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    Originally posted by seahawk
    They should have, but for one reason or the oher they did not attach or re-attach it. Perhaps they were expecting the missing paxs every minute and wanted to go as quickly as possible .. I do not know.
    This reminds me of the time I flew AA655 from JFK to STT. Aside from a lack of IFE and crappy food, when we landed at STT, the pilot requested that we close the window shades because the Air conditioning is broken. I felt sorry for the next people to have to fly on the aircraft next, or clean it. I presume it wouldnt have been hard to get a replacement considering AA's hub at SJU, which is a half hour away. Either that or fly the next passengers to SJU and put them on the next flight to JFK


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      I've enjoyed just about every flight I've ever taken. My worst flight was probably back in November 2006, flying Korean Air from London Heathrow to Seoul.

      Before travelling, I read a bit about the airline on their website. I especially wanted to know what the inflight entertainment would be like. The website bragged about a new AVOD system, so I was very excited. Unfortunately, when I boarded the 747-400, it looked old and dirty. The great new crew uniform didn't work well with what appeared to be a 1980s interior.

      I sat down and wasn't too surprised to see that there was no PTV, but I did expect to see more than just one film on what was a 10 hour 30 minute flight.

      The crew served two main meals and snacks, but otherwise, there was no crew presence for just about the entire flight. And when they did come around, they were especially friendly to the Korean passengers. They had no time for the few passengers that weren't Korean. I wasn't asked what my choice of meal was, they instead assumed that I would want the non-Korean option.

      Korean Air is one very expensive airline, so you expect a bit more in terms of service. I wouldn't use them nor recommend them for long-haul travel.

      I have one flight this Friday with them, but since it's only a 35 minute 'hop', I'll survive!


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        Originally posted by Bok269
        I was on a Pan Am Clipper Connection charter Flight to STT a year ago. The way down we had to stop in ORF for fuel. The 600 Am flight got in to STT at 300 PM. My dad asked why we needed to stop and The pilot (dont know whehter it was the captain, F/O, or F/E) told my dad that they didnt have the range to make it to STT. Clearly this was not true because we stopped at SJU for fuel and headed straight to JFK. We left in the late morning and didnt get back till the evening (i dont remember the time) The planes werent orginally PA birds, but still hadnt been renovated in a while. I wouldnt reccomend them to anyone.
        No doubt about that, Pan Am MkIV is only worth it for aviation geeks that "want to fly with Pan Am at least once". For regular pax, this joke of an airline isn't worth the stress.


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          Worst flight you've been on.

          The worst flight i have been on was back in 1996 but i was only 4 years old so i don't remember most of it anyway here goes.

          i was on a British Midland aircraft going to Gran Canaria. about half-a-hour in the flight i was bursting for a toilet. so i went to the toilet and it was broken so i had to hold it in for 4 hours, it was an nightmare.


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            Originally posted by DAL767-400ER
            No doubt about that, Pan Am MkIV is only worth it for aviation geeks that "want to fly with Pan Am at least once". For regular pax, this joke of an airline isn't worth the stress.
            Its a shame too. THeyre a disgrace to the Pan Am name. I wanted to shout Go Back into Bankruptcy as I got off the plane in JFK.


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              Worst trip eh? I've been forced to fly Northwest a whole lot, so it took a while to figure out which one was decidedly the worst, but I think I have it. It wasn't a single flight per say, but a trip.

              I was heading home to Maryland from North Dakota for Christmas break. I was supposed to get into BWI at about 1:30pm. This meant I had to leave GFK on the ridiculously early flight at either 5 or 6am, I don't exactly remember.

              My route of flight was GFK-MSP-DTW-BWI. I've never had much luck when flying through Detroit. I have never once made it through that airport without some sort of delay or cancellation.

              The first flight was your typical NW flight. I think it was on a DC-9. This was when I was still elite from flying back and forth to Japan multiple times a year, so I scored an upgrade for the whole trip. Still nothing special since none of these flights were very long and NWs service is still extremely weak. I think I got a granola bar and some coffee since it was early morning.

              I got into MSP and I think I had a 2 hour or so wait. Not a big deal, went up to the (really crappy) observation deck and tried to stay awake till my next flight. I need mention that I had not slept in 24 hours. I was screwed into having to work until 2am the night before I was due to fly back.

              Again, another upgrade from MSP-DTW. I forget what kind of plane I was on, but I was able to get a little bit of sleep. Landed in Detroit expecting a 45 min or so connection.

              All was well, got another upgrade, was sitting on my 757 to BWI drinking my orange juice before push back thinkin "hah, I finally got out of here without a delay of any kind". Just after I thought that came a PA telling us that one of the seats in the cockpit was broken and our flight had been canceled. There were 4 flights heading to Baltimore later that day (it was currently something like 11am) and we were all randomly assigned to those four flights.

              There was a 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and a 9pm and I think you can guess which one I got. I had been up since 10am the previous day, had about $1 in my wallet, and I get to spend more or less the rest of the day in Detroit. I was really hungry, so I asked if I could score a meal voucher. The lady was very nice and had no problem giving me one....for five freakin dollars. I could barely afford to get McDonalds with that, but it'll do I guess. Airports are expensive.

              Anyway, over 9 hours later, I've damn near fallen asleep in about 7 different places in the airport and my flight finally started boarding. I was happy to finally get on the airplane, even though this flight was on a DC-9 and I had a middle seat right next to the engines. At least I'd be home soon. Slightly delayed pushing back, but at this point in time I really didn't care anymore. We do a powerback, which normally I think is pretty cool, but I really just wanted to get in the air so I could recline my seat and try to sleep. We taxi for about 10 mins and then come to a stop, nowhere near the end of the runway. We sit for 15 mins before we're told via PA that we are 1 passenger overweight and need to taxi back to the terminal to find a volunteer to get off the plane.

              Here's the part that really bothers me. I'm aware that its illegal to fly a plane when its overweight, the crew can't do anything about that. But here's the stupid part. According to the FAA, every passenger weighs 170lbs. That is the "average". So when you're estimating the weights anyway, does 170lbs really make a difference? Heck, we probably burnt 170lbs of gas off just taxiing out and back twice (with two power backs)

              We get back to the gate, and the ground crew pops the baggage doors open and starts unloading our bags. Supposedly one of the pilots was hanging out the window yelling for them to stop. He later made a PA apologizing for the whole situation being "anything but professional".

              We finally got off the ground, about 9 hours after I was supposed to ARRIVE at BWI. Then there is the whole waiting 45 mins to get your bags at BWI.

              So yeah...that was fun.


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                1969.... QF 177 BNE-DRW-QPG-SGN.......... NO ALCOHOL
                QF 178...fixed the problem
                My contribution to JetPhotos


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                  Originally posted by Greg Wilson
                  1969.... QF 177 BNE-DRW-QPG-SGN.......... NO ALCOHOL
                  QF 178...fixed the problem
                  Oh you should try Royal Brunei....


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                    Worst Flight Ever - Air Canada, 1984, Halifax to St.John's

                    I was a child then, about 8 years old. I love flying. But this flight was ridiculous. It was the MOST turbulent DC-9 flight I've ever had on approach to St. John's, NFLD. Every other flight after that was superb. It wasn't even snowing or raining!!

                    Originally posted by PMN
                    Actually that reminds me of a flight on a BA 757 from LHR to MAN. We'd just done a gig in Portugal somewhere and hadn't slept for over 30 hours. We were flying LIS-LHR-MAN, and rather unwisely a few of us decided to get ridiculously drunk on the four hour drive to LIS after the gig, and by the time we arrived at LHR we were extremely tired and still a pissed. The flight was a bumpy one which I usually love, but not on this occasion, and this particular 757 was sadly lacking air vents at the back of the cabin. That has to be in my top 3 most uncomfortable flights list!

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                      My experience with flying is really very short, but probably the worst flight in which I have been is the one from BOG to MAD and also the return flight, both with Air Plus Comet one in a 747 and the other in an A310. Both flights made an unexpected stop at Santo Domingo and the return flight cabin temperature was very very hot all the people in the plane were scandalized. I know this isnīt a very bad experience but it is the worse flight experinence of my life. The 747 flight was full of turbulence...
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                        Worst flight...or rather the flight I didn't get, was TravelCityDirect Gatwick - Orlando/Sanford. I say didn't get because it was delayed for 23 hrs.

                        Supposed to depart at 0930 'ish, flying Sunshine First Class which was a major part of the holiday that we were looking forward to. We were first told that there was a 2 hour delay....then after 2 hrs it became a further 5 hrs.....then we would get more info at 1930 hrs. Then it was too late to travel even with a replacement 747-200/300 from Air Atlanta ( who sub-charter to TravelCityDirect ) because such an old aircraft can't leave Gatwick at night due to noise restrictions. Flight was officially cancelled 10 minutes after the time the last Orlando flight (Virgin) left Gatwick. Interesting that we had the right to demand alternative travel on official cancellation of the flight, even if it meant travelling on another carrier...the last of which had just left!

                        It later transpired that our aircraft had gone technical with a thrust reverser problem and had been sitting in Luxembourg at the Cargolux maintenance base where Air Atlanta / TravelCityDirect aircraft are maintained...and had been there, with no hope of repair in time for us to go out, since well before our original departure time.
                        TravelCityDirect knew damn well that we would not be flying that day but just stalled us to avoid their alternative travel responsibilities. We were put up in the airport hotel, finally getting to bed at about 2300hrs..only to have to get up at 0430 to wash, dress, take breakfast and check in the following morning.

                        We finally left 23 hours late in a replacement Air Atlanta aircraft that only had economy seating so we were relegated to upper deck economy seats. We were refunded our outbound upgrade costs but, apart from the hotel, we had no other recompense.

                        What really pissed me off was the return journey that left on time, with us in our rightful first class seats for a most enjoyable, comfortable flight. Nothing like rubbing your nose in what you missed outbound.

                        Most Frightening Flight.

                        Saudia Arabian Airlines internal B737 - 200 Yanbu - Riyadh.

                        A long weekend away to visit the Saudi capital turned into a nail biter when a humunguous storm developed over Riyadh airport. You have to have seen a desert storm to appreciate what I mean but, believe me, it was spectacular to see on approach to Riyadh.
                        We shot a couple of trial approaches, going around very early from long finals due to the massive crosswinds and windshear. The pilot very wisely decided to divert to Dhahran. We sat on the tarmac for a couple of hours until the storm at Riyadh had eased and we were able to go back there.

                        Did I say that the storm had eased ?

                        It was still thunder and lightning and blowing a whacking crosswind although the windshear was no longer present. That was the one and only time I have ever sat in row 2 window seat and clearly seen the full length and width of the runway for the entire final approach. I swear that the down wind wingtip was only a couple of feet off the ground when we touched down and that we landed left gear....pause.....right gear....pause.....nose gear, now try and stay on the runway.
                        The exhalation of breath from all aboard, including the cabin crew, was very loud when we finally slowed and pulled off the runway. Not quite as loud, however, than the round of applause for the skills of the captain.
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                          April 18, 2002
                          American Airlines Flight 810
                          Reno - Chicago
                          Boeing 737-800

                          After a four hour ground delay due to maintenance , we took off in a snow storm. Less than ten minutes into the flight the stabilizer made an un commanded left hand turn. The plane vibrated severely for about 10 secs. Some people later said it felt as though the real of the plane had fallen off. We ended up making an emergency landing in Sacramento.
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                            8th June 2004

                            crewed by the staff from New Zealand..well most of them were, absolutely the rudest and most abrupt bunch that I've ever had the misfortune of flying with.

                            18 Nov 2000

                            absolute disaster of a flight...I've never thrown up due to consumption of food onboard but I certainly did on this flight.

                            10 Dec 2000

                            staffed by "training" crew...this flight put me off SQ for 7 years until I recently flew with them this year to Johannesburg.

                            next trips
                            USA/DXB August.


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                              Lemme guess Monty, you had the fish?


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                                Here's the new Kid on the Block's answer. I haven't been on a real bad flight but there is one that made me kind of P*ssed. When American Airlines took a number of bags (Including mine) off the flight to Regan to haul discounted Government Cargo, god was I fit to be tied. Luggage came on the next flight, but took 7 Hours to get to the Hotel. But my Father who flies A LOT (At least once or twice every month) could write a book on some of his horror flights.
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