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My Return Trip, LAX-ATL, on Delta Flight 74

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  • My Return Trip, LAX-ATL, on Delta Flight 74

    This is the return flight from my band trip to San Diego. Everyone had to wake up at 3:00 A.M. to go to LAX from San Diego. It took around two hours to get to LAX, and we arrived at the Delta Terminal at 6:15. There was a giant line at check in. We were dropped off at international check in. No one at the time knew, but it was because we could check in as a group. It took quite a while, because we were number two of three different marching bands flying to various places with Delta that morning. During this wait I set my watch back to Eastern Time. After about an hour the line finally began to move, and it did quite rapidly. I was assigned seat 28G in Zone 6, a nice change from the middle seat I had on the way out.

    As we went to security there was no line at all. At security they were doing the same old drill, shoes, jackets, etc, when one of the idiots in our band said she would rather have someone take something on the plane than take her jacket off…………Riiiiiiight……

    We then proceeded to gate A51, stopping at McDonalds for a quick breakfast. We were really pushing it back at check in, so there wasn’t much time to do anything else. I went after I ate to get a bottle of water for myself, and immediately after I came back, they were boarding Zones 1-6. I scrambled to get my boarding pass, and got on the plane.

    *On a side note; how does Delta organize their zones. I was in Seat 28G, and in Zone 6. My brother, right next to me in 28 F, was in Zone 7. Is it the outside of the cabin working in?

    Anyway, most of the band was in Zone 7, so I got a jumpstart on the rush of band people, which was good; I wanted to get settled anyway.

    I took my seat in 28G, and enjoyed the views over the wing of the ramp. We were scheduled to depart at 8:20, but we were a little late, pushing back at 8:25.

    We were number two for takeoff on runway 25R. We made the turn and held for a few seconds. Right before my last and only 767-400 flight, I was told that the takeoff wasn’t powerful at all, and it just seemed to float off the runway. That turned out to be true. The takeoff on this day, however, was different. Our captain hit the throttles very hard, and it was the most powerful takeoff I’ve ever experienced. This felt more like a 767-200 or –300. Then we lifted very forcefully, and steeply. In 2004 when I flew the 767-400, it wasn’t like this at all, and it was also a very gradual ascent. This was again, different. Clime was very steep, identical to what I have only experienced on a 757. All that, plus taking off over the water made for my favorite takeoff ever.

    Takeoff aside, we headed south near San Diego and made the left turn east towards ATL. We came up to our cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, and at 12:30 P.M Eastern they came around with snack packs and drinks. I had water and opened up my snack pack. Inside was much the same (which wasn’t a bad thing).

    Over Mew Mexico we hit some light chop, the first I saw all trip. Over Texas later on the captain came on and said there would be a pocket of rough air, and that were just going to fly right through it. After takeoff and now this; I’m idolizing this guy.

    At 1:25 Eastern I decided to go to the bathroom, mostly just to stretch out and take a walk.

    Then at 2:20 they came around with more drinks and the option of Biscoffs and Sun Chips. I had water again, and asked for some extra Biscoffs. Much to my delight, my request was granted, and the flight attendant handed me a couple more packs.

    Over Mississippi and Alabama there was some more chop. The First Officer then came on and said there was rain in Atlanta. During descent we went through a very thick layer of clouds, but no turbulence. Our landing pattern was way too smooth for me. We came through the clouds very low, much the same as we had coming into ATL back in November 2005. This was a photo I snapped on arrival last year.

    We landed quite hard on Runway 9L, as all of the band people freaked out just because it was a hard hit. We taxied to gate E3, a nice change from our departure from Atlanta from the T-Gates.

    It was a great trip, and I’m very happy with the new Delta product. Back in 2004 I wasn’t happy at all with them, but that has all changed.

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    Good stuff. I think I had a floater off 25R outta LAS on my -400 ride. I was too obsessed with getting a nice shot of the strip though haha. We had a nice landing back in ATL though. Those -400s are pretty nice. Reaaaallllyyy long. I can't wait my 752 ride in April though. Those takeoffs are awesome.