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December 26, ATL-LAX on Delta

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  • December 26, ATL-LAX on Delta

    It was a band trip to San Diego, where we would march in the Holiday Bowl Parade, as well as the Holiday Bowl massed band. Our way out there was Delta Flight 399 to Los Angeles. We had to meet our band director at 4:45 A.M. near the Delta ticket counter. We left Snellville for ATL at 3:35 with very light traffic. We arrived around 4:20 and saw a long line to check in, probably about 45 minutes. I was called up and handed the attendant my Sky Miles card, and she punched me in. I was assigned seat 30D…Crap, a middle seat. Worse yet, our departure gate was T-7, so no train .There was nothing better to do before everyone checked in, so we played cards for about five minutes.

    Anyway, we about ten minutes later headed to that gate with a moderate line at security. I had Burger King for breakfast, because there is nothing good at all at the T-Gates. At the gate sat a beautiful 767-300, N122DL, still in the 1997 colors. Boarding started around 6:55. Most everyone in our band was in Zone 7, but I was in Zone 6…Interesting. After I was sat down and settled I set my watch back three hours to Pacific Time

    We were scheduled to depart Gate T-7 at 7:45 EST, but we were in the air at 7:30. We taxied right to Runway 28L. Our captain didn’t even wait; he trucked on down the taxiway, and hit the engines hard before we even were halfway into the 180° turn. Like my previous flights on the 300, takeoff was very powerful and moderately steep. Even though it was raining in Atlanta, takeoff and climb were smooth

    About 5:00 A.M. PST they came around with drinks and snack packs. I was nicely surprised at this, because a couple of previous flights on Delta, food came with a hefty price. I had water and then opened up my snack pack. In it was a granola mix, crackers with a cheese spread, and a shortbread cookie. It was surprisingly good.

    Nothing much went on after that, and I didn’t care to watch the movie, so I did various things like read Sky Mall and Listen to my MP3 player. About 7:30 they came around with more drinks and the option of Biscoffs or Sun Chips. I chose Biscoffs, and in the pack were two giant ones with the widget on them. They were great as always.

    Not long after that at 8:00 we began descent to LAX. My last two flights on the 767-300 used no reverse thrust upon landing. We landed smoothly, and again there were no reverse thrusters, but then very late in to the landing, the captain hit them very hard.

    Taxi was normal as we taxied to Gate 50A. During taxi I saw Wunala Dreaming. I must admit I wasn’t really a fan of it, but in person it looks amazing. Although awesome, I still prefer Nalanji. I asked the captain for the registration and he told me N122DL. Then I was off to enjoy a few days in San Diego.

    I hope I didn't make too many typos.