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Delta 39 (AMS-ATL)

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  • Delta 39 (AMS-ATL)

    Airline: Delta Air Lines
    Date: 19 July 2006
    Departure from: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
    Destination: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International
    Flight number: DL39
    Travel time: 9:50
    Aircraft: Boeing 767-332(ER)
    Registration: N179DN
    Seat: 34A in coach

    Since I heard some bad things about Delta before flying with them, I didn't expect very much of them. But I must say: "I was happily surprised!"

    The plane was split up in several zones. Therefor during boarding you could organise yourself before all the other passengers wanted to get thru. Although boarding went okay, we left the gate 30 minutes late.

    On each seat there was a free headset, a pillow and a blanket. Cabin crew was giving out menus and after that they showed us the safety video. No; the plane didn't have PTV.

    The wind was coming from the north so we taxied to runway 36L, better known as "the Polderbaan". Unfortunately I didn't see anybody taking a photo of our plane. Taxiing to the Polderbaan can take 20 minutes if you're unlucky, but we rushed over the taxiway and were in the air very quickly.

    Just after air-born the cabin crew came out again and gave us a drink and a bag of nuts. The cabin crew was very professional. A good thing was that one of them spoke Dutch. The movie they played was Ice Age 1.

    The next thing we got was lunch. We could have pasta or beef.
    I took the pasta. I think it was the best airline meal I've ever had in my life. The pasta came with a lovely cream sauce and some small tomatoes. Beside the pasta I got a salad of lettuce and cucumber, a cracker, a white role, a biscuit and some water. Cabin crew also asked if we wanted something else to drink with our meal. They even offered a FREE alcoholic drink!
    My parents took the beef. They thought that was great too! It came with potatoes and some vegetables.
    After dinner we got some tea.

    We were very lucky because Delta re-introduced the mid-flight snack just 19 days before. We got a Häagen-Dazs icecream. It was nice but we had to wait about 20 minutes before we could eat it because it was so deep frozen.
    After that we yet again got something to drink.

    Finally, just before landing, we got a slice of pizza. It was nice but not very well cooked. We also got some water and a biscuit.

    After nearly 10 hours of flying we began our descent to Atlanta. We landed on runway 9R and then taxied to our gate. When we arrived at the gate I asked the cabin crew if I could have a look in the cockpit. That was no problem at all.

    Thanks for reading my review!

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    Nice illustrated report, great you got to see the cockpit. I looked in my database and found I have been spotting that day, but it was at the panorama terrace not at 36L, so I can not provide you with a nice picture of your take off..

    cheers, Pamela