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PDX-SAN on Alaska Airlines 540

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  • PDX-SAN on Alaska Airlines 540

    This is my first trip report so please bear with me.

    On Wednesday July 16, 2003, my Dad and I headed out to Portland International Airport to hop on flight 540 operated by Alaska Airlines non-stop to San Diego to meet up with my mom and brother who drove down from Portland to Carlsbad State park to camp there with cousins and aunts and uncles and other relatives.

    We arrived to PDX at about 3:05 PM and checked in quickly at the Alaska Airlines counter. Upon arrival to the airport, I spotted the Lufthansa flight crew who would be leaving shortly from PDX to FRA on the A340-300. Anyway, back to the report, my dad and I got our boarding passes and proceeded towards the South terminal and the security checkpoint.

    Security went smoothly and thouroughly and we were soon on our way to gate C9 to await boarding on 540 on a 737-400 (N795AS). We soon boarded the plane and I was filled with excitement. I was in seat 8A right in front of the left engine and wing.

    We soon took off towards the West and soon made a turn to the left heading sounth then another left turn toward the east towards Mt. Hood. As we approached the mountain, we began our turn south towards California.

    As we reached our cruise altitude of 33,000 ft, the Captain told us the route we would be taking and said it something like this. "Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain from the flight deck, we are at our cruising altitude of 33,000 ft. Throughout the trip to San Diego-Lindbergh field we will pass in-between the Bend/Redmond and Eugene area, Klamath Falls, Between Sacramento and Reno/Tahoe, pass right over Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles which will lead us into San Diego. I hope you enjoy the flight."

    As we continued down, I saw Bend/Redmond since I was on the left side of the plane, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and to my surprise, another Alaska 737-400 headed right past us headed North. We went over Lake Tahoe, and as a waterskiier, it looked like a great lake to ski on.

    I was looking out the window and I saw this huge cliff. As we got closer, it began to look more and more familiar and then a large white line appeared and I put 2 and 2 together and figured out it was Yosemite National Park. I had never seen it before. It was beautiful.

    Well we continued down and they served peanuts and drinks and as always I got Canada Dry Ginger Ale. For some reason, that is the only thing I get on flights. I love it. We flew over Los Angeles and I had been through it before in a car and landed there, but from high in ther sky, you really notice the size of it and it is ENORMASS. We began decending and we flew over the ocean towards the south. South of Carlsbad, we turned left and saw Miramar MCAS and then turned right, flaps 1/4 down, and we were on our final approach. The gear came down, flaps came down and we were almost there. In the bay, there were a lot of Navy ships, 3 destroyers, 5 Aircraft carriers, and a Medical ship. I had forgotten how close you get to downtown San Diego when you land. It was so cool.

    We then landed on the runway obviously, air brakes came up, reverse thrust and slowed way down then taxiied to the gate. Sorry, I forget what gate number it was, but it was in between United and US Airways gates.

    Docked near us were a UAL 757, A320, and a Northwest A319. We got off the plane and got our bags at the baggage claim. My moms uncle picked us up at the airport and then drove us up to Carlsbad State Park which is where the rest our family was camping for the next few days.

    It was a great flight. I was really impressed with the flight crew and was really satisfied with Alaska Air's service. I had never been on Alaska before and I highly recommend it if you get the chance. I love to fly and I am now hooked on Alaska Airlines and will choose it the next time I fly.

    Well, there you go. How'd I do?

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    Gr8 report! I enjoyed reading the details.
    "Ok, I'm gonna get as many as I can on that SW pad there, uh... ok, Amarillo, you're #1, Houston-#2, Albuquerque #3, Phoenix-#4, Chicago-#5, Seattle-#6...

    Congratulations, Seattle!"


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      Verry Good!!! !!!

      I like that kind of reports. I enjoyed it!


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        I enjoyed reading it, too!