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  • Mel-sin-dxb-bey-beg

    date: November 24th
    flight: EK405
    routing: MEL-DXB via SIN
    aircraft: B773ER
    registration: A6-EMM

    Flight was scheduled for boardng at 1930 but actually began boarding at around 2015. Boarding was a mess considering departure time was 2030 but F/A's were fantastic during the whole process. Flight departed late and everything went nicely during take off from MEL. Inflight was fantastic, great IFE, great food (which is served on both the MEL-SIN and the SIN-DXB flights), comfy seats, fantastic F/A's which were well presented and very polite, and spoke a variety of languages from Arabic to English to Romanian and Serbian, which was great. The inflight magazine i found was really boring considering i gave many attempts to enjoy it. Toilets were nice and clean, and the a/c seemed well maintained. I was disappointed when i asked for an f/a to charge the battery on my video camera which she gladly took, but came back with it asking for a Australian to European or US plug converter. I thought this was strange considering that EK fly mnay daily flights to Australian cities and only to JFK in the US. Landing was rough both in SIN and DXB. The F/A's allowed passengers to disembark at SIN for around half an hour, which i did. SIN would have been better if it wasnt for the police who freely walked around the terminal holding guns. Landing into DXB was ontime.

    date: November 25th
    flight: JU089
    routing: DXB-BEG via BEY
    aircraft: B733
    registration: YU-ANI

    Boarding went smoothly and F/A's greeted passengers on entry in Serbian and English. Once everyone had boarded, we were informed that the flight had to wait 15 minutes to be cleared for take off. This time came and we began push back and after a Dragon Air Cargo B747 landed the flight took to the skies. Next to no IFE was available, great food (which is served both between DXB-BEY and BEY-BEG), F/A's were fantastic. The a/c showed its age. Was annoyed that my seat wouldnt recline, but since the flight wasnt too full i took up the vacant seats next to me and read the inflight magazines which are interesting to read. The magazines were written in Serbian with the English translated text beside it. Just one consern i had during flight was that the cockpit door was open during flight the whole 7 and a half hours to BEG except for the landing and departure. Toilet was cramped, and im not fat or wide, and the toilet doesn't seem well mainted nor did that bar of soap for passenger use look too hygenic either. Landings were really smooth both in Beirut and in Belgrade. F/A's only allow passengers to disembark if BEY was their final destination, meaning as i was bound for BEG i wasn't allow off the a/c, but the stop was short. Arrival into BEG was on time. Flight arrived into the all newly re-constructed Terminal 2 which was fantastic. My only complaint is that smoking is allowed in the terminal and is noticed as soon as you exit the air bridge and enter the terminal. Everything in BEG was quick, but was not impressed when in English i was asked for my passport, showed my Australian passport to the passport control officer who opened it, read it, and then in Serbian asked for my "Yugoslavian" passport, which i dont have which is what i told him. But other than that, fantastic experience with both carriers.

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