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  • Lst-mel-syd-bne

    Well here my first attempt to add a flight review.

    Airline - Virgin Blue

    Depart From - Launceston

    Destination - Brisbane (via MEL and SYD)

    Date - 04/12/2006 (day/month/year)

    i left home at 4am to get there at 5. Here a snap of the sunrise over the hill prior to boarding from the viewing area.

    Now aboard 737-8FE, VH-VOT, DJ601 to Melbourne on my first sector for the day at 6:10am. Seat 29F.

    Just after takeoff from Launceston's RWY 32L

    Leaving Tassie in the early morning. Visible here is north east tasmania, the stabilizer and oh, the unwanted window glare and dirt.

    Approaching Melbourne's RWY 27.

    Touchdown at 6:55am

    Pulling in alongside VH-VUA at 7:00 on the dot.

    VOT getting ready for it's second sector to Sydney and also my second sector.

    Now flying again aboard DJ817 to Sydney and VH-VOT for the second time. Here not too long out of Melbourne we are passing by the beginning of the huge bushfires in Victoria. Seat 1F

    A quick snap of our shadow approaching Sydney's RWY 16R at 9:05am. After landing in Sydney i spent some time watching these beautiful birds come and go until my last flight at 7:30pm.

    Now for my last sector on DJ269 to Brisbane aboard 737-7BX, VH-VBP. Here passing VH-VBO at the gates. 7:35pm local time.

    passing over the road on our way to RWY 16L

    Climbing out with the moon visible.

    I've seen the sunrise, now it's time for sunset. Seat 23A

    My final picture for the day showing the last light of the day.

    That concludes my first flight review. Any remarks would be appreciated. Cheers

    To see my pics on

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    Nice pictures Nathan. You had to sit all day at SYD for your flight to BNE? They couldn't give you a better connection?


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      Thanks. Ha.. it was my choice for a long connection, i make the most of the times when i travel for some plane spotting.

      To see my pics on