was rather old and disinterested, they seenmed like they needed to retire or find a better job, we were spoken to n abrupt manner and i was takenaback by this.

    lucky the rest of the journey was more pleasant than the beginning.

    food and IFE was of high standard, with new movies and new menu, also accompanied by the snack bag and some yummy icecreams. journey took us just on 11hrs 45min as we flew via nrth Greece and Turkey. we arrived in SIN ontime and we left FCO about 15min late.

    aircraft had only 280 odd pax onboard some a few free rows were available.


    QF78 SIN-PER

    operated by VH-OGN a QF 767-300er.

    this flight had less than 50ppl onboard!!

    and it was the best flight i have ever experienced, we had the cabin to ourselves, i fell asleep due to the 12hr stopover in SIN, i wasnt woken for my meal, though i did wake and went and spoke to my girlfriend who was cabincrew on this flight and asked if any meals were available.

    this a/c was not fitted with the new IFE, but it didnt matter as i slept and the flight was only 4hrs50min.

    food was exceptional on this flight, i had the fish and it was most yummy.

    i do recommend flying on the emptier flights, it's much more pleasant! everything was ahead of schedule which was great.


    all up i would rate the journey about 8/10.

    i do recommend QF, it's been my first longhaul with them in years and i was pleasantly suprised, in these troubled times i thought it was best to fly with my own carrier as they can always be relied on if crap hits the fan.

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.

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    Neat report dude!
    "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

    Congratulations, Seattle!"