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    In autumn i took a flight from Salzburg to Las Palmas and back.

    The flight to Las Palmas was on 15.10. with an Airbus A320 and the operater was Fly Niki:

    The plane was very clean and new, between the seats was more space than usual on this charter flights. All in all i can say the best plane i have flown until now in case of condition and cleanliness.

    The plane took off at 6 o'clock in the morning. It was still dark but a few moments later we had a beautiful sunrise.

    The service was very friendly. For the earphones I had to pay 1 Euro. The food was excellent but for alcoholic drinks I had to pay. Included were soft drinks, water and mineral water, coffee and tea.

    The personal on board was very friendly so that it was a very nice flight with a beautiful plane to a beautiful place.

    After a perfect landing in Las Palmas from the South i have been there 4 weeks on holidays.

    I also went spotting. Las Palmas is a very nice airport, the pictures you can see in my database.

    On 12.11. the flight home was with Lauda Air. It was an Airbus A320:

    The service and the food was excellent like always with Lauda Air. The plane was also in very good condition and was very clean, although not so good like the Airbus of Niki was. Here the alcoholic drinks were free and the earphones too.

    After a nice flight the landing in Salzburg was very terrible. With winds around 100km/h it wasn't very nice sitting in there.

    It is always a pleasure flying with Austrian (Lauda Air) or Niki Lauda's new airline Fly Niki.