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    JetBlue A320 (reg.# unknown), Dec. 11th 2006, PBI-JFK.

    Got the the check-in counters 2 1/2 hours prior to departure and was able to check in for my flight via the staff at the check in counters. There were two agents, one quite pleasant that began helping me and the other (that took over for he first) was the most rediculuously rude person ever. The latter refused to look at me, instead addressing all of her comments/questions through the first who then spoke to me. She tapped her fingers as she waited for me to load my bag onto the scale and then said "umm - the bag is overweight - that is an overage charge," to which I replied - "umm - your shoe is still on it...". She quickly tagged the bag, placed the "fragile" sticked on it and then threw it onto the conveyer belt.

    I was soo pissed, but as I was about to walk away I looked at my seat assignement and was like 21 E. I walked right back to the first lady and was like "I chose my seats at home, and I specifically chose 5A. Why did she change my seat? Can you please change it back?" After 10 minutes of tapping away at the keeyboard she was like "I am soo sorry sir, it looks like she made a mistake. And I have to appologize because seat 5A is no longer available." I demanded an Emerbgency Exit row seat and was finally given 11A.

    When I got to the gate, the weather was HORRIBLE!!! Next to my gate there were a couple of U.S. Airways flights that were simply ground halted due to the weather. Suddenly the announcement came that the U.S. Airways flight (which was scheduled PBI-Washington D.C.-Hartford) was cancelling the middle leg and that the aircraft would only be heading to Hartford. People were soooooooo pissed. Anyway, a one hour delay had most of us worried, but then we began boarding. After boarding, after pushback, we were advised that we were delayed again. Another hour later and we were still waiting, not even allowed to return to the gate. The F/A's were trying to calm the passengers except for the F/A assigned to my section (a.k.a. ICE QUEEN!!!). She was just intolerably rude! She cam over and asked us "Do you need anyhting to drink right now?". I replied, "Can I get a glass of rain water?". The other passengers started laughing, and she left - obvioulsy not amused. We made our way to the runway and the captian came over the intercom to say "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are delayed once more, but we are going to be leaving soon." About 15 minutes later, the flight attendants got their call to prepare for takeoff and we rocketed out towards the atlantic. It was perhaps some of the worst turbulence that I have ever encoutnered. The A320 rocketed and rocked as if it were a toy at the will of a child. It lasted 12 minutes. The lady next to me could not grip her poor husband's hand any tighter. She even screamed twice. It was horrible. Once we got to the cruising altutiude, it was soo bright. Dark, thick clouds below us and the full sun above us. The inflight service was great, expect for Ice Queen who refused to get me a bottle of water. To get my drink, I had to walk to the galley and ask a flight attendant myself. Oh, BTW, my IFE screen was not working. So all that I could do was listen to the radio. Ice Queen passed out the snacks and then was like "What would you like?" I didn't reply b/c I was fixing my bag at my feet. She waited no more than 1.5 seconds and left. She never even gave the passengers next to me their snacks.

    Our approach into JFK was beautiful. Got off of the aircraft to see that half of the connecting passengers were screwed. Back in PBI, the passengers were told by fligh crew that they delay would not seriously affect their flight plans and that they would be confirmed on other flights for the same day. The couple sitting next to me were scheduled to continue onto the West-Coast but could not be confirmed seats, or even on the same flight.

    I went downstairs and noticed my bag. Opened it and there was the my diploma, in it's case - completely smashed. I took the glass out of it and as I closed the bag laughed at the "Fragile" sticker. What a freakign waste of time!
    Whatever is necessary, is never unwise.


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      I was once flying between Malta and Palermo on the lovely but old B 732s Air Malta had. Visited the cockpit and talked to the pilots and he explained to me the flap and reversing systems on this immaculate old lady and my favourite type of aircraft the 737-200Adv. This was in 1997.

      I got seated back enar my mum since she was in the PTA and this was a flight for School children. I got a window seat to see those bucket reversers in action, next to me there was mum and next to mum there was another guy.

      We climbed for this short 25 minutes flight. Upon climbing we encountered servere turbulence, and some really bad air pockets. The turbulence lasted for about 6 minutes and afterwards the crew came and gave us 3 pieces of squarish frozen sandwiches and an orange juice each. Me and my mum don't like orange juice but we took it.

      The guy next to man was rocked by the turbulence and ate his sandwiches and drank his juice like a pig, really, he ate and drank while I was still eating my first piece of sandwich. Afterwards he requested to take our juices, that means he drank 3 juices at 4:50 am in the morning!

      As soon as he finished sipping the last drops of his juice, the captian announced that there was turbulence in descent to Palermo and the plane started rocking. The guy near mum started turning green and after some 'sound effects' he vommited on me and my mum.

      The smell was horrible and I had to make a day with my return flight with my shorts full of vomit stains and the crew didn't even bother to hand us some napkins to try and eliminate as much as possible the stains.

      Atleast I got to see those reversers in action!



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        My worst flight ever....
        Lotus Air, in 2002 (don't remember the exact day, it was in April).
        We took an A320 for CAI-LXR...we landed at LXR during an heavy sand storm!
        Visibility was 0, winds were , OMG, i've never seen stronger winds...We had some heavy turbulences...And finaly we landed. Horrible landing!


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          Another bad pair of flights...

          United 777 LHR - LAX. We'd booked a holiday to Laughlin, Nevada and paid for it some 9 months previously. At this time me and the missus had different surnames. Flight tickets arrived some 5 weeks before departure and off we go to Heathrow. At check in we're confronted with the rudest American woman I've ever met who informed us when we asked for a pair of seats together, one by the window that we couldn't have that. "OK then, we'll have a pair of seats in the middle." "no, seats have been allocated, your're in row 19 and your good lady is in row 32" ( I forget the actual seats but you get my drift ? )

          "How come, we booked together and the tickets were sent to same address ?"

          "All passengers with different surnames will have to take what's left, and some of you won't get on because we're overbooked"

          "OK then, bump the last ones to book" says I.

          "No, I'll decide who gets bumped off". Says check-in tart.

          This is where the penny dropped that all of the passengers on the organised tour were being bumped off to make space for late booking full fare paying Americans.

          Cue riot !!

          A tip for our American friends in the airline industry....NEVER piss off a group of Brits who you think don't know each other. We all quickly got together and produced a united ( if you'll pardon the bad pun ! ) front and proceeded to inform check-in tart that we'd all booked and paid for this flight a long time before the ones they were trying to favour and if we didn't get on this flight, sitting with our families and loved ones there was going to be some serious shit flying....and it 'aint made by Mr Boeing !!

          Eventually we got our way and boarded but I'm pretty sure that check-in tart had a word with the crew because the service was the worst I have ever experienced.

          Holiday over, time to go home.

          Check in at LAX, I'm 5 kilos of baggage over but my missus is 3 kilos under and I figure they 'aint about to argue over 2 kilos total.
          They try to charge me 1 % of the first class passenger fare for each of the 5 kilos which was quite a sum to me at the time.
          Tried explaining that we could put some in missus's case and was it really worth arguing over ? No, that couldn't happen, it would delay the queue.

          Now I'm REALLY pissed off.....until I have a bright idea !

          "OK then, bill me please for the excess, here's my address" says I.

          "We take dollars, pounds, travellers cheques or a credit card" they say.

          I say "No dollars or pounds on me, I spent all my money BUYING AMERICAN GOODS !! to take home, and I haven't got any travellers cheques."

          "we take cred....." "I don't have a credit card and my debit card is all spent out BUYING AMERICAN GOODS !! to take home with me. Bill me please to my home address."

          It finally sinks in with them that I haven't got any money that I'm going to give them ( I really didn't but I wasn't about to tell them about my debit card actually having funds left because by now I am WELL AND TRULY PISSED OFF WITH UNITED PIGGIN' AIRLINES !! )

          Check in person scurries off to speak to supervisor. She didn't see me follow and didn't know that I heard her told by supervisor to "stop being so stupid over 5 kilos, give him a boarding pass, the flight's 1/4 empty anyway".

          Leg it back to check-in before she gets there.

          "My supervisor says that this time we'll let it go....( pause )....Sir, but it won't be allowed again."
          "Too right it won't" thinks I, "'Cos I won't be flying United EVER again".

          And that, my friends is why you will NEVER see me on a United Airlines aircraft EVER again.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            The worst flight for me has to been a WN flight I took MSY-MCO in 2002. This was back pre-TSA.

            Well, I got into MSY, and being given the infamous "Checkerboard" on my boarding pass (I was flying one-way so I expected it) , I was given three searches, one at the ticket counter for my checked baggage (the thing I could never understand with that is why you had to remain right there while they did the extended screening on the checked baggage, rather than being able to go right to the pax screening checkpoint), and next I went through the secondary screening at the central checkpoint with no difficulty. At the gate I was waiting in the line to be screened again when the bi*ch screener working for some company called Huntleigh snapped at me with no provocation "Do You Have a Problem With Being Searched?" Of course, I simply said "no", although I was tempted to call her on the unprovoked nasty tone and insist on talking to her supervisor. I had no problem at all with going through the secondary screenings, but the lady's tone was uncalled for as I did nothing to provoke it, and to this day I still wonder what set her off.

            Needless to say, by the time the secondary screening got done, pretty much everyone else was already on the plane, and I got stuck in a center seat between a freakin' fat guy and a screaming kid!

            That was a hour and forty five minutes of absolute torture!


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              Which had NOTHING to do with the airline or the flight?

              Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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                haven't flown in a while, but i remember once, still in 2nd grade on a fight with my mom and aunt on a united shuttle, sfo-lax, it was a rainy day, we arrived at the airport, at the check in table, we found out our flight got canceled, it was like noon to 2pm i think, so, we had to wait, the planes paeed and go, no room, till like 8 pm, finally they got seats, the flight wasn't all that bad, just 6hrs staring at space, lol

                and another time, even younger, united hkg(kai tak)-sfo, or vice versa, don't remember, but in the middle of the flight, we hit turbulence, for like 30mins straight, the plane was diving and climbing, switching like every 5 seconds, like the small hills on a roller coaster, those g forces were pretty unpleasant

                yes i am a boeing fan, and i know thats a airbus, haha


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                  BA from Manchester to Brussels three years ago, on a 146 or RJ-not sure which. We paid top dollar for our "scum class" seats (more fool us) and it was the first time I had flown on this aircraft type. I'm a reasonably large bloke (6 foot 1") and it seemed obvious to me that three/three seating was squeezing in a row too many-and I was in a window seat, which made matters worse. A most uncomfortable and expensive flight.

                  By the way, is there any way I can get link to my photos below to appear automatically on all my postings? I've just figured out how to get it to appear, but I'm having to copy and paste it into each posting. Hope someone can help.

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                    Go into User CP on the upper left hand corner. On the left hand side you'll see edit signature. Copy and paste the HTML into that box and hit save.


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                      Thanks very much for that-done it and I also now see how to add an avatar to my postings, so I'm going to make a 150 x 150 photo file this weekend to become that.


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                        Originally posted by Propman
                        BA from Manchester to Brussels three years ago, on a 146 or RJ-not sure which. We paid top dollar for our "scum class" seats (more fool us) and it was the first time I had flown on this aircraft type. I'm a reasonably large bloke (6 foot 1") and it seemed obvious to me that three/three seating was squeezing in a row too many-and I was in a window seat, which made matters worse. A most uncomfortable and expensive flight.

                        a) You choose to pay top dollar, can't really blame BA for that
                        b) A think you'll find most 6''1 men will find it pretty uncomfortable to fly on any RJ for a few hours. lol

                        Be greatfull you got food and drinks on the flight.