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EZE-CDG on AF 777 (no pics, sorry)

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  • EZE-CDG on AF 777 (no pics, sorry)

    Hi all,

    long time no posting here, but as I recently have flown a lot I wanted to tell you a bit about it. Ok, here we go (please excuse me for the bad grammar, words, etc)

    Date: 27/10/06
    Flight: AF415
    Airplane: B777-200ER F-GSPU
    Boarding Time: 17:40
    Scheduled Departure Time: 18:20
    Actual Departure Time: 18:30
    Scheduled Arrival Time: 11:30
    Actual Arrival Time: 11:15

    Well, I left home at about 15:00 considering I have between 30 or 60 minutes -depending on traffic- to get to Ezeiza.
    Got to EZE after 45minutes. Quick and nice check-in but a rather slow migration pass due to the big amount of people leaving at that time (Gol 738 to GIG, LB 727 to VVI, LA 767 and A320 leaving to SCL, etc) Finally I made it to the boarding/free shop area and got to see our aircraft. For your surprise this was a bright and clean 777 of Air France, yes, your eyes are working fine, a CLEAN AF plane .

    With some time to spare, I walked around the free shop (but not really to shop something if not to see the girls, remember that we argentineans have the best ones) and after having a sandwich I dedicate to spot the different planes. Well, as I told you there was a GOL 738, a LA 320 and 767, LAB 727, together with an Aerosur 732 to VVI, and a TAM Mercosur F100 to GIG.

    While resting and burning some time I saw the AR's 744 leaving to MAD together with another interesting departures. Well, but the boarding time was approaching so I started to organize a bit.

    At 17:40 punctual the boarding started. It was quick and with no major delays. The occupation for our flight was very full, I would say about 85-90%. Upper classes were also very crowded. I get to my seat 44B and started to get ready for the loooong 13 hours flight to Paris.

    At 18:20 we started to taxi. We quickly got to runway 11 and departed on a bright day at Buenos Aires. I was waving at home, of which I would be very very far away for the next 15 days.

    Soon after departure, we got some snacks and the menu for the dinner. The crew was very young yet experienced, helpful and very kind. Time went by and we were leaving Uruguay and entering Brazil airspace. We crossed Porto Alegre (POA) and continue bordering the Brazilian coastline up to Recife.

    Up to there I killed time with the in-flight magazine (boy AF has a lots of aircrafts compared to our beloved Aerolineas ), reading a book, iPod or fooling around with the PTV.

    The dinner was served while we were near GIG, I chose the pasta which was very very tasty. The other option was some chicken which also looked very good. I wasn't really sleepy, so I decided to watch a movie. Haha, believe it or not I saw "The Devil Wears Prada" which was if not the worst, almost, the most awful and boring movie I saw :P but it helped because when it finished (yes, I watched it completely) we were at the middle of the ocean heading for Dakar (DKR).

    I managed to sleep some 3 or 4 hours and woke up nearly entering Europe. We crossed right above Madrid and after entering France the breakfast was served. Some coffe, muffins, etc etc. Usual stuff, all pretty "eatable".

    We finally made it to Paris and started our downwind approach to runway 27L. While having CDG to my left I could watch a departure followed by another and another and another, wow, what a traffic. Behind of us came a little A318 coming from Scotland -dont remember which city-

    We made a smooth landing on the misty and foggy Paris. Taxi to our gate took hours, which is bad for non-aviation enthusiasts but for me it was heaven. Tons of planes from every part of the world.
    We finally get to the gate and de-boarding was rather slow, but I didnt care at all, I was in Paris for gods sake!! Lots of people connecting to other flights, I noticed that the woman seating next to me was bound to GVA, others to AMS, etc.

    To conclude, sorry about no taking pictures and I hope this report is not too long and heavy to read or digest. I would really appreciate any comment and critics, because while being in Europe I travelled a lot (CDG-BCN, FCO-CDG, etc) and if this results fine I will consider do the rest...

    and sorry again for spelling and all that!

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    No pics!!!! Awwwww...You make me spin right roun....

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      Worth reading anyway, together with some of the recent developments you whitnessed as for services to/from other Latin American destinations (Gol, AeroSur, TAM Mercosur ....) good to hear LB 727s are still around.
      Thanks for visiting
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