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December 14th:- Seattle-Chicago-Peoria (Sorry, no pictures)

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  • December 14th:- Seattle-Chicago-Peoria (Sorry, no pictures)

    December 14th:- Seattle-O'Hare


    6:05AM to 6:30AM

    AA 1440



    Reg: unknown

    In Dec 14th, I didnít go to sleep until off to the airport. We finished packing and drove to the airport at 4AM. Arrived the airport at 4:55AM and go though the Alaska Airlines. We went to the wrong counter, then go to American Airlines for very long lines. We went back to the e-ticket line, and check in the screen. We had a problem at the screen and ticket agent will fix it the ticket. We got a tickets, go though the security checkpoint. My 1st time fly on American Airlines and B757 with RR. We went to the A9 gate. There is Boeing 757 with winglets. Bad luck we donít go to the plane with winglets. We board the plane and takeoff with no traffic. I sat in 12F and there is a window blind is broken. I fall asleep when flew into the cloudy. There are no foods on that flight, and only drinks. I didnít eat anything because we rushed to the airport. The sun rise to the sky and I am wearing a sunglasses. I watched the movie about NFL Football. I forget the name. The plane to approach the OíHare, and I didnít take a picture or video because the crew in the front of jump seat. The plane to touchdown and engine reserves, then taxi to the gate. I saw FedEx A300 is still in the runway. We arrived in around 11AM and wait for the next flight to Peoria.




    Reg: unknown

    2:20pm to 3:00pm


    We are getting hungry to eat and long walk to the G gate. We ate in OíHare Grill & Bar. I already full and buy a drink. We went to the G19 and the gate had been change. We went to downstairs and wait for the flight. The flight had been delayed and waits more 15 minutes. I still exhaust and fall asleep until the flight is on. We board the plane and my 1st time on ERJ- 145 and American Eagles. I went into the cabin and there is no baggage rack on left side. It looks narrow and I sat in 18A. The plane to begin to takeoff, and there is 10 planes on the taxiway to the runway. We waited for 10 minutes and FedEx A300 is on the runway. I saw UAL 772 on runway that I had been flown before. The plane set to takeoff and the speed is very fast, but wake turbulence on the air. The flight is only 15 minutes to Peoria without drinks. The plane to landing and approach is taken longer with flaps on, and touchdown the runway then taxi to the gate. We arrived in Peoria in 5pm. I didn't take a picture because of my camera bag is still in the luggage rack. Overall the flights are good. It is the 1st time on that flight to Peoria without drinks in 22 years. It is the fastest flight is only 15 minutes from Chicago to Peoria.

    Anyway, do you understand?

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    No pictures!!!! Paul, you just got a new freakin' camera!
    My Flickr Pictures! Click Me!


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      I didn't take out my camera because I am exhausted. -_-