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DL or B6 for PBI-JFK and back?

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  • DL or B6 for PBI-JFK and back?

    So I am heading to NYC for the weekend right before Christmas and was looking at fares. Both DL and B6 have the same fare. What do you guys think? Should I choose B6 b/c of the better ammenities? I haven't been on DL for a while. Anyway, and advise would be greatly appreciated...
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    Delta's 757 are pretty nice if they use them on the route. However if it's those damn MD-88's, i'd go for the A320 hands down.


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      Not sure when you are planning to travel, but for JFK we mostly use regular MD-88's but we do have some Shuttle configured 88's and 757's rotated in on different days all based on passenger volume...
      I have never flown Jetblue so I cant give any advice on their amenities, but as much as I hate to say it they do still have the TV's on their flights which is a big selling point...
      If you decide to fly Delta, which I hope you do, stop by and say hello...


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        Well, if you are a Sky Miles member, the answer should be clear .
        Other than that, it's amenity-free MadDogs vs amenity-laden A320s. Of course, if you haven't flown one of those 2 plane types yet, it would also allow to add a new plane to your repertoire .