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Funjet MKE-CUN-MKE (lots of pics!)

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  • Funjet MKE-CUN-MKE (lots of pics!)

    Well first of all I know I havent been postin lately cause I've been busy with school and all but I try to get on here as often as I can. Anyways, I just went to Cancun and wrote a trip report.

    Well once again it was time to escape the oncoming fridge weather of Wisconsin to some place warm, this time my dad booked our family a 1 week stay in Cancun on Funjet Vacations. My aunt and uncle would also be coming along. Nov.18-25.

    I woke up on Saturday the 18th at around 3AM and it took me a while to realize what I was doing since I was still half asleep. Flight departure time was 6AM so we left for MKE a little before 4AM. We arrived to a very deserted departures drop-off zone by the ticket counters. We were the only car there except for a few shuttle buses and a taxi.

    USA3000 used to have their own ticket counters upstairs in front of Concourse C, but they left so Funjet took them over.

    Since we were a bit early, the line was short for check in and it was taken care of briskly. Our gate would be C7 and my seat was 23A. We were still waiting for my aunt & uncle to arrive so I went to Cinnabun & Starbucks for some breakfast. Once they arrived and completed check in, we headed to the security checkpoint in Concourse C.

    There was a moderate line for security screening but it went by pretty quickly. After clearing security I decided to go do some spotting. It was to dark to take any good shots so I just looked around casually. Aircraft parked at the concourse included some DL CRJs and a MD-88, two AE ERJs, F9 A318, and some UA CRJs.

    As you might of heard, Concourse C is currently under expansion. The stem was reconfigured to provide additional gate space. My favorite part is the cool looking blue lights on the ceiling. I walked to the end of the concourse to check out the hammerhead construction. I couldn't really see anything through the dark window.

    After some spotting I headed to C7 to check out our flight to CUN. It was the same plane we took to PVR just about a year ago.

    Boarding and push back was on time. We taxied out to the end of 19R and made a quick turn for an abrupt takeoff. As usual, around 2/3 of the runway was used on our roll. Climb out was smooth over the southern suburbs of Milwaukee. During climb out I had a great view of the sunrise.

    After reaching cruising altitude of 36,000 feet, the flight attendants same through and offered drinks and a snack box for 5$. When I flew Funjet a year ago, they offered a warm breakfast sandwich with eggs, ham, and cheese.

    The movie being shown on board was The Devil Wears Prada, but I opted not to watch it. It got a little bumpy when we flew over the New Orleans area, but that was brief.

    After 3 hours of flight, the captain announced the decent into Cancun. We flew along the coast of the Yucatan, until we made a couple of sharp turns to line up for landing. Over a couple swamps and then the main road and a smooth touchdown into Cancun.

    After vacating the runway, a skyservice A320 landed right after us. Can someone tell me where they fly from? I haven't heard much about them.

    We taxied to what I'm guessing is terminal 2/B, located on the west side of the airport. We exited the aircraft by walking down the forward air stair into the warm Mexican weather. I got one last look of our plane as I headed up the ramp into the terminal.

    It took a while for our luggage the come through but customs was quick and before long we were out the door and off to our hotel!


    Our hotel wasn't in Cancun, but in Playa Del Carmen, about an hour south of Cancun. The name of the hotel was The Barcela Maya Beach Resort. It was great! Probably the best hotel We've ever been to. The food & drinks were great and so was the beach. I did some snorkeling in the nearby reefs on the shore and saw some pretty cool fish.

    For some extra fun, we went to Tulum, an ancient Mayan City of ruins. (That's me in the picture btw)

    I was able to find this wild Iguana outside my hotel room, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture.

    For once, this vacation didn't go by so fast, but all good things must come to an end.


    Flight departure time was at 10:40 AM so we had to wake up at 5:30 to catch the bus at 6:30. The bus arrived at the airport a bit early in front of terminal 2/B. Previously I've flown out of the main terminal at CUN so this was a first for me.

    Check in was fast and so was security and we headed up the the gates area. My impression of this terminal compared to the other one is that this one sucks. It was very plain on the inside and offered no good spotting locations. The main terminal had burger king and all these warm food restaurants while here was only a shop selling cold sandwiches. Not to mention it was highly overpriced.

    So anyways I had to make the best of spotting opportunities. A little after 9AM our flight arrived from MKE and pulled into the stand.

    While waiting for boarding, I spotted a US 737 taxing in after landing.

    Pretty soon boarding was called and we headed down the ramp to board our flight to MKE. Other aircraft on the ramp included two Air Transat A310's from Canada, a Ryan International 757 from DFW, and 2 other Funjet 737's from MCI & STL.

    Push back was on time as we headed for the runway. There was a short wait for departure as a Mexicana A320 and US A319 landed and the Air Transat Airbus took off before us. Right after that action we turned onto the runway and shot down it lifting off in front of the main terminal and climbing out into the west and then turning to the north. The window was in pretty bad shape so sorry for the bad pics.

    The flight path was similar to the one we took on the way down to CUN. They offered the same snack box again and the movie being shown was "Just My Luck". I didn't watch it and instead I just gazed out the window and relaxed.

    The decent was a bit bumpy as we passed through the clouds. After loosing some altitude we headed out over Lake Michigan for final approach.

    Flaps and gear came down as we turned and approached the mainland. I couldn't really see much until we got close to the mainland cause it was kinda hazy outside. We came in pretty low of the lake and flew over some neighborhoods until we floated down onto runway 25L. Full reverse thrust was put in as we used up the whole runway.

    MKE was pretty empty at the time we landed, with only a couple YX aircraft on the ground. After landing we headed over the the International Arrivals Terminal for parking. After walking up the through the jetway, I looked out the window and took a shot of Concourse C and the on going hammerhead construction. I was surprised to see an Allegiant MD-83.

    We got our luggage and cleared customs quickly and were headed home in no time.


    Well this is my fourth trip report and I hope you enjoy reading it! Comments are always welcome!

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    Wow great trip report and looks like you've had fun !!!

    the SkyService is a Canadian airline from what i know and it looked like a Mytravel hybrid c/s. Might have came from Toronto.

    Great report was fun reading


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      nice report, not often you hear something about an american charter company!


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        Yeah, did some research and found out some info on Skyservice and they are a Canadian charter airline like you said. Thanks for clearing that up.

        Thanks for the comments, keep em coming!

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          Nice report. Very informative. You don't look too happy at the ruins!


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            Hah, yeah well I have a tendancy not to smile in pictures, and the sun migt of been blinding me a bit as well.

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              Excellent. Very cool pictures.

              Can you tell me what airlines (or charters) are these ?

              There's the one on the left side, the orange one, and the one in the middle..

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                Nice report man, I also stayed at the Barcelo when I went to Cancun, and we went only a few weeks after it opened, wow.

                John: Im pretty sure the one on the left is Sunwing.


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                  Maxpower, the one in the middle is Sun Country Airlines. I don't think they are considered a charter airline. Thats pretty cool yyzpics, when you went did they have the 2 different sections of the hotel?

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                    Originally posted by polishsausage248
                    2 different sections of the hotel?
                    umm I dont recall that, what is the differnce between the two?


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                      Very nice report, and excellent pictures.

                      I love to see how the winglet bends upward during take off its awesome.

                      CUN looks very nice.

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                        Skyservice lease MyTravel equipment all the time so yeah, that's the MYT livery. Looks like Funjet have leased their equipment from Futura as I shot EI-DJT at MAN in mid October.

                        Originally posted by MaxPower

                        Can you tell me what airlines (or charters) are these ?

                        There's the one on the left side, the orange one, and the one in the middle..

                        Looks like Sunwing for the one on the left



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                          Originally posted by YYZPICS
                          umm I dont recall that, what is the differnce between the two?
                          Well there isn't much of a difference its just kinda like 2 big hotels that are actually one.

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                            Great flight review and photos. 738's one of my favourite aircraft, flown in it twice now.


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                              Funjet MKE-CUN-MKE (lots of pics!)

                              I was on a Futura 737-800 from Glasgow to Faro and i se that the aircraft you were on was an ex Futura aircraft. did you se an ex futura 737 aircrafts redgistration EI-DKD if do could you tell me.

                              i was on EI-DKD and it of to ryan international for the winter.