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  • YVR-NRT with JAL

    July 15, 2003
    JL017 YVR-NRT
    Seat: Row 48B
    Boeing 747LR (JA8140)

    JAL Timetable shows YVR-NRT is operated by a 747. After seeing many 747-300 in YVR for many times, I thought I might fly the 747-300. However, it turns out to be B747-LR (known as 747-200) in Old bird colour.

    While at the boarding gate, I walked around the terminal, and there was 3 AC 763, 1 AC 343, 1 AC 744 (soon to be retired), 1 KLM767-300

    The 747 was suppose to depart at 1250LT, due to its late arrival (1hr delay @ 1200LT), the plane departed at 1340LT (boarding starts at 1320LT). There were at least 400 pax on the flight.

    During the boarding time, another JAL 747 arrived, it was the 747-300 with new "Arc of the Sun" colour. It was operating JL011 from Mexico City to Vancouver, onward to Tokyo.

    Since it's a 24-year old 747, the seats are very small, around 30" or 31" (even AC has larger seat pitch).

    The plane took off around 1350-1355LT. Safety guide video is shown, followed by NHK News, 30 minutes after take off.

    Approx. 30-45 minutes after, the 747 was crusing at 35000ft @ cruising speed of 870kph.

    CNN Headline News was aired, followed by "the making of" JAL's newest commercial and a docmentary "master art of Japan".

    Meal service began approx. 90-120mins after take off. Meals includes Chicken or Beef, Cold Noodle, Chocolate Cakes, and bread. Duty-free service was also offered.

    One of the surprise is that "Sky Oasis" snack bar is served on 747LR (usually served on 747-400/777-200ER/MD11 only).

    In the 3rd hour, JEN (JAL Entertainment Network) begins airing "The Recruit", starring Colin Farrell. Jungle Book 2 aired at the 6hr15min of the flight.

    In the 7th hour, 2nd and the last meal was served, just a piece of bread and salad.

    The disadvantage of flying 747LR is there's no small overhead screens, only those big boards movie available.

    Bascially the flight was eventless, nothing special happened. The plane carried Taiwanese, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese.

    The plane arrived at Tokyo Narita International Airport around 1454LT on Wednesday. Temperature was 25 degrees celsius.

    Tokyo Spotting
    Eventhough I didn't bring the camera with me, I managed to copy down all the registration that I saw:

    JA202J (JAL B747-400)
    Ja03RJ (Fair Inc./ANA Connection CRJ)
    JA04RJ (Fair Inc./ANA Connection CRJ)
    JA8095 [photoid=117895]
    JA405A [photoid=12885]
    JA707A (with Indy Japan 2003 sticker) [photoid=68376]
    JA8166 [photoid=112781]
    JA8071 [photoid=80061]
    JA8910 [photoid=116385]
    JA8362 [photoid=23347]
    JA605J (JAL 767-300ER)
    HL7596 [photoid=100444]
    JA708A (with Indy Japan 2003 sticker)[photoid=44191]
    JA709A (with Indy Japan 2003 sticker) [photoid=85010]
    HS-TGJ [photoid=115283]
    N804DE [photoid=109152]
    N76010 [photoid=103209]
    B2302 (China Northwest Airlines A310)
    JA8909 [photoid=68394]
    N219UA [photoid=65920]
    N193UA [photoid=19375]
    HL7570 (Korean Air B777-200)
    JA8180 [photoid=117838]
    N77014 [photoid=27672]

    Approximately 12 to 13 United Airlines 747/777 (includes N193UA/N219UA)
    6 American Airlines 777
    1 NWA Cargo 74F
    2 Northwest 320, 2 Northwest 744 (1 in new nwa colour)
    1 VARIG MD11
    1 AC 744
    1 JAS AB6 in new JAL colour

    Part 2 on JAA continues...
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