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Which flights have you taken in 2006

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    2/17/06 US Airways Airbus A321-211 FLL-CLT Flight 55 - N164UW
    2/19/06 US Airways Boeing 737-4B7 CLT-FLL Flight 919 - N434US
    3/25/06 American Boeing 757-223 FLL-SJU Flight 1963 - N698AN
    3/27/06 American Boeing 757-223 SJU-FLL Flight 2214 - N652AA
    5/10/06 jetBlue Airbus A320-232 FLL-JFK Flight 4 - N548JB "Blueberry"
    5/10/06 jetBlue Airbus A320-232 JFK-FLL Flight 47 - N582JB "Mystic Blue"
    6/10/06 Southwest Boeing 737-7H4 FLL-MDW Flight 1938 - N719SW
    6/20/06 Southwest Boeing 737-7H4 MDW-FLL Flight 997 - N765SW

    (sorry for the weird formatting, I cut/pasted directly from my flights spreadsheet)

    (looking back, one strange thing, N719SW was painted in the "canyon blue" color scheme, while the newer N765SW was in the older Southwest colors. I guess ship 765 hasn't had its "D" check (or whichever one it is when the plane is repainted)).


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      AA 2329/2211 ORD-DFW-PDX (MD80/MD80)

      DAL 4068/524 EUG-SLC-ORD (CRJ-200/MD-90)
      DAL ????/3780 (EMB-170/CRJ-200)
      SWA 345 PDX-LAS (737)
      SWA 2963 LAS-PDX (737)
      QXE/NWA QXE2046/NW170/NW1735 PDX-SEA-MSP-FAR (Dash8 Q-200/757-300/A319)
      NWA 866/138 GFK-MSP-ORD (DC-9-50/DC-9-50)
      NWA 133/2823 ORD-MSP-GFK (A320/ CRJ-200)
      NWA 134/593 GFK-MSP-PDX (DC-9-50/A320)
      NWA 218/790 PDX-MSP-GFK (757-300/DC-9-30)
      NWA 411/217 FAR-MSP-PDX (DC-9-30/757-300)
      ASA 488 PDX-SNA (737-400)
      UAL 6146/708 SNA-LAX-PDX (EMB-120/737-500)

      I think that is it


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        I need to be better and actually keep track of flight numbers and such. I promise I'll do better in '07

        MDW-MSP (more times than I can remember) (Mix of DC-9,717,A319)
        ORD-ATL-MIA (MD80,737-800)
        MDW-SDF (737-300)
        GFK-JMS-FAR (PA28
        GFK-DVL-2L1 (PA28


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          April 2006:
          01APR Delta 0141 BRU-JFK Boeing 767-332ER N1609 J 5C
          03APR Comair 5762 LGA-GSP CRJ-100 N783CA Y 9A
          10APR Delta 0124 ATL-BRU Boeing 767-332ER N1613B J 6A

          July 2006:
          02JUL Virgin Express 0540 BRU-FAO Boeing 737-36N OO-VEH Y 5F
          11JUL Virgin Express 0541 FAO-BRU Boeing 737-36N OO-VEG Y 2D
          11JUL SWISS 0783 BRU-ZRH Airbus A319 HB-IPV Y 30A
          11JUL SWISS European 0564 ZRH-NCE Avro 85. HB-IXT Y 17F
          14JUL SWISS 0563 NCE-ZRH Airbus A319 HB-IPX Y 32A
          14JUL SWISS European 0780 ZRH-BRU Avro 85 HB-IXR Y 14A
          22JUL KLM Cittyhopper 1728 BRU-AMS Fokker 50 PH-KVF Y 9A
          22JUL KLM 0621 AMS-ATL Boeing 767-306ER PH-BZH "Tower Bridge" Y 29A

          August 2006:
          11AUG KLM 622 ATL-AMS Boeing 767-306ER PH-BZO "Karmsund Bridge" Y 29A
          12AUG KLM Cittyhopper 1723 AMS-BRU Fokker 50 PH-KVG Y 8A

          October 2006:
          28OCT KLM Cittyhopper 1724 BRU-AMS Fokker 70 PH-KZL Y 15A
          28OCT Northwest 0057 AMS-MEM DC 10-30 N235NW Y 11J
          28OCT Northwest 0935 MEM-ATL Airbus A319 N364NB F 2D

          November 2006:
          02NOV Northwest 0468 ATL-DTW DC 9-50 N762NC F 3D
          02NOV Northwest 0054 DTW-AMS Airbus A330-323(X) N810NW Y 35A
          03NOV KLM Cittyhopper 1729 AMS-BRU Fokker 50 PH-LXP Y 14A

          December 2006:
          28DEC Icelandair 0503 AMS-KEF Boeing 757-208 TF-FIP "Leifur Eriksson" Y 28F




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            A very short list for me here:

            Feb 11: LH3727 ZRH - FRA (A320)
            Feb 11: SA263 FRA - CPT (A346)
            Feb 25: SA262 CPT - FRA (A346)
            Feb 25: LX1077 FRA - ZRH (RJ100)
            June 18: EK088 ZRH - DXB (A343)
            June 29: EK087 DXB - ZRH (A343)
            Sep 1: AB9748 ZRH - PMI (A320)
            Sep 15: AB9749 PMI - ZRH (A320)
            Dec 22: LX288 ZRH - JNB (A343)
            Dec 23: BA6417 JNB - CPT (B733)


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              Co Ewr-sea

              WN SLC-LAS

              WN LAS-RNO

              Co Den-ewr

              Fl Hpn-atl

              Fl Atl-hpn

              Co90 Ewr-tlv

              Co91 Tlv-ewr


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                Which flight have you taken in 2006

                well i have only been on 2 flights in 2006

                Futura 737-800 EI-DKD Faro
                Futura 737-800 EI-DKD Glasgow


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                  March 5:
                  Northwest Airlines
                  American Eagle (Bumped from missed Continental Connection flight)

                  March 11:
                  Continental Connection

                  October 9:

                  October 16:


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                    My flights in 2006 were:

                    05 JUN 06 TAP Portugal TP 328 LIS-DUB Airbus A319-100 CS-TTB

                    09 JUN 06 TAP Portugal TP 329 DUB-LIS Airbus A319-100 CS-TTO

                    09 AUG 06 TAP Portugal TP 530 LIS-PRG Airbus A320-200 CS-TNN

                    23 AUG 06 TAP Portugal TP 531 PRG-LIS Airbus A320-200 CS-TNG

                    25 SEP 06 TAP Portugal TP 328 LIS-DUB Airbus A319-100 CS-TTM

                    30 SEP 06 TAP Portugal TP 329 DUB-LIS Airbus A319-100 CS-TTG

                    14 OCT 06 TAP Portugal TP 328 LIS-DUB Airbus A319-100 CS-TTD

                    18 NOV 06 TAP Portugal TP 329 DUB-LIS Airbus A319-100 CS-TTF

                    19 NOV 06 TAP Portugal TP 570 LIS-FRA Airbus A320-200 CS-TNG

                    19 NOV 06 Lufthansa LH 4982 FRA-DUB Airbus A320-200 D-AIQH

                    16 DEC 06 Lufthansa LH 4981 DUB-FRA Airbus A300-600 D-AIAH

                    16 DEC 06 TAP Portugal TP 579 FRA-LIS Airbus A319-100 CS-TTH

                    17 DEC 06 TAP Portugal TP 588 LIS-FRA Airbus A319-100 CS-TTP

                    17 DEC 06 Lufthansa LH 4984 FRA-DUB Airbus A319-100 D-AILH

                    23 DEC 06 TAP Portugal TP 329 DUB-LIS Airbus A319-100 CS-TTK

                    TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses

                    Voe mais alto. Fly higher.



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                      17-MarAir CanadaAC889Boeing 767 300C-FCAGHeathrowOttawa06:20
                      17-MarAir CanadaAC471Airbus A319C-GITTOttawaToronto Pearson00:45
                      19-MarNiagara HelicoptersBell 407C-GOTUNiagara FallsNiagara Falls00:10
                      21-MarAir CanadaAC856Airbus A340 300C-FTNQToronto PearsonHeathrow07:05
                      08-AprComanche HirePiper PA30 Twin ComancheG-BZROStavertonStaverton00:35
                      29-AprPrivateTLAC Sherwood RangerG-CCBWBarton AshesBarton Ashes00:15
                      11-MayRochester MicrolightsEV 97 EurostarG-ILFERochesterRochester00:35
                      11-MayRochester MicrolightsJabiru UL-D (2200 Calypso)G-CDKPRochesterRochester00:30Air to air photos of G-IFLE
                      01-JulBritish AirwaysBA872Boeing 767 336G-BZHAHeathrowMoscow Domodedovo03:20
                      04-JulSar Avia6B759Yakovlev Yak 42DRA-42361Moscow DomodedovoSaratov01:15
                      04-JulSar Avia6B759Yakovlev Yak 42DRA-42361SaratovMoscow Domodedovo01:20
                      06-JulPulkovo AviationFV136Ilyushin IL 86RA-86070Moscow SheremetyevoSt Petersberg Pulkovo01:00
                      08-JulBritish AirwaysBA879Airbus A320 200G-EUULSt Petersberg PulkovoHeathrow03:05
                      02-SepPrivateIAR Brasov IS-28 M2AG-BKXNHeadcornHeadcorn00:15
                      10-SepFokker Four FoundationFokker S 11PH-AFSLelystadLelystad00:30Formation with PH-HOG, K, L
                      10-SepStichting Exploitatie Catalina PBYConsolidated PBY 5A CatalinaPH-PBYLelystadLelystad00:303x splash and go Ijslmeer
                      11-SepSeppe Air ServiceGrob G 115PH-SPHSeppeSeppe00:30
                      28-SepJetstream ExecutiveBPS105BAe Jetstream 31G-PLAJBlackpoolIsle of Man00:20Op for Manx2
                      30-SepBudapest Air ServiceBPS102Let 410 UVP-EHA-YFGIsle of ManBlackpool00:25Op for Manx2

                      Fourteen new types in the logbook.

                      There could have been another London-Amsterdam return flight but I decided to take my car through the channel tunnel to get to Lelystad, flying to Holland would have meant missing out on the Grob at Seppe.


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                        1/2/06 Delta 238 JAX-ATL 763 N124DE
                        1/3/06 Delta 671 ATL-CMH M88 N904DE
                        2/3/06 Delta 5853 CMH-DCA CRJ N587SW (Op by Comair)
                        2/8/06 Delta 105 DCA-ATL M88 N909DL
                        2/8/06 Delta 688 ATL-CMH M88 N919DE
                        4/11/06 Delta 938 CMH-ATL M88 N968DL
                        4/11/06 Delta 1617 ATL-DAB M88 N922DL
                        4/22/06 Delta 597 DAB-ATL 738 N3731T
                        4/22/06 Delta 805 ATL-CMH M88 N975DL
                        6/24/06 Delta 938 CMH-ATL M88 N997DL
                        6/24/06 Delta 772 ATL-DAB 738 N393DA
                        7/10/06 Delta 5128 DAB-ATL CR7 N625CA (Op. by Comair)
                        7/10/06 Delta 6344 ATL-CMH ERJ N567RP (Op by Chautauqua)
                        11/24/06 US Airways 2607 CMH-CLT CR9 N912FJ (Op by Mesa)
                        11/24/06 US Airways 1297 CLT-SJU 767 N251AY
                        12/4/06 US Airways 791 SJU-CLT 757 N923UW*
                        12/4/06 US Airways 3051 CLT-CMH ERJ N283SK (Op by Chautauqua)
                        12/16/06 United Express 7526 CMH-IAD E70 N652RP** (Op by Shuttle America)
                        12/16/06 United Express 7294 IAD-DAB CRJ N75983** (Op by Mesa)

                        *Scheduled to be a 767
                        **Supposed to fly US CMH-CLT-MCO, but the CMH-CLT flight was cancelled & we were rescheduled the next morning on UA.

                        New types: CRJ-900, EMB-170
                        New cities: IAD




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                          Feb 16th A340-600 G-VNAP LHR-LAX
                          Feb 19th B737-700 N468WN LAX-PHX
                          Feb 21st B737-300 N362SW PHX-LAX
                          Feb 21st A340-600 G-VBLU LAX-LHR

                          May 05th B747-400 9V-SPD LHR-SIN
                          May 09th B747-400 9V-SMR SIN-LHR

                          Dec 23rd B747-400 VH-OJP LHR-SIN
                          Dec 24th B747-400 VH-OJP SIN-SYD

                          A quiet year for me with only eight flights,36000 miles flown with a flight time of around 65 hours.

                 for my personal gallery.


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                            Originally posted by 2C67
                            Feb 16th A340-600 G-VNAP LHR-LAX
                            I flew on G-VNAP from Hong Kong to London Heathrow back in September 2005.


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                              It was a sweet flight too.....bulkhead seat by the front of the wing and no one sat next to me.

                     for my personal gallery.


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                                Not much at all

                                ATL-IAH-ATL (CO ERJ/737)
                                ATL-ROC (DL MD-88-return was in 2007)